ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Overview
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
ShoreTel® Connect CLOUD is more than just a phone system—it unifies
team communication for improved business performance
ShoreTel brings a fundamentally different
approach to phone system technology. We focus
on your most important assets—your people and
their goals—and remove impediments to freeflowing communications so your team can focus
on relationships, ideas and growth, not on getting
technology to work. The result is a reliable,
flexible and intuitive communications solution that
seamlessly delivers services and applications that
will work for you today and adapt gracefully as
your business needs change in the future.
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is a premium VoIP
business phone service that every department
in your company will love. Discover the ShoreTel
Connect CLOUD difference: an exceptional user
experience that presents the robust system
features in an entirely user-friendly way. It’s an
end-to-end service from phones to software to
premium customer service, and it’s so easy to
provision that it’s practically plug-and-play. Built-in
operational redundancies assures high availability
and business communications continuity,
while Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
ensures your service is always highly secure.
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
Exceptional User Experience
A ShoreTel Connect CLOUD phone system works
like any traditional phone system and offers call
transfer, extension dialing, conference calling and
other features straight from the phone handset
and from your mobile device. But to get the
most from your ShoreTel system—and from your
work force—you’ll want your team to access the
collaborative unified communications (UC)
features that can revolutionize the way they work.
Instant messaging, audio and web conferencing,
video calling and web desktop sharing can
save time, reduce travel, and allow you to
communicate and collaborate with ease.
To use the UC features, simply launch the ultrasleek ShoreTel Connect client, which connects
people, not just devices, for more natural and
intuitive communications. Built-in collaboration
tools make meetings more productive, ensuring
your team will get more done faster and with
less hassle. Communicate how you want, with
immediacy and ease—the tools appear in the
Connect client panel
Exceptional user experience
Robust system features
End-to-end service
Easy switch-over and
§§ Business communications
§§ Highly secure
§§ Premium customer service
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
Your company subscribes to fully
hosted and managed UCaaS
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
as you need them. You never need to launch a
new app, or new window, or retrieve a complicate
code to make things work.
ShoreTel Connect is the first “forgiving”
communications solution. Its user-friendly
and intuitive UI makes it easy for users to change
their call routing or schedule an event. Plus,
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD offers the same rich
collaborative experience to external customers
and clients via the ShoreTel Connect web
collaboration app, which opens automatically
on participants’ desktops during online meetings.
Personalized App Features
sharing, call recording, raise hand, mute self,
mute all, and add a participant
§§ Contact timeline that shows all past
communication with a co-worker, including a
drill down into detail
§§ Favorites to quickly access the people and
groups you need most
§§ Event wizard to set up calls and collaborations
including presenters, agendas, invitations, and
§§ Call outs so meeting organizers can call
late attendees and conference them into the
The Connect client is a next-generation
user interface that provides a personalized
communications experience by presenting
intuitive access to the information you use most.
§§ Agenda timer that tracks agendas in real time
to help participants keep conferences on topic
As users engage the Connect client, the panel
slides open to guide what a user might want to
do next. Features appear as you need them, and
§§ Visual audio monitoring to mute participants
who have distracting background noise
§§ Action icons that trigger calls, video, web
§§ Raise hand feature to manage conversations
with large groups
§§ Integration with Outlook and ICS
calendars for presence, meeting invitations
and scheduling
§§ No VPN required for remote use
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Contact
Center is a multi-modal contact
center that makes customer
engagement easy. Improve the
quality of your sales and service
with both inbound and outbound
call automation; predict and
accommodate call volume peaks
Agents can handle multiple
interactions with features like web
chat, callbacks, and email routing.
Supervisors can build complex call
queues and IVR scripts in-house,
and customizable reports display
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Contact
Center is sold separately, and
integrates seamlessly with your
Connect CLOUD system.
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
The ShoreTel Connect Experience
The Connect client is there when you need it,
and stays out of the way when you don’t. The
slim control panel can be compressed to fit your
needs making it easy to interact and collaborate
with others without taking up your entire screen.
§§ People to view co-worker presence and
organize contacts into favorites and groups
§§ Recent to see past communications and
collaboration with co-workers
Ready-state features include:
§§ Events to create and schedule meetings,
generate alerts and provide one-click access to
online meetings, calls and web collaborations
§§ Directory to quickly locate contacts by name
or number
§§ Conversations for quick access to the people
you’ve communicated with most recently
§§ Personal preferences to set presence
(availability status) and personal call handling
ShoreTel Connect client in its
ready state. Panels slide open
as users engage with IM, calls,
conferences and online meetings.
ShoreTel Connect during an IM session. Simply
click the green “phone” icon to escalate to a call.
When viewing a contact, the Recent tab displays a contact timeline. Filter and
display inbound and outbound calls, voicemail messages, and IM sessions.
