Get 10-, 20, 40-, or even 80-Mbps SCSI datatransfer performance for your ISA or PCI PC.
Key Features
All models:
• SCSI data rates up to:
10 MB/s (IC510/11C),
20 MB/s (IC512C),
40 MB/s (IC513/14C), or
80 MB/s (IC515C).
• Support most major
operating systems.
PCI models:
• Plug-and-Play compliant.
• 32-bit PC↔Adapter data
transfer at up to 133 MB/s.
• SmartSCSI Setup Utility
in firmware, plus a
number of software
drivers included.
CSI peripherals—hard drives,
CD-ROM or DVD drives, even
printers and scanners—are fast
and powerful. Maybe you’d like to
add one or two or more to your
IBM PC compatible computer
system, but thinking about what a
hassle that could be makes you
really nervous…
Don’t sweat it—Black Box
comes to the rescue again! Our
SCSI Host Adapters are fully
compliant with the PC-bus (ISA or
PCI) and SCSI-bus specifications,
so they aren’t likely to cause
strange incompatibility errors like
some cheap cards. They can
interoperate with a wide variety of
operating systems, including
Microsoft MS-DOS and
Windows 3.1.x, 95, 98, or NT;
Novell NetWare ; IBM OS/2 ,
and SCO UNIX . (The PCI cards
support Linux and UnixWare too.)
The PCI cards are also Plugand-Play compatible for simple,
automatic self-configuration, and
IC515C reaches up to 12 m
(39.4 ft.) to multiple devices
or 25 m (82 ft.) to a single
they come with a potent Setup
Utility built into their firmware.
The ISA SCSI-2 Controller (our
product code IC510C) is a basic
16-bit ISA SCSI card. (It’s the only
ISA card among the six Host
Adapters; the others are all PCI
cards.) It controls as many as
seven devices attached to either
its 50-pin (SCSI-1 or SCSI-2)
internal or its 25-pin (SCSI-1 only)
external port—or both.
The Fast SCSI-2 Host Adapter
(IC511C) and Ultra-Narrow SCSI-3
Host Adapter (IC512C) control as
many as seven SCSI-2 or “narrow
bus” SCSI-3 devices respectively,
attached to either or both their
50-pin internal and micro-D50
external ports.
The Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 Host
Adapter (IC514C) controls as
many as fifteen SCSI-3 devices
attached to any one or two of its
three ports: “wide” micro-D68
internal, narrow 50-pin internal,
and wide micro-D68 external.
The Dual-Channel Ultra-Narrow
and Wide SCSI-3 Host Adapter
(IC513C) can actually control two
SCSI buses at the same time. As
many as fifteen devices can be
attached to any one or two of the
three “Channel A” ports (wide
micro-D68 internal, narrow 50-pin
internal, and narrow micro-D50
external), and up to fifteen more
devices attached to either or both
of its internal “Channel B” ports
(wide micro-D68 and narrow
50-pin internal).
The Ultra2 LVD SCSI Host
Adapter (IC515C) is the fastest,
longest-distance of these cards. It
uses Low Voltage Differential
(LVD) technology to transfer data
at up to 80 Mbps as far as 12 m
(39.4 ft.) to two or more devices or
25 m (82 ft.) to just one device. It
can support as many as fifteen
attached devices; these should all
be Ultra2 LVD type if possible, but
you can attach legacy devices if
you need to (though this will limit
the bus’s speed and distance).
You can attach both
internal and external
peripherals to any of
these Adapters, so your
host PC will have highspeed SCSI access
inside and out.
System Hardware Required — IBM
PC compatible with at least one
available 16-bit ISA/EISA slot
(IC510C) or PCI slot (IC511-515C)
Bus Used — IC510C: ISA (16-bit);
IC511-515C: PCI 2.1
Port Used — None (does not
occupy any COM or LPT port)
Other Hardware Resources Used—
IC510C: IRQ 9, 10, 11, or 12 (userselectable), I/O address 340 to
347 hex or 140 to 147 hex
IC511-515C: Automatically selfconfigures interrupt, I/O
address, BIOS address, etc.
