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STEP 1: Check What’s in the Box
1. VIA GO Collaboration Device
3. Quick Start Guide
2. Power supply (19V DC) with power cord
4. Mini-DP to VGA
STEP 2: Install the VIA GO
Place the VIA GO on a table or mount in a rack with optional adapter RK-CONNECT PRO.
Note that when using the built-in Wi-Fi module, we recommend installing the VIA GO unit
on a table, for better RF transmission.
STEP 3: Inputs and Outputs at a Glance
Always switch off the power on each device before connecting it to your VIA GO.
Android Device
iOS Device
Windows Phone
Mini DP
Wireless Router
(optional) or LAN
Always use Kramer high-performance cables for connecting AV equipment to the VIA GO.
STEP 4: Connect the Unit
• Connect keyboard and mouse
• Connect your display
• Connect a Local Area Network (LAN) cable for connection to your network.
Alternatively, use the built-in Wi-Fi.
• Connect the power supply
• Turn on the device
STEP 5: Configure VIA GO
Your device is configured in Access Point mode, by default. In this mode, the device creates
an autonomous Wi-Fi network (SSID) named “VIA_WIFI”. The default password of this SSID is
To change these default settings and configure your own VIA GO, open the main menu and click
Enter password: supass.
The Settings Menu tabs are:
• LAN Settings – If using your VIA GO with a LAN connection, configure your network
parameters and apply the settings before rebooting your device (DHCP is enabled by default).
• System Controls – Manage your display and audio settings, run control panel,
select your language, etc.
• WiFi (when using built-in WiFi capability) – Activated by default as “Standalone WiFi”. Toggle
the “On/Off” button to completely deactivate the built-in Wi-Fi module. Wi-Fi can be used in the
following modes:
1. AP Mode (default): Change or create your SSID for your wireless network and select your
preferred Wi-Fi channel for this network:
• Setup your Wi-Fi module as a secondary Access Point (for guests) and “Enable Internet”
for these users (if the primary LAN network is connected to the Internet)
• Select “Standalone Wifi” to create an autonomous network (without Internet access)
• Click Apply before rebooting your device
2. Client Mode: Attach your VIA GO as a client device to your main network:
• Browse for and select an available network
• Enter the required password
• Click Apply
• Disconnect the LAN cable (if connected)
• Reboot your device
For User
STEP 1: Connect Your Device to the Proper Network
Connect your device to the same network used by Kramer VIA GO in the specific meeting
room (either Wi-Fi or LAN).
STEP 2: Run or Download the Application
1. Navigate to the embedded Web page of VIA GO by entering the Room Name of the VIA
into your computer’s browser.
2. Select Run VIA to execute the application only (intended for guests who will be using
the VIA once) or select Install VIA to download the VIA application on your computer
(intended for regular users of the VIA).
Welcome to VIA Collaboration Hub
Launch VIA to login and click Present to begin wireless
presentation and collaboration
iOS /Android/Windows Phone
1. Download and install the free VIA App from Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store or
Window Store. Use the QR code above.
STEP 3: Login
Room Name: Copy the room name as appears in the wallpaper
(IP Address).
Nickname: Enter a name for your device.
Code: Enter a 4-digit code as it appears in the wallpaper (if enabled).
Login: Press Login to join the meeting.
STEP 4: Main Menu
Click on Present to put your screen up front and on Participants
to see who else is connected
STEP 5: Features
Wireless Connection
Connect wirelessly with your own device
Mobile Mirroring
Show any content from your iOS or Android device on the main display
Full HD Video Streaming
Share uninterrupted full HD wireless video streaming (up to 1080p60) and photos
* Supports up to 6Mbps video bit rate when using the built-in Wi-Fi module in Access Point mode
VIA GO Quick Start (P/N: 2900-300637QS REV 3)
P/N: 2900-300637QS
Rev: 3
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