Copy of Calling All Inovators Application

Copy of Calling All Inovators Application
Stellarium Mobile
Quick Start Guide
Version 1.0.0
Stellarium Mobile is a planetarium application for your Nokia N900. It shows a realistic
sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It
features an intuitive touch-screen-friendly user interface and allows GPS positioning and
accelerometers control. This project is based on a highly-optimized version of the
desktop software Stellarium and is developed by its original creator.
Once started the program will display
the sky at the current time and current
location. Basic navigation is achieved
by panning the view with your fingers,
and zooming in and out using the
camera zoom buttons.
The two most useful GUI elements are
the Quick Bar which can be opened by
tapping on the bottom right corner
button, and the Time Bar which can be
opened by tapping on the date in the
bottom left corner.
The Quick Bar
It gives quick access to the most
useful buttons for displaying/hiding sky
elements, searching object, activating
accelerometers control or for
displaying/hiding the main maemo
menu. Keeping the finger pressed on a
button will display its function.
The Time Bar
It contains buttons for reverse and fast
forwarding in time. When displayed, it
also activates the time dragging mode,
i.e. dragging the sky with the finger,
will "move the time" instead of moving
the direction of view. This way of
interacting with time gives you the
amazing feeling of controlling the earth
rotation on his axis with just one
The Main Maemo Menu
and Projection dialogs).
It is accessed by pressing the
button from the Quick Bar, and
opening the standard maemo menu. It
provides access to settings such as
changing the landscape images
(Landscapes dialog), selecting other
constellations sky cultures (Starlore
dialog), or for setting various sky and
projection parameters (Sky, Marking
Time and Location
For an astronomy application, time and location are crucial parameters which completely
determine how the sky will look like for a given observer. At start-up, the default
behavior of the program is to use current time, and to try to obtain your current location
using the GPS or network positioning. However, if you are starting Stellarium Mobile
during daytime, the sky simulation will automatically fast forward in time until night
Both these default behaviors can be changed in the Location and Time dialogs from the
main maemo menu.
Object Selection
Tapping on an object in the sky will display a context menu in the top left corner,
allowing to center the view on the object, automatically zoom in or out, and display
information about its position or magnitude (brightness). To unselect the object, tap on
the object's name.
More Info
Please refer to for more information about this application.
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