AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II - Distributed by Imaging Technology,NZ

AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II - Distributed by Imaging Technology,NZ
AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II ((AA118888))
Dual Tuner!
!Double Your Entertainment!
AVerTV Duo PCI-E series adopt the brand-new PCI Express interface,
which is quicker than the PCI bus in transmission speed, in theory
At A Glance
offering up to 4 times comparing to PCI Interface. The AVerTV Duo PCI-E
series ensure continuously clear video and occupies less CPU resources
TV & FM Radio
whilst processing transmission.
Dual TV Signal Input
Tired of switching connectors between analog to digital? No worries!
AVerTV Dual Hybrid PCI-E II allows an exclusive TV signal input. Just
Dual Hybrid TV tuners
Worldwide stereo sound
16:9 Widescreen Mode
Support real-time H.264
recording and play video on
plug once, you will never have to pull it out or switch signal again and
iPod and PSP
Enjoy your shows on iPod with real-time H.264 recording technology
High Definition quality support
up to 1080i/720p
the new excellent feature—Remote on. By using this, you can turn on
your PC by remote control and let your TV viewing experience more
Ready for HDTV H.264/MPEG-2
live TV viewing
Remote on
What’s new? A real surprise! AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II provides you
Worldwide Analog, DVB-T Digital
Windows Vista certificated
The latest MCS offers advanced real-time H.264 recording compression
technology up to resolution of 320X240 iPod video format recording. It also
Input Signal
saves more than 4X hard disk spaces comparing with MPEG-2 format.
75 Ω TV Antenna Input
Composite (RCA)
Game Console Compatible
Remote Sensor
AV plug-in supports on Vista MCE platform for professional game console
and video camcorder without any lag when they play games on MCE
Stereo Audio In(L/R)
Software Program – AVer MediaCenter
A clean and simple way to enjoy TV on your sofa
The new 10-foot user’s interface provides you an easy
way to access all your PC based media via the
easy-to-use remote control.
AVerTV Duo Hybrid PCI-E II
Quick Installation Guide
Installation CD
Remote Control
Remote sensor
An easier way to enjoy and record TV or FM programs,
even watch multiple TV channels at the same time via
an antenna, cable, or satellite TV signals. You can also
listen to live radio
FM Radio Antenna
S-Video/Composite 2-in-1 Cable
For TimeShift and Record in
It offers an intuitive way to view your video files and
folders by date or by name, providing an interactive video
playback experience.
Intel Pentium® 4 3.0GHz with
HT (Hyper-Threading)
Expand your multimedia horizons
A fun new way to access your personal digital
music/picture library, play it as background music while
viewing the photos with stylish slideshow effect or using
other functions on your computer.
Multi-Card Support
The most unique bonus is that it supports multimple
AVerMedia tuner cards. You can watch several live
programs simultaneously in split window mode on one
monitor. (dependent upon CPU loading)
128 RAM VGA card with
DirectX 9.0c or above
512 MB RAM or above
PCI-Express x1 slot
Sound Card
Windows XP / XP MCE/ Vista/
Vista MCE
For Dual Tuners Recording
Excellent Hardware Design-- Dual TV Signal Input
Intel Core2 Duo E6300
■ Install simply, watch completely!
1G RAM or above
Tired of switching connectors between analog to digital?
No worry! Just plug once, you will never have to pull it
out or switch again and again.
For HDTV (H.264) Single Tuner
Other Features
For HDTV (H.264) only (Dual
■ Recording video into MPEG-1/2/4
■ PIP/PBP Setting allows the viewing of
multiple channels simultaneously
■ Sequential Snapshot
■ Customized Colour Adjustment
■ Full Channel Scan Capability
■ Smart Power Saving Control
■ HDTV H.264 / MPEG-2 Live TV
■ Teletext overlays on the screen
■ Recording video in H.264 format
& playing on iPod or PSP devices
Intel Core2 Duo E6600
1G RAM or above
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
1G RAM or above
*HDTV will only function when the TV signal
is in HDTV format
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