Twinax/Coax Option

Twinax/Coax Option
92-2199-01 Rev.C
Twinax/Coax Option
Contents of the Twinax/Coax Interface Kit
Depending on which option you ordered, this kit will contain either a Twinax Interface Cable or a Coax
Interface Cable in addition to the following items:
 Twinax/Coax Board Assy
 Expansion Cover Plate
 Connector Cover
 (2) 4-40 x .25 Screws
 (6) M4 x 12 Screws
Tools Required
The Twinax/Coax Interface Option only requires a #2 Philips screwdriver for installation.
Preparing the Printer
 Turn the power off and unplug the printer.
 Remove the Cover Plate from the printer by
removing the two Screws.
Installing the Twinax/Coax Interface Assembly
 Slide the Twinax/Coax Board Assembly into
the printer until fully seated and secure using
the two Screws.
 Slide the Connector from the Twinax/Coax
Board Assembly over the printer’s serial port
connector and secure using the two Small
 Position the Expansion Cover Plate over the
open area on the back of the printer and
secure using the two Screws.
 Position the Connector Cover on the
Twinax/Coax Board Assembly and secure
using the two Screws
Setup and Configuration
Depending on the kit you ordered, connect the 9-pin end of either the Coax or Twinax Interface Cable to
the 9-Pin Connector on the back of the Twinax/Coax Board Assembly. Connect the other end to your
Twinax or Coax host.
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