Data sheet broncolor Product designation Minipuls C200

Data sheet broncolor Product designation Minipuls C200
Data sheet broncolor
Product designation
Minipuls C200
Article no. 31.449.XX
Product description
Monolight with Pulso bayonet, 1500 J flash energy, 4 f-stops continuous with rotary
knob, built-in photocell and infrared receiver (can be switched off individually),
proportional or full modelling light, internal discharge when power setting is reduced,
dim-function of the modelling light
Scope of delivery
Unit with mains cable and protection cap, operating instructions
Flash tube, modelling lamp and protecting glass have to be ordered separately.
Technical data
Flash energy
F-stop at 2 m / 6.6 feet,
100 ISO, P50 // P70
Flash duration t 0.1 (t 0.5)
Charging time (for 100 % of
selected energy)1)
Ready display
Control range continuous
Halogen modelling light
Flash release
Stabilized flash voltage
Power requirements3)
1500 J
90 // 64
1/250 s (1/1000 s)
0.6 - 2.4 s
visual with two-coloured LED, at 100 % of selected
4 f-stops with rotary knob
300-650 W with 220-240 V
150-300 W with 110-120 V
wireless via infrared transmitter IRX 2, FCM 22),
FCC2), photocell, synchronous cable, manual test
+/- 1 %
73/23/CEE and 89/336/CEE
200-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 10 A or
110-120 V, 50-60 Hz, 16 A
100 V version not available
120 x 195 x 495 mm / 4.7 x 7.7 x 19.5 inch
4.5 kg / 9.9 lb
measured with 230 V / 50 Hz, resp. 120 V / 60 Hz
from year of production 1995, serial number begins with C (= compatible with
Minipuls C), recommended for smaller rooms only.
Data sheet broncolor
the units work only with one voltage and are not switchable. However, the version
220-240 V works with the following restrictions to 120 V / 60 Hz: A modelling light
120 V / 150 W has to be applied, the charging time increases to 6.9 s.
Light shaper
all broncolor light shapers
IR triggering
FCC2), FCM 22) (channel "9" see operating instructions FCM 2)
The infrared triggering is guaranteed only with meters produced
after 1/95 (serial number begins with C).
Minipuls Location Kit 2 5500 K
Minipuls Location Kit 3 5500 K
Flash tube 5900 K to Minipuls C200
Halogen modelling light 300 W / 120 V
Halogen modelling light 650 W / 240 V
Protecting glass, clear 5500 K
Protecting glass, mat 5500 K
Fuse 3.15 AF
Transport protection cap, grey
Mains cable Europe 200-240 V
Mains cable CH
200-240 V
Mains cable USA
100-120 V
Art. no. 31.454.XX
Art. no. 31.456.XX
Art. no. 34.310.00
Art. no. 34.225.XX
Art. no. 34.226.XX
Art. no. 34.336.00
Art. no. 34.337.00
Art. no. 37137.00
Art. no. Z3620.00
Art. no. 39086.00
Art. no. 39084.00
Art. no. 39085.00
All types of flash photography, but especially for people and location photography.
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