When setting up an online meeting, users can create
an agenda which becomes a real-time, animated
meeting timekeeper for all to see during the call
Online meetings can include peer-to-peer video as well as desktop sharing. It’s easy to
expand the Connect client view to see video and sharing full screen.
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
Robust System Features
Like all ShoreTel Connect systems, ShoreTel
Connect CLOUD is an end-to-end solution.
ShoreTel designs and develops our own phones,
voice switch technology, solution software and
advanced applications. This ensures that all
components are optimized for peak performance
so you never need to worry that a system upgrade
or new feature might cause an unexpected issue
with performance.
Connect CLOUD phone systems include:
§§ IP PBX telephony services, with call control,
call routing, voicemail, music on hold and
automated attendant
§§ ShoreTel Connect mobility app for Android
and iOS mobile and wearable devices, to extend
full desk phone call handling and UC suite
capabilities to the user’s mobile devices. More
than simple call forwarding to a user’s mobile
device, the Connect mobility app includes:
-- One-click “Join” button for conferences
that eliminates dial-ins and passcode entries
-- Automatic Wi-Fi/cellular call handover
-- “Dual persona” separation between
business and personal calls
-- Peer-to-peer video calling
-- SRTP security for both voice and UC
signals, even in public hotspots.
§§ ShoreTel desk phones with feature keys for
system directory, intercom, conference calling,
transfer, redial, hold and other options; soft keys
for presence status, pick up, park and more
§§ Collaboration suite delivers robust unified
communications including instant messaging,
audio conference calling, web collaboration,
desktop sharing, point-to-point video calling and
room-based video conferencing
§§ ShoreTel Connect client for PCs and Macs,
for user call control, contacts, event scheduling,
event history and collaboration suite control
§§ Integration with Microsoft Outlook and ICS
calendars for event scheduling and invitation
§§ Integrations with third-party applications
like ShoreTel for Salesforce®, NetSuite®, and
most popular CRMs
§§ Productivity apps like operator, web dialer,
and app dialer
§§ Operator functionality makes it easy for
supervisors to monitor calls and contact status
with hover and drag-and-drop functionality
§§ Softphone functionality turns your computer
into a phone by simply plugging in a headset
§§ ShoreTel Connect Portal the browser-based
system administration program lets system
admins set account levels, user permissions
and manage billing
Additional Connect CLOUD services include:
§§ ShoreTel Connect Fax gives users the ability
to send and receive faxes over the Internet
End users can access voicemail, directory, conference
calling, park, transfer and other options directly from their
handset, as well as from the Connect client.
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
§§ ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Contact Center
for multi-channel customer sales and service
§§ ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Connectivity
provides efficient, scalable “private network”
offerings including T1, Multiprotocol Label
Switching (MPLS), or Ethernet
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
The Only End-To-End Cloud Service
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is fully hosted and
managed unified communications as a service
(UCaaS). It’s the only end-to-end cloud business
phone solution, from the phones and PBX
capabilities to implementation and support—
including direct user access to customer service
via the “?” key on your ShoreTel IP 400 series
desk phone.
Because we’re an end-to-end solution, your
vendor management becomes easy. We replace
separate telco, carrier and service providers.
We’re your single point of contact for your call
plans, phones, installation and customer support.
An end-to-end solution means all the ShoreTel
Connect CLOUD components are optimized for
best call quality, and you never need to worry
that a software upgrade will disrupt service or
performance. No other cloud provider provides
this level of product integration.
Easy Switchover And Provisioning
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD makes business
phone systems easy to deploy with plug-and-play
functionality. We handle everything and act as
your company’s communications IT department.
We completely manage the experience of
moving to the cloud, providing the circuits and
porting your phone numbers from your current
carrier. Ongoing account management is easy
via the ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Portal, our
administrative interface that manages billing
and user permissions. Scale up or scale down
as needed to accommodate new locations or
seasonal staffing fluctuations. It’s that easy.
Business Communications Continuity
Your business deserves the highest level of
service availability. As an enterprise-class,
managed hosted solution, ShoreTel Connect
CLOUD understands that businesses demand
enterprise-class data integrity, application
reliability and physical safeguards. That’s why we
invest in several levels of redundancy and loadbalanced system hardware to ensure business
communications continuity and maximize uptime
for your business. ShoreTel also offers a service
level agreement (SLA) guarantee
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD mobility app makes it
easy to join online meetings. Simply click the “JOIN”
button for immediate access—no dialing and no long
access codes.
with our private cloud circuit connection, a T1 or
MPLS prioritized for voice carriage. In addition,
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD utilizes:
§§ ILBC codec for landline call quality
§§ A range of Tier 1 voice and data providers,
affording significant redundancy and enhanced
call completion and data connectivity
§§ Connectivity with individual telephone and data
carriers that spans multiple locations so calls
can be rerouted if issues arise
§§ Multi-tenant data center scales network
capabilities and independent, modular hardware
isolates any issues to a population subset
Highly Secure
With ShoreTel Connect CLOUD, there’s no
need to worry about having your mobile device
hacked at a public hot spot. ShoreTel invested
heavily in making our data center highly secure
for deployment in the hostile environment of the
Internet. The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD platform
is built with a secure access layer to protect our
phones, carriers, and Connect apps against
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
security risks. ShoreTel Connect CLOUD has
secure voice and app transport built-in right “out
of the box” with secure remote transport protocol
(SRTP) for secure voice and secure app access.
