Smartphone viewer

Smartphone viewer
A-E3E-100-12 (1)
Network Camera
Smartphone viewer User's Manual
Software Version 1.01
© 2011 Sony Corporation
Press the
button on the Safari menu and select
Add to Home Screen.
Select the Add button in the Add to Home screen.
Tap the Smartphone viewer icon appearing on the
Home screen.
The main viewer or the camera positioning options
will be displayed.
Smartphone viewer
You can display an image from a network camera and
control pan, tilt and zoom using Smartphone viewer.
Smartphone viewer
• Access the camera monitor view from anywhere,
anytime, regardless of 3G or Wifi environments.
• Economical and efficient operation via smartphone.
• Smooth viewing of an image in real-time on your
• Intuitive pan, tilt and zoom operations, with camera
centering to a preset position by simple screen touch.
• Easy setup - no software installation required.
Start using Android terminal
Launch the browser and visit the IP address of the
camera you want to display.
The main viewer or the camera positioning options
will be displayed.
Adjusting the Video codec settings
Adjust the Video codec settings from your computer's
For details on Video codec settings, see “Setting the
Camera Image and Audio - Camera Menu - Video codec
Recommended settings:
Image size: 320 × 240
Image quality: Level 7
Select the position of the camera
Select Current Position from the camera positioning
options to display the pan, tilt and zoom position of your
When you select a preset position name, the camera will
move to the position that you preset in memory using the
Preset position menu.
Screen display example
• The highest numbered image that is set in Video
codec Tab will be displayed.
For example, Image 2 will be displayed on the monitor
screen when both Image 1 and Image 2 are set to other
than Off.
• If your camera is equipped with Stream Squared, the
preset position of the image in the monitor screen will
be displayed.
• Larger image size will result in slower operation. For
faster operation, set a smaller image size, and restart
Smartphone viewer.
Start Smartphone viewer
Start using iPhone
Before using the Smartphone viewer, use Safari to
identify the IP address of the camera that you want to
display. Then register the IP address through the Home
screen on your iPhone.
Launch the Safari browser and visit the IP address
of the camera you want to display.
Smartphone viewer
Monitor screen section
Control panel section
A wider view on the rotated screen
For a larger view, rotate the smartphone 90 degrees to
Zoom control
to zoom out, and tap
to zoom in.
Zooming continues while the button remains touched.
• The operations on the screen, the display of the control
panel and the camera positioning options, are
determined by the following conditions:
On-screen Control
operation panel
Pan,tilt and zoom operations by touching the image on
the screen is available.
Double tapping (Tap the screen twice, lightly
and quickly)
The camera moves so that the tapped portion is
positioned at the center of the display.
Flicking (Slide your finger on the screen)
The camera moves in the direction opposite to the
direction slid by the finger.
Pinch in/Pinch out (Slide two fingertips apart or
together on the screen)
You can zoom in and zoom out the image.
*This function is applicable on iPhone only.
Controlling via the control panel
Pan, tilt and zoom
function is not
equipped, or pan, tilt
and zoom of the
selected image is set
to Off.
Exclusive control
mode is set to On.
Viewer mode is set to
Light or View.
Viewer mode is set to
Preset position.
Preset position is not
available, or not set.
Object device is
Smartphone viewer
Controlling via the monitor screen
z Usable function
– Not usable function
• You cannot use SSL clietnt authentication on iPhone
or Android terminals.
• The model on sale in China does not support the SSL
Operate the camera direction, zoom, and focus by using
the control panel for the monitor image currently
Pan/Tilt control
Tap the arrow button in the direction in which you want
to move the camera. Keep it touched to move the camera
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Smartphone viewer
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