Player Guide - Spin Master Games

Player Guide - Spin Master Games
Player Guide
Object of the game
To be the first player/team to earn five cards.
Playing the game
Separate into Parents and Kids teams.
Shuffle the cards and place them face down.
The Kids team answer the first question.
The Parents team choose a person to
be the reader and they draw a card from
the top of the deck. The Parents reader
asks the Kids team to choose a question
number between 1 and 3.
The Kids team makes their choice then
the Parents reader reads aloud the
chosen question, from the Ask the kids
section of the card.
If the Kids team answer the question
correctly, they keep the card and play
moves to the other team. If a question is
answered incorrectly their turn ends, the
card is returned to the bottom of the deck
and play moves to the other team.
If a Wild Card is directed at either
team, they must follow the instructions
then the Wild Card is returned to the
bottom of the deck, unless it’s a Free Card
which is kept by the team. Their turn ends
and play moves to the other team.
The first team to earn any five cards
wins the game!
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