How to Set up your Mac Book Air - Teachers

How to Set up your Mac Book Air - Teachers
How to set up your new MacBook Air (Teacher)
1. Log in The initial password is Teacher (capital T)
2. Change your computer password
1. Go to System Preferences under the apple logo
2. Select Users & Groups
3. Select Change Password
1. Old password is Teacher
2. Type your new password twice
4. Add a hint (optional) and select Change Password
on top left of the menu bar
3. Set up wifi
1. Go to the
in the top right and select Open Network Preferences
2. Select Wi-Fi and make sure it is on
3. Select Network APS
1. Enter your email username (firstname.lastname)
2. Enter your email password
4. Accept the Security Certificate (it may take a minute or two to display)
1. Click continue
2. Enter the computer password and select ok
5. You should now see a green button next to Wi-Fi
6. You will be asked to apply changes when you exit the window
4. Set up your Google Drive folder
1. Open Google Drive from the Dock
2. You will be prompted to log in to your Google account.
3. This will create a folder called Google Drive on your laptop. You
can see it in the sidebar of every Finder window.
This Google Drive folder is the best place to save all of your files.
Your files will be saved on your laptop and on the Google cloud during the
sync process.
Check the Google Drive icon
in the Apple menu at the top of
your screen. It must be black and say “sync complete” when you select it.
If you get disconnected, you will need to sign on again to continue syncing your files properly.
To add a file or folder to Google, just drag it into your Google Drive folder. For more information about
syncing files with Google Drive go to Using Google Drive on your MacBook Air.
5. Install and Activate Microsoft Office 2016
1. Open Word
2. Click “Sign in to an Existing Office 365 subscription” enter your APS credentials (use full email for
Office 365 prompts)
3. If you have difficulty (can’t edit) check under the Word/Powerpoint/Excel menu to see if it says
“Activate” or “Sign out.” If it says “Activate,” you haven’t successfully set it up.
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How to set up your new MacBook Air (Teacher)
6. Set up your Email, iCloud & other internet accounts
1. Go to System Preferences under the apple logo on the menu bar
2. Select Internet Accounts (Required)
3. To set up school email, Select Exchange
1. Type your name,email address and password and select continue
2. Check Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Reminders and Notes.
3. Add Account
4. Select iCloud (Strongly recommended)
An iCloud account is needed to access your shared Photostreams, iWorks documents,
music, Safari bookmarks and more. iCloud is a wonderful feature that will make your Mac
experience much nicer, especially if you have a second Mac or an iOS device. Speak to me
if you have any questions about iCloud and Apple accounts and how you can use them on
your school computer. When using the Photos app, turn on iCloud and select optimize
photos to save space on your hard drive.
Enter your Apple or iCloud information or select create an Apple ID
5. Click the + to add personal email, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo or other accounts
7. Check and Install Printers (You must be on APS wifi)
1. Go to System Preferences under the apple logo on the menu bar or select Show All if you are
still in Preferences
2. Select Print & Scan to see the printers already installed (You do not install them here.)
from the Dock and select Add
3. If you need to install another printer at school, select
4. Type your Active Directory credentials (email) username and password (You can check the box to
remember your password)
5. A Finder window will open with a list of APS Schools. Find Woodlawn and open.
6. Double click the name of the printer you want to install.
7. You should now see the name of the printer in your list of installed printers
8. Go to Self Service -
(You must be on APS wifi)
Inventory every couple weeks
1. Run Update
2. Install SMART Notebook 15 if your SMART isn’t activated.
3. Check for other available updates
9. Connect to One Login/Synergy (
icon on Dock)
APS credentials at OneLogin screen
1. This will open in Chrome. Enter your
2. The portal has links to many APS resources like eMail Archive and File Access from home
3. Select Synergy to access your Gradebook
10. Access Network and Blackboard Files
1. Select
from the Dock then the network location you want to open: H, S, Z or Blackboard
2. Type your Active Directory username and password
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