CHC Series Corner Mount Camera Housings

CHC Series Corner Mount Camera Housings
Product Specification Sheet APS446 - Rev. 02/2017
CHC Series Corner Mount Camera Housings - Less Cameras
CHC Series Corner-Mount Camera Housings
The Alpha Communications® CHC series Corner Mount Camera
Housings are designed to protect the installed camera against
vandalism or theft, while providing an attractive and compact
camera housing. Three (3) standard finishes are available in
Brushed Stainless Steel (CHCSS), Polished Brass (CHCBR) or
painted White (CHCWH). Custom painted finishes are also available
(at extra cost).
Simply add you own mini camera, or order with a built-in B&W
camera (add suffix/BW) or COLOR camera (add suffix /COL) and
you have an attractive, high security camera/housing unit, ideal
for elevators, hallways, offices, lobbies, etc.
Compare to some of our competitor's housings and this is what
you'll find... their housings use a small key lock to protect the
camera from theft. Inserting a screwdriver and a quick snap, the
lock gives way, and the housing is open. Our housing requires that
the potential thief take the time to remove six (6) tamper resistant
screws, before the camera can be stolen!
Model CHCSS Shown
7.50"W (191mm) x 5.75"H (147mm) x 3.75"D (96mm)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The compact corner camera housing(s) shall be Alpha
Communications® CHC series or approved equal. Housing(s) shall
be made of Stainless Steel (CHCSS) or Polished Brass (CHCBR) or
painted White (CHCWH). Stainless Steel model shall be made of
vandal-resistant 16 Gauge HighCarbon Stainless Steel. Housing(s)
shall provide access holes from the top and rear, and shall protect
the camera by means of six (6) tamper-resistant screws to fasten
the cover to the rear assembly. When a built-in B&W camera (with
plug-in power supply included) is required, add the suffix '/BW' to
the model numbers shown above.When a built-in COLOR camera
(with plug-in power supply included) is required, add the suffix
'/COL' to the model numbers shown above.The inside of housing
shall be painted black (powder coat).
Contractor shall install as per manufacturers instructions and shall
observe all local and national building codes and regulations as well
as all codes concerning video surveillance.
Standard Features
Fully Adjustable Left/Right/Up/Down Camera Bracket Gimbal
Polycarbonate Protective Camera Window
Six (6) Security Screws protect the camera
16 Gauge High-Carbon Stainless Steel (model CHCSS)
Access holes from the Top and Rear
Can mount in Corner or to Ceiling
Custom Colors Available (at extra cost)
Available WITH or WITHOUT optional Built-in (B&W or COLOR)
Inside of Housing is Painted Black (powder coat)
Model CHCBR Shown
Model CHCWH Shown
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