(Plug-and-Play compatible)
Cable Required — High-quality
Compliance — CE; FCC Part 15
Class B, IC Class/classe B
Standard — IC511-515C: PCI 2.1
Interfaces —
IC510C: External: SCSI-1;
Internal: Fast SCSI (SCSI-2),
IC511C: Fast SCSI (SCSI-2),
IC512C: Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3),
IC513C: Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3):
External: Narrow;
Internal: Narrow and Wide;
IC514C: Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3):
External: Wide;
Internal: Narrow and Wide;
IC515C: Ultra2 SCSI LVD, Wide
Protocol — IC510C: Synchronous;
IC511-515C: Synchronous or
External SCSI cables
(not included but
External hard drive
External CD-ROM drive
External hard drive
SCSI Parity —
IC510C: Always enabled;
IC511-515C: Enabled or disabled
SCSI Disconnect/Reconnect —
IC510C: Always enabled;
IC511-515C: Enabled or disabled
Maximum Data Rate —
IC510C: External (sync): 5 MB/s;
Internal (sync): 10 MB/s;
IC511C: Sync: 10 MB/s;
Async: 5 MB/s;
IC512C: Sync: 20 MB/s;
Async: 5 MB/s;
IC513C: External, internal narrow:
Sync: 20 MB/s; Async: 5 MB/s;
Internal wide: Sync: 40 MB/s;
Async: 10 MB/s;
IC514C: Internal narrow:
Sync: 20 MB/s; Async: 5 MB/s;
External, internal wide:
Sync: 40 MB/s;
Async: 10 MB/s;
Sync: 80 MB/s to Ultra2
LVD devices; if any legacy
devices are attached, the
data rate is limited to that
of the slowest attached
Async: 10 MB/s
Maximum SCSI-Bus Length —
IC510-511C: 19.7 ft.;
IC512C: 9.8 ft.;
IC513-514C: 9.8 ft. with up to
4 devices attached; 4.9 ft. with
up to 7 (narrow)
or 15 (wide) devices attached;
IC515C: 9.8 ft. to multiple
Ultra2 LVD devices; 82 ft. to a
single Ultra2 LVD
device; if any legacy (nonUltra2 LVD) devices are
attached, the bus length is
limited to that of the shortestdistance device
Internal SCSI
ribbon cable
Internal hard drive
Internal hard drive
(terminated unless the cable
itself is terminated)
User Controls —
IC510C: (5) Jumpers for interrupt,
I/O address; (3) Removable
terminators; Driver software;
IC511-515C: (1) or (2) Jumpers for
forcing termination;
Firmware configuration utility;
Driver software
Indicators — IC515C: (3) Boardmounted LEDs indicating
attached single-ended devices,
attached LVD devices, and active
vs. passive termination
LED Connectors — IC511C, IC512C,
IC514C, IC515C: (1) 4-pin male for
attachment to a CPU’s
drive-activity LED (activated
by data transmission
anywhere on the bus);
IC513C: (3) 4-pin male for attachment to a CPU’s drive-activity
LEDs: (1) Activated by data
transmission anywhere on the
“Channel A” bus, (1) Activated
by data transmission
anywhere on the “Channel B”
bus, (1) Activated by data
transmission anywhere on
either bus
SCSI Connectors —
IC510C: (1) DB25 female;
IC511-513C: (1) High-density
micro-D50 female;
IC514-515C: (1) High-density
micro-D68 female;
IC510-512C: (1) 50-pin
IDC header male;
IC513C: (2) High-density microD68 female, (2) 50-pin IDC
header male;
IC514C: (1) High-density microD68 female, (1) 50-pin IDC
header male;
IC515C: (1) High-density microD68 female
Power — +5 VDC from PC bus
Size —
IC510C: 5.7 x 15.6 cm;
IC511C: 8.7 x 14.6 cm;
IC512C: 10.2 x 13.4 cm;
IC513C: 9.5 x 15.9 cm;
IC514C: 9.5 x 15.9 cm);
IC515C: 9.5 x 13.4 cm)
Net Weight —
IC510C: 76 g;
IC511C: 97 g;
IC512C: 97 g;
IC513C: 148 g;
IC514C: 137 g;
IC515C: 100 g
The complete package
The Host Adapter card.
Drivers on diskette for all major operating systems.
A users’ manual.
Internal ribbon cable (one connector is for the Adapter, the rest
are for internal peripherals):
IC510C, IC511C, and IC512C: (1) Three-connector narrow [50-pin],
IC513C and IC514C: (1) Three-connector narrow [50-pin] and
(1) three-connector wide [68-pin], both unterminated;
IC515C: (1) Five-connector wide [68-pin], terminated.
What else you might need
External SCSI cabling.
SCSI devices.
SCSI terminators.
Wide-to-narrow SCSI adapters.
A SCSI tester.
Ordering Information
ISA SCSI-2 Controller...................................................IC510C
Fast SCSI-2 Host Adapter ...........................................IC511C
Ultra-Narrow SCSI-3 Host Adapter..........................IC512C
Dual-Channel Ultra-Narrow and Wide
SCSI-3 Host Adapter ................................................IC513C
Ultra-Wide SCSI-3 Host Adapter ..............................IC514C
Ultra2 LVD SCSI Host Adapter...................................IC515C
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range of SCSI cables, terminators, and other
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