Upload Instructions Video iPod content

Upload Instructions Video iPod content
How to Upload Videos to the iPod®
1. Download iPod content from the ARIS website by right-clicking on each
iPod download and choosing Save Target As.
2. Unzip each file on to your computer.
3. Import files into iTunes.
Uploading Instructions:
1. Make sure your iPod is plugged into your computer via the USB cable
(provided) and open iTunes.
2. Within iTunes create a new playlist for your iPod. To do this, click on the
iPod icon with your mouse, then on your keyboard press Ctrl + N. You
should now have a new “untitled playlist”.
3. Rename the playlist (suggested playlist title: author name and chapter
4. Go to your desktop and click and drag the video files into the playlist.
5. When the files finish copying to your iPod, you will now have the video
files on your iPod.
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