Enjoy the comfort and convenience of desktop typing on your desktop computer, laptop,
smartphone, and tablet. The Logitech Bluetooth® Multi-Device Keyboard K380 is a compact
and distinctive keyboard that lets you communicate and create on your personal devices,
anywhere in the home.
Convenient Easy-Switch™ buttons make it easy to simultaneously connect with up to three
devices via Bluetooth® wireless technology and instantly switch among them.
The OS-adaptive keyboard automatically re-maps keys for the selected device so you’re always
typing on a familiar keyboard with favorite hotkeys where you expect them.
Logitech Options
In addition to optimizing the keyboard for your preferred operating system, the software lets you
customize the K380 to fit your individual needs and personal style.
NOTE: Descriptions of features that require installation of Logitech Options™ are tagged with a
blue badge.
The K380 at a glance
Easy-Switch keys Press to connect and select devices
Bluetooth status
Show state of Bluetooth connection
Modifier based on type of device connected to keyboard Above:
3 Split keys
Windows® and Android™. Below: Mac OS® X and iOS®
On/off switch
Battery status
Switching devices
After setting up connections with up to three devices, switch among them by pressing the EasySwitch button.
When you press an Easy-Switch button, the button status light slowly blinks before turning solid
for 5 seconds, confirming the selection.
Use the keyboard to type on the selected computer or mobile device.
Re-pairing a device
If a device becomes disconnected from the keyboard, you can easily re-pair the device with the
On the keyboard
Press and hold down an Easy-Switch button until the status light starts blinking.
The keyboard is in pairing mode for the next three minutes.
On the device
Go to Bluetooth settings on your device and select Logitech Bluetooth® Multi-Device
Keyboard K380 when it appears in the list of available Bluetooth devices.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the pairing.
Upon pairing, the status LED on the keyboard stops blinking and remains steady for 10 seconds.
Explore the advanced features your new keyboard offers.
Shortcuts and function keys
OS-adaptive keyboard
Power management
Logitech Options
Enhance your keyboard with Logitech Options
Unlock the hidden potential of your keyboard by adding Logitech Options software.
In addition to optimizing the K380 for your operating system, Logitech Options lets you
customize the keyboard to fit your needs and personal style—create shortcuts, reassign key
functions, enable (and disable) keys, display battery warnings, and much more.
Logitech Options is available for Windows (7, 8, or later) and Mac OS X (10.10 or later).
Install Logitech Options: Mac or Windows
Shortcuts and function keys
Hot keys and media keys
The table below shows hot keys and media keys available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and
To perform a shortcut hold down the fn (function) key while pressing the key associated with an
The table below provides function key combinations for different operating systems.
Logitech Options
If you typically use function keys more often than shortcut keys, install Logitech software and
use it to set up shortcut keys as function keys and use the keys to perform functions without
having to hold down the fn key.
OS-adaptive keyboard
The Logitech Keyboard K380 includes OS-adaptive key that have different functions, depending
on the operating system of the device you’re typing on.
The keyboard automatically detects the operating system on the currently selected device and
remaps keys to provide functions and shortcuts where you expect them to be.
Manual selection
If the keyboard fails to correctly detect the operating system of a device, you can manually select
the operating system by performing a long press (3 seconds) of a function key combination.
Multi-function keys
Unique multi-function keys makes the Logitech Keyboard K380 compatible with most
computers and mobile devices. Key label colors and split lines identify functions or symbols
reserved for different devices and operating systems.
Key label color
Gray labels indicate functions available on Apple devices running Mac OS X or iOS. White
labels on gray circles identify symbols reserved for use with Alt Gr on Windows computers.*
Split keys
Modifier keys on either side of the space bar display two sets of labels separated by split lines.
The label above the split line shows the modifier sent to a Windows, Android, or Chrome device.
The label below the split line shows the modifier sent to an Apple Macintosh, iPhone, or iPad.
The keyboard automatically uses modifiers associated with the currently selected device.
*The Alt Gr (or Alt Graph) key that appears on many international keyboards replaces the right
Alt key normally found to the right of the spacebar. When pressed in combination with other
keys, Alt Gr enables entry of special characters.
Power management
Check battery level
The status LED on the side of the keyboard turns red to indicate battery power is low and it’s
time to change batteries.
Replace batteries
Lift the battery compartment up and off the base.
Replace the spent batteries with two new AAA batteries and reattach the compartment door.
Logitech Options
Tip: Install Logitech Options to set up and receive battery status notifications.
Bluetooth wireless technology enabled devices
Mac OS X (10.10 or later)
Windows 7, 8, 10 or later
Chrome OS
Chrome OS™
Android 3.2 or later
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