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DATASHEET – HS15 Headset
HS15 Headset
‒ Omnidirectional condenser microphone
‒ Outstanding sound quality
‒ Single 3.5 mm jack
Cable diameter
Ear caps diameter
Ear caps adjustment
(via gimbal joint)
Ear pads contact
Adjustment range
for head size
ø 2.5 mm
ø 3.5 mm stereo, rightangled
ø 53 mm
± 10° in each direction
2.2 N
63 mm per side
After decades of experience in the field of
conferencing, the HS15 is the apex of Televic's
expertise in headsets. A sleek design paired with
secure, high-quality audio, creates a perfect
headset with excellent sound quality and an
omnidirectional microphone. The HS15's optimal
adjustment and lightweight design allows hours
of use. After the conference, a simple hygienic
tissue will prepare the unit for the next user,
without the need to exchange expensive foam
cushions. It's flexible enough to achieve different
wearing positions. Finally, the cable is very soft
and TPU covered to reduce the structure-borne
Wide frequency range
Ultra lightweight
Wide adjustment range
Low impedance technology
Integrated clip on front panel
The headband is made of soft TPE material
THD @ nominal level
Frequency Range
40 mm speaker
32 Ω
98 ±3 dB SPL/mW
(@ 32 Ω)
< 1% (@ 1 kHz @ 1 mW)
20-20,000 Hz
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