Dealer Checklist

Dealer Checklist
Dealer Checklist
Growing your company through online sales.
The Company Store is an integrated web
application and product delivery engine where
consumers tailor their security system by
preference and budget and install the system
themselves. While the back-end development is on
us, the result is an easy-to-use interface for you and
your consumers. Customize the interface and add
Checklist Overview
it to your website. Showcase a competitive home
◻ Configure Your Company Store
security and automation system, offer flexible
◻ System Account Numbers
and Convention
contracts, and reap the rewards of a particular
marketplace not going anywhere anytime soon.
◻ Stripe Account
◻ Customer Payment
◻ Company Store Name
Dealer Checklist
◻ Notifications
◻ Logo
Configure Your Company Store
◻ Product Offering and
SecureCom™ Wireless allows you to create and manage your
◻ Monitoring Contract and
Admin console. Once your Dealer Admin Site Administrator
◻ Sales/Monitoring/Service
customized Company Store via your pre-existing Dealer
logs into the DMP Dealer Admin site (dealeradmin., the link to the Company Store
can be found in the “Tools” section of the navigation bar.
◻ Receiver Information
From the Dealer Admin site, you will be able to manage your
◻ Customer Support
available product, pricing, monitoring contracts, pre-defined
programming and more.
◻ Professional Installation
◻ In the Unlikely Case of a
○ Create a domain “A” record for your
Company Store
To get your online presence started, add a single “A”
record to your DNS zone of with your
host or registrar. These settings are typically found in
the “DNS” or “Zone” sections for most providers. Once
this is configured and the SSL certificate is in place, the
site will become active. To bring up the full site, the
Dealer Checklist
remaining required information will need to be entered (monitoring contracts, sales
states, pricing, etc). We have used for the example above.
○ Generate an SSL Certificate for Your Company Store
SecureCom Wireless will provide you with a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). The
request is generated based on the information you provide on the attached “SSL
Certificate Signing Request Details” document. Please ensure that the information
provided is accurate.
Various certificate signing authorities may charge a fee to
regenerate a certificate with inaccurate information. Once your signing request has
been approved by your signing authority, simply email the completed certificate back
to SecureCom Wireless at . We will take care
of the rest for you.
Details about certificate signing:
• If a preferred certificate output is available, please select the .crt and key format for NGINX.
• All certificates requests are RSA, 2048 bit
• If prompted for a password, please leave it empty. CSRs are not generated with a password.
System Account Numbers and Convention
Select the starting point for the systems you will sell on the Company Store. DMP will
configure your panels, starting with the account number entered in this field. It will then
select the next available account number in ascending order. The customer name convention
is the manner in which the information will be provided, such as first name, last name, and
business name. NOTE: If you are using a third-party central station, you will need to contact
your central station to get an allocation of account numbers to enter into this field.
Dealer Checklist
Stripe Account
Stripe is a third-party service that processes payments. This service allows DMP to transfer
funds to your bank account when customers purchase products from your Company Store. Go
to and click “Sign Up” to create your account. After signing up, click “Your Account”
in the upper right corner and then click “Activate Account”.
To connect your Stripe and Dealer Admin accounts, go to
the Dealer Admin site and click “Connect” in the payment
section of the Company Store. It will redirect you to the
Stripe website and ask you to enter your email and password.
Once you enter and submit this information, it will connect
your account to the Company Store.
Customer Payment Information
DMP will collect and transfer the initial product purchases via Stripe. You will need to obtain
your customer’s payment information to bill them for the monitoring service plan.
Company Store Name
The Company Store name is the information that will display on
product packages. For instance, the return address on the product
package your customer receives will include your company name
and address.
Enter the email address of your Company Store administrator.
DMP will send notifications to the email address entered when a
customer places an order, as well as order tracking information
when the order ships.
Upload your company logo that will display in your Company Store. Standard image
file formats are accepted including JPEG, PNG, and GIF (minimum 600 PX wide is
recommended). If you haven’t already completed the Company Store Graphic Touchscreen
Keypad Customization Form or if you are using a DBA, please complete the form included
within your invitation email. If you plan on using your standard logo and contact information,
please email and let us know if you would like to use your logo on
file. Once we receive your form, DMP will pre-configure your Graphic Touchscreen Keypad
to ship to your customer with your company logo and information.
Dealer Checklist
Product Offering and Pricing
Select the products you want to make available to your
customers and establish your customer pricing.
provides your dealer level price as a reference so that you
may adjust the prices to your customers. The Model 3000
Gateway already comes pre-configured to automatically
sync and program whenever it is powered up and connected
to the Internet. DMP wireless devices will have their batteries
already installed, a double-sided adhesive attached to the
devices, and zone name labels for the devices on each box
for a fast and easy installation.
Monitoring Contract and Pricing
Choose the monitoring service that will be available to your customers. Monthly and 1-5
year options are available. At least one monitoring service needs to be selected (you may
select up to three monitoring plans). Please note that the basic plan includes the cost of
your monitoring service plan and the basic Virtual Keypad Application service. The Virtual
Keypad App is always included for your customers. When your customers create their
Virtual Keypad login, they will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to setup
and configure their app.
Sales/Monitoring/Service Agreement
Write the terms and conditions agreement between your company and the customer.
This is a modified agreement for your Company Store market, not your existing sales/
monitoring/service agreement. The risks and business model for providing Company Store
electronic systems are potentially different from those encountered by the conventional
professionally installed systems. Thus, our recommendation is to review your existing
agreement with appropriate legal advisors. DMP also requires that a slightly modified
terms and conditions form be executed by participants on the DMP Company Store
program. Don’t forget: When uploading your agreement, make sure the length of term
options matches the length of Monitoring Contract you are offering in the Company Store.
Receiver Information
Enter the primary and secondary receiver IP addresses and port numbers. Panels will use this
path to report system events to DMP receivers. Select the type of alerts that you want the
panels to transmit (alarms, supervisory/trouble, opening/closing, etc.).
Dealer Checklist
Customer Support Information
You may want unique or specific customer support information for your customers. Now
is the time to think about adding a new phone number, email address, or help page on
your website and hours of support specifically for those customers. Create unique contact
information before your Company Store is fully set up and ready to go live. Below is an
Customer Support:
• Call 1-555-DIY-ALRM Monday through Friday 8AM-9PM CST
• Send us a message at
• Go to for more information
Professional Installation
With this option, you can choose
to offer professional installation
for your customer’s system. If you
choose to offer this service, you can
select the area of service and fees
charged. You can also opt to not
offer installation services for your
Company Store customers.
In the Unlikely Case of a DOA
If your customer (the consumer) believes they have a product that is DOA (Dead On Arrival),
they will be in contact with you as their only point of technical support. If your support
representative determines the product as DOA, your rep can call DMP Technical Support
for troubleshooting. Your rep receives a RAN (Return Authorization Number) to issue your
customer (the consumer) to mark on the outside of their shipping box with the returned
product. DMP Technical Support completes a DOA form and submits it to DMP Customer
Service for an advanced replacement part to be shipped directly to your customer. DMP
ships the replacement product and invoices you, the dealer, the same day. You now have 30
days from the date of invoice to ship the defective products back to DMP to receive credit.
If DMP doesn’t receive the defected parts within the required time, you will be charged for
the replacement.
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