DobiMiner Takes NAS Storage Migration to a Whole New

DobiMiner Takes NAS Storage Migration to a Whole New
DobiMiner Takes NAS Storage Migration to a Whole New Level.
DobiMiner delivers next generation end-to-end NAS migrations. Its powerful
functionality enables you to move from one storage platform to another
quickly, easily, accurately, and cost effectively.
When faced with the pain of a long, labor-intensive, skill-absorbing,
and error-prone migration, DobiMiner is the fix. DobiMiner brings
automation, advanced engineering, and embedded intelligence
that will completely revolutionize your platform migrations:
• BUILT-IN DISCOVERY – DobiMiner extracts the metadata from
your storage platform and gives you powerful insights—what
is stored, who stored it, when it is accessed, and more—so you
can have a complete, holistic view of your data and users to
intelligently plan your migration.
• Make informed decisions about
project objectives
• Reduce overall migration times
• Scale back and use more taskappropriate project staff
• Reduce the risk inherent in a
complex manual process
• Minimize disruption to daily
• Adapt easily to changing
business priorities
• Facilitate communication
throughout your business
• A single solution for migrating
SMB, NFS, and mixed-mode
• WORKFLOW BASED – DobiMiner will inform you about ongoing
activities and clearly indicate when your input is needed. You
can track all the migration steps in real time, via the interactive
grid, from a high-level view down to a granular detailed report.
• BUILT TO SCALE – DobiMiner’s distributed model is designed
to handle large-scale migrations and comes with advanced
throttling and scheduling support (both at server and
network level) to smoothly align with your infrastructure while
optimizing duration and performance. It is a single solution for
migrating SMB, NFS, and mixed-mode protocols.
DobiMiner Core
DobiMiner Proxy 1
DobiMiner Proxy 2
DobiMiner Proxy 3
DobiMiner Proxy 4
DobiMiner Proxy 5
DobiMiner Proxy 6
DobiMiner Proxy 7
DobiMiner Proxy 8
• SIMPLE & INTUITIVE INTERFACE – DobiMiner allows you to
centrally manage your project via a simple, easy-to-use web
interface. You can also monitor progress remotely via the
Email Home feature and extensive reporting functionality.
• LOW TOUCH PLANNING – DobiMiner can help you plan and
execute your switchover windows for a smooth transfer of
users and applications to your new storage platform. It allows
you to deal with last-minute changes swiftly in a low-touch
DobiMiner is an end-to-end platform migration solution that helps
reduce effort, cost, and duration:
• EASY TO DEPLOY – DobiMiner can be up and running within
an hour through easy-to-use installers and virtual instances as
a software-only solution.
• REDUCE YOUR EFFORT – DobiMiner takes away the repetitive
work and allows you to focus on what matters: to manage by
exception and resolve issues highlighted to you by DobiMiner.
• SHORTER DURATION – DobiMiner’s speed, flexible planning
and dry run simulations helps you to optimize the planning and
switchover of users and applications to the new storage system
• FLEXIBILITY – DobiMiner will support you in absorbing any
last-minute business, infrastructure, network, or operational
restrictions that would impact the migration project and team.
• DEAL WITH COMPLEXITY – DobiMiner takes away the complexity
that comes with an increase in the number of servers, users,
applications, and data to be migrated because you can group
and track servers together with their own planning, progress
reporting, and issue tracking.
• NON-INTRUSIVE – DobiMiner allows you to run the migration
project as transparently and non-intrusively as possible to
ongoing business operations. Multi-threading, throttling, and
scheduling at the proxy level, together with a flexible distributed
model, gives you the options you need to seamlessly blend
into your infrastructure.
• MAINTAIN CONTROL – DobiMiner allows you to take control
over the migration activities as they progress. This includes
prioritization within the planning, migration granularity, network
usage, and server load. At any point in time during the activities,
accurate ETAs and durations help you set expectations with
your stakeholders.
Easy and fast deployment
Distributed deployment for optimized network performance & large scale multi-site migrations
Metadata-based discovery of your data
Full discovery of source environment configuration settings1
Group and track multiple systems simultaneously
Plan and Scope
Plan and organize switchover windows based on estimated time of completion
Perform selected and partial migrations
Bulk import of migration configurations
Interactive support for flexible planning and execution
Throttling and scheduling of server and network load
SMB, NFS and multiprotocol2
Data and metadata including permissions
WORM data
NetApp mixed-mode storage support and NetApp SnapLock to VNX FLR support3
Support for creation of shares, exports and user mappings1
Creation of migration shares and share ACLs for generic SMB servers that support MSRPC calls
Transfer of Share ACLs and Export Access Rights1
Transfer of NFS exports using Netgroups in their permission settings
Iterative approach with auto tracking of changes to be migrated
Support for migration rollback
Workflow-oriented dashboards
In-depth views on process, iterations and activity details
Accurate and real-time progress reporting via GUI
Monitor and
Report on migration result for each processed file
Top-down reporting across multiple systems
Database exports of migration issues and migration reports
Automated email reporting for easy and remote follow-up
MD5 integrity check on every copy operation
Validation and
Read-back verification of source data
Verification and repair of data and metadata after switchover
1. Depending on the platform integration in DobiMiner. For up to date information, see
2. SMB version 1.0, 2.x, 3.x, NFS version 3.0.
3. Only applicable for migrations from NetApp® 7-Mode.
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