Rostra GM Interface install manual

Rostra GM Interface install manual
Reverse Camera Input
Interface for General Motors Vehicles
Select GM/GMC Vehicles W/ 8" Screens
Vehicle Preparation
Before beginning your installation, familiarize yourself with the installation
instructions and the RearSight camera system components.
To ensure your safety, (A) apply the emergency brake and
(B) read this entire manual before beginning.
CAUTION: Disconnect the negative battery cable
at least 3 minutes before beginning installation. This
is advised to avoid unintended air bag deployment
or possible damage to vehicle computer components.
Damage to vehicle components is not covered by
Rostra Precision Controls Inc.
© 2016 Rostra Precision Controls, Inc. 2519 Dana Dr. Laurinburg, NC 28352
System T- Harness
Interface Module
Front/R Cam Harness
VHB Mounting Tape
Rear Cam Harness
Video Output Cable
Video Input Cable
HDMI Cable
1: Carefully remove the radio bezel by using a Nylon pry
tool. Use caution to not scratch the panel or dash.
2: Remove the 4 screws holding the control panel and
AC controls. Disconnect panel and set aside.
3: Remove the lower glove box. There are four T-10
screws holding it in place.
4: Remove the glove box and set aside.
5: Run the Camera Interface main harness from
the glove box area behind the dash to behind the
LCD panel where you see the connections for the
Radio control module. The Harness end that has
the small white connectors should be located behind
glove box.
6: Unplug the plug from the white color connector on
radio control module (shown below) and connect to
interface harness. Connect the interface harness to
the radio control module white plug.
7: Move to the area behind the glove box compartment,
here you will find the HMI Module (see below when
looking up behind the glove box compartment).
8: Start by disconnecting the black colored plug on the
module. Plug the connector you just removed into the
Interface harness and the harness into the HMI Module.
9: Next move to the Blue LVDS video connector on the
HMI Module. Disconnect this plug. Find the two LVDS
cables included in your kit. These will plug into the
Camera interface module and into the HMI module as
well as the LVDS cable you just removed. Connect the
included cables and route them to the area below the
glove box for use later.
10: All connections to the vehicle are now done. Next
you will make your connections to the Camera Interface
module. Once all connections are made the module can
be mounted or located anywhere under or near the
glove box. You will need to find a location and plan your
wiring path to come to this location.
11: HDMI and USB Cable mounting and connection.
Included in your package are two drill and mount
cables. The USB cable is used for system updates
and will supply charging power for a device.
The HDMI Cable is used for Phone Mirroring to the
OEM screen.
A: Determine where you want to mount these
connections. In the lower or upper glove box is
the recommended location. Also mounting near
each other for use of the USB power when
phone mirroring is advisable.
B: After determining your mounting location and
double checking that there is room behind the
location drill a 1.25" hole for each cable.
C: Push the cables through the hole snapping the
connector into place.
D: Route the cables to the interface location.
12: Camera Connections:
NOTE: All Cameras MUST be wired Hot to ACC +12V in
order to use the monitoring functions. The red wire on the
Rear Camera input lead will provide power when the
aftermarket rear camera is activated and selected.
DO NOT connect the camera power leads to the
turn signals or reverse lamps. The Rearsight interface
uses CAN technology to select the correct camera to
We recomend using Rostra Rearsight cameras with the
ability to reverse your image or select images without
parking lines. Rearsight Blindspot cameras are designed
specifically for these application.
If the vehicle has a factory rearview camera the rear
camera input may be used for a cargo, fithwheel, or
any other application. Selection of the factory rear
camera is made under the camera settings page.
Install your cameras per the instructions provided with
them. Run power for each camera from a ACC +12v
source. Route your camera RCA cables to the Interface
module location.
13: Connect the Camera Rear and Front/Right input
cables to the module. The Left input is located on the USB
cable connection. Connect your cameras to the correct
input location. Tape your RCA connections together to
reduce any possibilty or vibration loosening the cable.
14: Reconnect the screen and return it to it's mounted
position in the dash. Do not install the screws or trim
ring at this time.
15: Reconnect the vehicle battery
16: Turn the ignition on and allow the factory radio
time to boot up. Use the arrows on the right or
left side of the screen
to access the interface
menu. Depending on
the year of the vehicle
you may need to
scroll through 2 or
more factory screens.
The interface menu will be the last screen.
17: Settings
Enter the settings menu and enter Camera.
System: System updating, master reset, language,
and firmware information.
Camera: Enters Camera settings page and set
according to you installation.
> Reversing Camera Settings - Camera ON/OFF
> Reversing Camera Options - OEM / Aftermarket
Rear Camera
> Front Cam. Trigger by Speed - Selected will enable
Front camera when below 10mph. Deselect to use
a long press on the BACK button on the dash to activate
the front camera manually. If no front cam is installed
deselect the check mark.
17: Settings - Continued
> Left Cam. Trigger By Turn Signals. - If a left side
blindspot camera is installed select this option.
Deselect if not installed or a black screen will show
when turn signals are used.
> Right Cam. Trigger By Turn Signals. - If a right side
blindspot camera is installed select this option.
Deselect if not installed or a black screen will show
when turn signals are used.
18: Once setting are correct for your installation
test all cameras. Make sure your parking brake is
engaged and it is safe to do before placing the vehicle
in reverse gear. The vehicle must be running for the
factory reverse camera to display.
When testing the Blindspot side cameras there will
be a 3 second delay after the turn signal is shut off
before the camera image turns off. This is normal
To veiw the front camera
press and hold the BACK button
untill the display shows the image.
Press again or the HOME button
to return to the OEM screen.
While displaying the front camera
tap the screen lightly and indicators for all other
cameras will appear, select any camera to view in
Monitor mode. NOTE the OEM camera will not display
in this mode.
Wiring diagram:
Front. CAM
Rear. CAM
16 Pins
To Radio
20 Pins
To HMI Blue
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