PSTN – Modem ISDN – OnRamp Permanent Connections

PSTN – Modem ISDN – OnRamp Permanent Connections
Permanent Connections
PSTN – Modem
Costs – Hardware
Who needs a permanent connection to the internet?
As the Internet has becomes the preferred delivery method
for information on products and services, for both corporate and government, all businesses will eventually need
be connected to the Internet. The question should be who
is slow to adopt the future, who is being left behind?
Email is becoming the preferred and economic way
of communicating both within and with other business.
The Web Browser has become the ultimate window
on the world. Brochures and catalogues are becoming a thing of the past. When you ask for information you hear, “It’s all on our Web Site.”
Banking on the Web is now commonplace and will
be the preferred method of banking for the future.
The government has nominated the internet as the
preferred method of information delivery.
The time to take advantage of all the services
available is now!
NX Networks Serial Router, Cable
and 56K Modem
Costs – Internet Access Charges
Ace Permanent PSTN fees
Permanent PSTN establishment
Permanent Connections
Costs – Telstra Access Charges
Call Charges (Local Call Area)
$0.17 – $0.25 /call
ISDN – OnRamp
ACE Internet Services Pty Ltd
Putting business on the Net!
Costs – Hardware
Shiva Access Port ISDN Router
Costs – Internet Access Charges
Ace Permanent ISDN fees
$200/month or
$0.35/Mb, whichever is greater.
Permanent ISDN Establishment
Telstra’s OnRamp 2 Service
Connection Fee - New Service
PSTN to OnRamp 2 Conversion $173
Monthly Rental
Standard Free Phone Numbers 2 numbers
Onramp Express Plan (Local Call
area) OnRamp Express Plan 1 x
$225 per month
Version 25/02/2000
Based in the Macarthur and Southern
Highlands Regions – providing quality
services to Bowral, Campbelltown and now
Sydney to Wollongong & Kiama. West to
Liverpool & Penrith.
1st Floor
Integral Energy Building
391-393 Bong Bong St
(Locked Bag 4000)
Bowral 2576
22 Somerset Ave
Narellan NSW 2567
Phone (02)4862 2988
Fax (02)4862 2985
Phone (02)4647 1777
Fax (02)4647 2277
ACN 071 944 959
Prices exclude GST – Telstra pricing can vary, please check prior to ordering.
PSTN – Modem
NX Networks Serial Router
The NX Networks router provides the ideal answer for permanent PSTN access to the internet. The router is configured
with a 3COM US Robotics 56K modem to provide fast, safe
and cost effective internet access for the workgroup.
Cost-effective -- An affordable solution that combines router, firewall and VPN capabilities Rapid
ISDN setup
Easy to manage -- Supports all of today's LAN and
WAN protocols and offers a broad array of bandwidth
optimization, network security and network management capabilities
VPN secure -- Combines firewall features plus encryption, authentication and
tunneling technologies
Easy to install -- A range of
options for installation designed to meet the needs of
every user style
ISP ideal -- Deploys easily ,
is very reliable and easily
supports clients needs.
Upgradable -- Upgrade to
richer software feature sets
through a simple software
download without the need
for any hardware upgrades.
PSTN (Public Switched Telephone
Network) is the traditional telephone
system. It is an analogue service and
requires a modem to convert the signal
from digital, your computer signal, to
analogue to transmit and receive over the PSTN network. Because of all the conversions taking place the
speed over PSTN varies.
The absolute best you can achieve is 56K in one direction and 33.6K in the other, this is under perfect conditions. If the number calling is a local call you pay up to 25
cents for this and it is un-timed meaning you can stay on
for days if needed. This means your telco costs are low.
ISDN (Integrated Services Digital
Network )
“Telstra installs over 4000 new
OnRamp® services every month so
don't get left behind. OnRamp is the
brand name for Telstra's Integrated
Services Digital Network (ISDN) service. ISDN is quite
simply a very quick way of sending data via a digital
phone line to national and international destinations. Its
speed and clarity mean you can use it to send and receive text, voice, video and images in seconds. “
Internet Access
"Whether it's for work or play, Internet access with 128
Kbps can save me time and money, and makes the
World Wide Web so much easier to use."
As your business becomes more reliant on computers,
OnRamp will give you the digital infrastructure for a fast
connection to the information superhighway.
OnRamp provides Internet access up to 128 Kbps which
means less time waiting for files to download and more
time available for working. OnRamp also gives you two
digital lines; so you can still make or receive calls while
on the Internet.” Extract form
ISDN – OnRamp
Shiva/Intel ISDN Access Port
Shiva AccessPort® is the small office router that gives users
the fastest, easiest way to connect via ISDN. Now home office and small office users can quickly access corporate networks or other branch offices, reach partners and customers
and connect to the Internet – all with blistering performance.
Shiva AccessPort delivers unprecedented ease-of-use and
deployment, world-class reliability, multi-level security and
cost-cutting Tariff ManagementTM.
Award-winning ease-of-use and deployment
Rapid ISDN setup
Outstanding performance
Cost-effective ISDN connections on demand
Integrated voice, fax and data support
Transparent access to the Internet
Multi-level security
Extensive interoperability
Includes 2 Analogue ports, for Fax
and Phone, one ISDN Port and one
RJ45 Ethernet port
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