Bluetooth installation for USB Bluetooth sticks under Windows XP

Bluetooth installation for USB Bluetooth sticks under Windows XP
Bluetooth installation
Bluetooth installation for USB Bluetooth sticks
under Windows XP (Windows Vista similar)
Requirement: Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
(My Computer Properties General)
Plug the Bluetooth stick into a free USB port. Windows will automatically load pre-installed
Microsoft drivers and announce shortly after that the device is ready for use.
You should always attempt to use the pre-installed Windows Bluetooth drivers instead of the
special driver that usually comes on a CD with the Bluetooth stick. This will guarantee that a
Bluetooth connection between the PC and the ROBO TX Controller can be easily established.
At this point a Bluetooth symbol named "Bluetooth Devices" should appear in the Control
Panel which indicates an existing Bluetooth interface:
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Bluetooth installation
The icon "Bluetooth Devices" should show up in the notification area of the Windows taskbar
(usually in the lower right corner of the screen) as well.
You can also verify the correct installation of the Bluetooth stick in the Device Manager (My
Computer Properties Hardware Device Manager) by the fact that some entries
under the name "Bluetooth Radios" were added:
If you now double-click on the icon "Bluetooth Devices" with your mouse the following
window appears:
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Bluetooth installation
Now click on the button "Add..." with your mouse and activate the box "My device is set up
and ready to be found." in the window that appears:
The PC will search for any nearby Bluetooth devices and after about 20 seconds a new
device named "ROBO TX" should be displayed:
Your PC may have found other nearby devices with Bluetooth interfaces besides the "ROBO
TX", such as other PCs or mobile phones which do not concern us here.
The ROBO TX reports itself by default (default setting) using the name "ROBO TX" and its
serial number as long as no other name was assigned. This makes it possible to distinguish
between different devices of the same type.
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Bluetooth installation
Now select the device "ROBO TX" with your mouse and click on "Next". The following
window should appear:
Select "Use the passkey found in the documentation" and enter the numerical
sequence 1234. This is a fixed key encoded in the firmware that doesn't offer a high level
of security (which is not necessary) but at least prevents someone else from connecting to
the ROBO TX controller by radio.
Now click on "Next" and the following notifications should appear automatically:
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Bluetooth installation
…and finally the following window (or similar) should be displayed:
Remember the information "Outgoing COM port" (here: COM3) which you will later use to
connect the controller with ROBOPro by Bluetooth. As long as you use the standard Windows
Bluetooth driver, ROBOPro will automatically recognize that a ROBO TX Controller is
connected to this COM port by Bluetooth and will display it under COM/USB accordingly.
Unfortunately, this does not work when using other Bluetooth drivers. In this case you have
to take a look at all available COM ports in ROBOPro under COM/USB and select the correct
one (here: COM3).
A permanent relationship between the PC and the ROBO TX Controller has been established
by the above registration process. The so-called link keys were mutually saved. This
procedure is called pairing. It allows you to automatically reestablish a Bluetooth connection
between communication partners (that are considered trustworthy) at a later time by
opening the COM port.
If you would like to undo the pairing, double-click on the icon "Bluetooth Devices" in the
Control Panel, select the symbol "ROBO-TX" and click on "Remove":
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