Mi Pad 3 - Xiaomi Mi

Mi Pad 3 - Xiaomi Mi
MiPad 3 operating Instructions:
Mi Pad 3
To view, open the «Tablet Settings> About the Tablet> in the upper right
corner> User’s Guide»;
Or «Tablet settings> About the tablet> User’s manual».
Service Policy
Xiaomi strictly adheres to the «Obligations to repair, exchange and return
mobile phones», and provides all warranty obligations to buyers, who
purchased MiPad.
For more information on the policy, please visit the Xiaomi website in the
After-sales Service Policy.
Buyers should require a Repair Form from the official Xiaomi service
organizations, it is the basis for the service, store it properly.
USB Type-C socket
Congratulations on your purchase of the MiPad 3
Press lightly and hold the «Power» button on the right side of the MiPad for
a couple of seconds to turn on the device. Follow the onscreen instructions
to set up your Mi Pad 3.
The operating system MIUI is installed on the MiPad 3, it unites 200 million
users, has even more ergonomic functions, permanent weekly updates,
which will give you a more enjoyable experience of use.
Safety Information
• Before using this unit, please read all safety information to ensure correct
and safe use.
• Using of battery chargers, or batteries, not authorized by the manufacturer
, may result in fire, explosion or other dangerous consequences.
• Use only manufacturer-licensed components, that are designed for this
particular device model.
• The operating temperature of the device is 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, too high or too
low ambient temperature can lead to malfunctions in the device.
• If a non-removable battery is used in the device, please do not attempt to
replace it yourself, to avoid damaging the battery or the device. The battery
can only be replaced by an authorized service center.
• After the battery is fully charged, unplug a charger from the tablet, and
unplug a charger from the wall outlet. The time for continuous charging
should not exceed 12 hours.
• Please do not dispose of the used battery with household waste,
improper handling of the battery may result in fire or explosion. Follow local
regulations for recycling this product, battery and other peripherals.
• Do not disassemble, strike, squeeze or throw the battery into a fire, to
avoid overheating of the battery and causing burns and other injuries.
- Do not connect metal contacts on the battery, this will lead to a danger of
short circuit, in order to avoid overheating of the battery in causing burns
and other injuries;
- Do not place in a high temperature environment, overheating of the
battery may cause it to explode;
- Do not disassemble, do not hit, do not squeeze the battery, to avoid
leakage, overheating and explosion;
- Do not dispose of the battery in a fire, it may cause a fire or explosion.
- If the batteries are heavily swollen, stop using it again.
• Keep the tablet dry.
• Do not attempt to repair any of the products yourself. If the tablet or other
parts can not work in normal mode, you should immediately contact Xiaomi
after-sales support service, or take the tablet to an official Xiaomi aftersales service for inspection and repair.
• When connecting other devices, follow the connection method, specified
in the user manual, do not arbitrarily connect devices that are not included
in the kit.
To avoid damage to your hearing, do not use the high volume for a long
• Please follow the applicable laws, do not use the tablet computer in the
following places.
• Do not use the tablet computer near gas stations, chemical stores or other
places, where flammable and explosive fumes of oil or other chemicals are
• Do not use the tablet computer in the operating room, diagnostic room,
intensive care unit; To avoid interference with medical devices, use the
tablet computer away from pacemakers, hearing aids, implanted ear snails,
and other medical equipment.
• While on the plane, follow the rules of aviation security, turn off your tablet
• Follow the safety regulations and instructions for use when driving.
• During stormy weather, do not use the tablet computer outdoors to avoid
lightning strikes.
• Do not use chargers in the bathroom or other places with high humidity,
as this may result in electric shock, injury, fire or damage to the charger.
• Please follow all relevant legislation that prohibits the use of tablet
computers in certain locations.
Safety measures
Updating the tablet computer system is done, using the built-in system
or at the official Xiaomi after-sales service point. Using other methods of
updating the system can lead to malfunctions in the device or loss of data,
as well as to problems with the security of the system, the emergence of
security risks.
Content of harmful and poisonous substances
This environmentally safe period of use means, that under normal
conditions, there will be no leaks of harmful substances or elements,
contained in the tablet computer (not including the battery) and other
peripheral devices, as well as the period during which the user of electronic
information products, using this product will not cause serious pollution of
the environment or harm to your body and material values.
Ecologically safe battery life is 5 years.
Xiaomi Tablet Operation Guide
Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Model: MCE91
All rights reserved by Xiaomi Inc.
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