Premium Customer Service
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is a premium,
managed service. Our mission is to deliver a
communications experience that our customers
love. By owning our own software, we can easily
streamline the support experience and provide
users with immediate access to our support
department. With a simple click of a button from
their desk phone, users can be connected to
a live operator from our team of experts. Our
team can answer technical questions, resolve
problems and even help you develop a strategy
for maximizing the impact of our business phone
How It Works
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD is a fully hosted and
managed business communication service.
ShoreTel engineers manage your business
communications platform around the clock,
freeing your team to work on other strategic
business initiatives.
When you become a ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
customer, our team will support your transition
from your old accounts to our service. You’ll
find it easy to deploy ShoreTel IP phones at any
location where an Internet connection is available.
For additional support, a variety of ShoreTel
Expert Start, Jump Start and Network Services
programs are offered to deliver rack and stack
or physical connections of equipment, set up of
data monitoring tools, post-installation networking
maintenance support, and the purchase and/or
resale of non-ShoreTel equipment.
Highly Redundant Means Highly Available
Your business deserves the most reliable VoIP
service. Period. To achieve top-notch service,
ShoreTel invests in several levels of redundancy to
eliminate single points of failure:
§§ A range of eight Tier 1 voice and data
providers afford significant redundancy and
enhanced call completion and data connectivity
§§ Connectivity with individual telephone and data
carriers spans multiple locations. If connectivity
to one location is lost, calls are rerouted to
another location
Because ShoreTel is an end-to-end service provider, we design and develop our own IP phones for highest
performance. Shown here from left: ShoreTel IP 485g, with color display and 8 lines; the ShoreTel BB 424, an
operator button box with up to 96 line capacity; the IP 480, an 8-line phone for general office use that is also
available with gigabyte ethernet pass through; the IP 420 with two lines for general office use.
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
§§ Customer information is stored in a shared
database that is replicated to additional data
centers and is backed up daily off site
§§ System and server virtualization is employed to
quickly restore to new hardware in the event of
a failure
§§ A multidisciplinary team of ShoreTel engineers
and operations professionals continually review
our threat assessment and disaster recovery
ShoreTel Connect CLOUD Service
§§ In the event that any device in the network
fails, a secondary device is readily available
and configured to take over and reroute traffic
where needed
§§ These instances are continuously maintained
and monitored at two geo-redundant ShoreTel
network operations centers
§§ Additional reliability and call quality assurances
with Service Level Agreement guarantees are
available with ShoreTel Connectivity “private
network” offerings including T1, Multiprotocol
Label Switching (MPLS), or Ethernet
The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD service runs on
multiple instances of our network, which includes
virtualized ShoreTel ST voice switch technology,
our ShoreTel applications, integrations and
services, core and distribution routers, and
account databases.
§§ Each instance is configured with standby
routers, servers and voice switches that can
take over in the event that the primary instance
experiences any issues
The ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
service runs on multiple instances
of our network, which includes
virtualized ShoreTel ST phone
and trunk switch technology;
our ShoreTel applications;
management software; integrations
with third-party services; core and
distribution routers, and account
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
ShoreTel Connect
Service Overview—ShoreTel Connect CLOUD
ShoreTel Connect’s single
platform for cloud, onsite and
hybrid phone systems extends
our reputation for simplifying
the way companies deploy,
manage and maintain unified
communications—no matter
how many sites you serve.
Now, whether you prefer to
subscribe to a managed cloud
communications service, invest
in an onsite communications
system, or deploy a combination
of the two, there is a single
solution that delivers the same
outstanding features and user
experience to your entire team—
ShoreTel Connect.
ShoreTel. Brilliantly simple business communications.
Want to know more?
Talk to an expert.
Visit www.shoretel.
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960 Stewart Drive
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ShoreTel, Inc. (NASDAQ: SHOR) is a leading provider of brilliantly simple unified communications (UC)
products, cloud services and IP phone systems powering today’s always-on workforce. Its flexible
communications solutions for contact centers and cloud, onsite and hybrid UC environments eliminate
complexity, reduce cost and improve productivity.
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