Mt4 Quick Start Guide
DP-550/560 Quick Setup Guide
1. You must charge the battery for at least 2½ hours prior to the first use.
2. Maximum battery capacity is first reached after completing three complete charge and discharge cycles.
3. Always use Genuine DASCOM media to ensure optimal performance.
To load media:
• Move the Paper Door Release in the direction indicated in Figure A and open the Paper Door.
• Move the media support by pressing in the area indicated by the arrow in Figure B and place the roll between the
supports. Make sure the media rotates freely. Lay the leading edge of the media through the print head as shown in
Figure C, and close the door firmly.
To install the battery: Slide the battery into the battery compartment until the release lever on the battery snaps into place.
You may remove the battery by pressing the release lever toward the bottom of the printer and pulling the battery out of the
battery compartment.
To charge the battery, connect a DASCOM power adapter (sold separately) to the appropriate power source and plug the
output cable into the printer’s Power Connector as shown in Figure A. The Battery Indicator will turn on indicating that the
battery is being charged.
To perform a self test, press and hold the Paper Feed Button while turning on the printer with the
Power Button.
Media Support
Note: For more information, refer to the DP-550 Series Operator’s Manual, available at
Figure B
Paper Supply Gauge
Paper Door
Serial I/O Connector
Paper Leading Edge
Power Connector
Tear Bar
Magnetic Card Reader
Release Lever
Figure C
Figure A
Paper Feed
Paper Door Release
LCD Message Window
Printer Setup
Many of the printer’s features may be set using menus available on the front panel of the printer.
For complete details, please refer to the DP-550 Series Operator’s Manual.
To enter the Setup Mode, press and hold the Enter Button while turning on the printer with the
Enter Button until “Menus Active” is displayed in the LCD Message Window.
Power Button. Continue to hold the
While in Setup Mode, the power indicator will blink slowly. Upon entering Setup Mode, the FORMAT MENU is shown first. To advance
to the INTERFACE MENU or OPTIONS MENU, press the Advance Button.
When in Setup Mode, the current menu item is shown on the top line in the LCD Message Window, and its corresponding value is shown
on the bottom line. To increment the value on the bottom line to the next setting, press the Increment Button. To advance to the next
menu item, press the Enter Button.
To exit Setup Mode, press the Advance Button until “Exit Setup” is displayed. Press the
return to normal printer operation.
Printer Setup Menus
(Default Values Shown)
• Use the
• Use the
• Use the
Enter Button to save the changes and
Advance Button to access the next menu.
Increment Button to increment the value displayed on the bottom line.
Enter Button to accept the value displayed and advance to the next item.
Print Contrast = 0
Default Font = CPCL_res_fontset
Scalable Font = Default Scalable
Resident Font = CPCL_res_fontset
Char Placement = Fixed Width
Char Space (%) = 0
Line Spacing = 3
Long Lines = Wrap
Left Margin = 0
Right Margin = 0
Max Paper Speed = 3.30 ips
Form Feed Ctrl = Distance
(Back Mark*)
FFeed Distance = 1.2608”
Top of Form Adj = 0.0000”
Tear Adj = 0.0000”
Mark Sensitivity = 0
Bluetooth **
Emulation = CPCL
Baud Rate = 57600
Parity = None
Data Bits = 8
Stop Bits = 1
Emulation = CPCL
Pairing Mode = Paired
Role Policy = Defer
Discoverability = On
Pin = “0”
Security = Off
Local Name = DP-5xx-Serial#
Address = (Hardware Value)
IrDA **
Wi-Fi **
Emulation = CPCL
Emulation = CPCL
Pass Thru Mode = Off
Auto Power Down = Off
Print Header = Not Loaded
Print Promotion = Not Loaded
Reprint Mode = Disabled
MCR Method = Host Request *
MCR Data = 1 Track *
Basic Network Settings:
(Requires Mobile Setup Utility at right)
SSID = Any
Type = Ad-Hoc
Channel = 1
Encryption = Open
Authentication = Open PSK
Auth Protocol = PAP
Use WEP Key # = 1
IP Method = DHCP
Address =
Subnet =
Gateway =
Printer Server Port = 8023
Note: After exiting Setup, you may print the current Interface settings by
pressing and holding the Enter Button until “Printing Setup” is
* Only available when MCR is installed.
** IrDA, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi are only available if installed.
To switch between these interfaces and the Serial Interface, press
and hold the Enter Button until “Interface Now …” is displayed.
IrDA Window
Paper Feed
Power On = Ready to print, Slow Flash = Setup Mode,
Short Flash = Power Saving Stand By Mode.
Wireless I/O Enabled and Connected.
Magnetic Card Reader: Ready for swipe.
Error: See messages, below.
Battery: On = Charging, Flashing = Battery Low.
Paper Related LCD Messages:
Paper Door Open - Close paper door and press
the Paper Feed Button to
Paper Fault - Insert paper or correct jam
and press the Paper Feed
Button to continue.
Magnetic Card Reader LCD Messages:
Swipe Card Now - Magnetic Card Reader is
ready for card to be swiped.
Card Read Ok - Card read successfully.
Card Not Read - Card not read correctly.
Mobile Setup Utility
In addition to using the Printer’s Front Panel Setup
as described at the left, a Mobile Setup Utility is
available that allows the printer to be configured
from a Windows® desktop operating system or
from a Windows Mobile®, Windows CE, or Pocket
PC device.
For information regarding the Mobile Setup utility,
please contact your system administrator.
Please Note: The Mobile Setup utility is required
to make changes to the network settings of the
Wi-Fi interface.
Setup utilities, printer drivers and the USB cable driver may be
downloaded from
Windows and Windows Mobile are registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corp.
DASCOM Part Number 7084 Rev. A
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