DLTtape® IV
DLTtape IV
Compatible with D LT 4000,
7000, 8000 and DLT1/VS 80 drives
Reliability and Performance for Network Storage
Managing today’s ever-increasing volume of data is critical to your company’s success. With more than 50 years of
experience protecting valuable data assets, you can depend on Imation to provide the most innovative and reliable
network solutions.
The world trusts Imation for data storage
In today’s information-centric society, data storage can make or break your
business. As the world’s information needs continue to intensify, millions of IT
professionals and computer users look to Imation for the proven quality, reliability
The Imation DLTtape® IV Cartridge exceeds-1,000,000
passes using the open standard-for-durability.
and performance they need to manage, store and secure their data. After all,
ANSI and ECMA, independent organizations that approve the specification needs
Imation products are backed by decades of development and expertise, and are
for DLT-drive tape cartridges, have established an open standard for cartridge
derived from its world-renowned tape and optical technologies—many of which
durability: 250,000-passes. Imation’s DLTtape IV cartridges meet an even higher
Imation pioneered.
standard of durability:-1,000,000 passes. It’s-our way of ensuring maximum
reliability for your data-storage needs.
Specifically designed for DLT 4000, 7000, 8000 and DLT1/VS 80 drives, the
Imation DLTtape IV cartridge is rugged and reliable enough for any network
• Durability—meets an even higher standard of 1,000,000 passes
• Compatible—with DLT 4000, 7000, 8000-and DLT1/VS 80 drives; 40GB/80GB
capacity (assumes 2:1-compression)
• Quantum Qualified—bears the DLTtape logo and has passed Quantum’s
qualification process
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
F o r C r i tical Data Management
Imation Corp
1 Imation Place
Oakdale, MN 55128-3414
651 704.4000
888 466.3456 phone
800 537.4675 fax
Imation Canada Inc.
80 Enterprise Drive S.
London, Ontario
N6N 1C2 Canada
888 326 7758 phone (tél)
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Imation Corp. Latin America/
Africa Regional Offices
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Product Specifications
Imation DLTtape® IV Cartridge
Physical Characteristics
4.16 in.
4.15 in.
1.0 in.
7.85 oz.
Tape Characteristics
Tape length
Recording length
Tape type
Tape width
Capacity (native)
Magnetic field required for degauss
1,828 ft.
1,780 ft.
Metal particle
0.498 in.
360µ in.
20, 35 or 40 GB*
4,000G minimum
Tape Life
Extend the life of your
Ensure efficient drive performance
by using Imation DLT Cleaning
Archive storage
Tape durability
Operating Environment
Ambient temperature
Non-condensing relative humidity
Maximum wet bulb temperature
Storage Environment (non-archival)
up to 20
Non-condensing relative humidity
Maximum wet bulb temperature
Order Number: 51122-12919
30+ yrs.
1,000,000 passes
10 to 40˚C
20–80% RH
16 to 32˚C
20–80% RH
Storage Environment (archival)
Non-condensing relative humidity
Stray magnetic field
18 to 26˚C
40–60% RH
(strength impinging on any point on the cartridge)
*Compressed capacity is two times native capacity shown.
For more information about the Imation DLTtape® IV Cartridge, contact your authorized
Imation-dealer or your sales representative.
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Imation and the Imation logo are trademarks of Imation Corp. DLT, DLTtape and the DLTtape logo are registered trademarks of Quantum Corporation
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