InduSoft Thin Client (Secure Viewer)

InduSoft Thin Client (Secure Viewer)
Using Secure Viewer as Alternative to Web Browser
In some situations, you may not want to have a full-featured Web browser installed and running on
a plant floor station. You can install the InduSoft Secure Viewer (Viewer.exe) as an alternative to
the browser. This program provides the same functionality as a Web Thin Client without the
unwanted features of a full browser. When you start the Secure Viewer, it immediately connects to
the specified Web and Data Servers and loads the IWS application. No user direction is required.
Installing The Secure Viewer on a Windows PC
To install the Secure Viewer on a Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 computer:
 Request the Secure Viewer (Thin Client) installer from the web page list below, save it to the
designated computer, and start it.
Follow the instruction of the installation wizard.
configured during installation.
There are only two settings that must be
URL: Enter the URL or filepath of the application file (*.app) on the Web Server.
Ex1: file://C:/Program Files/InduSoft Web Studio 6.1/Demos/NTDemo/
Note: If used IP address to configure the URL column, please make sure that the *.app
file can be accessed when configure the Web Server. For example, for usesr who use
NTWebServer.exe as web server, the NTWebServer.exe should be executed in project
folder (ex: C:\InduSoft_Project) instead of web folder (ex: C:\InduSoft_Project\Web).
Server IP: Enter the IP address or hostname of the TCP/IP Server
Finish the installation and click Finish to close the installer.
The installation wizard automatically installs and registers the Web Thin Client ActiveX component
(ISSymbol.ocx), so if you have correctly configured the URL and Server IP settings, then the
Secure Viewer should be ready to go.
Changing the Secure Viewer Configuration
The configuration of the Secure Viewer is saved in the viewer.ini file, which should be in the same
directory (Ex: C:\Program Files\InduSoft Secure Viewer v6.1\) as Viewer.exe.
To change the configuration of the Secure Viewer after it has been installed, you can run the
Viewer configuration utility (ViewerCfg.exe) that was also installed at the same directory as
The configuration utility provides the following options:
Load button: Click to load a viewer.ini file into the utility for editing.
Save button: Click to save your changes to the viewer.ini file.
Data Server IP field: Enter the IP address (or host name) of your data server station. The
data server station is the computer or device where the TCP/IP Server module is running.
TCP Port field:
of 1234.
URL field: Enter the URL or filepath of the application file (*.app) on the Web Server.
Enable Splash Window option: Check (enable) this option to see a splash window when you
start the Secure Viewer.
Enable Progress Bar option: Check (enable) this option to see a progress bar while the
Secure Viewer loads the application file.
Enter the port number of the data server, if it is different than the default port
Advanced button: Click to access additional configuration options:
Secondary Data Server IP field: Type the IP address (or host name) of the secondary
data server station. If the primary data server fails, the Secure Viewer will attempt to
connect to the secondary data server automatically.
Web Tunneling Gateway: If you have configured a Web Tunneling Gateway to bridge
your intranet to the Internet (see “Architecture 4: Web server and Web Thin Clients in
different networks” on page 13–8), then enter the address(es) for the gateway here.
Log on as Guest option: Check (enable) to have the Secure Viewer automatically log on
as Guest, eliminating the need to enter a Username or Password.
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