Cover:TBMLARGE 151

Cover:TBMLARGE 151
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Kriega Rally Pack
Polisport Bike (enviro) Mat
We have been meaning to fit this little beauty of a fender
bag to our long term Yamaha for a while, and finally got
round to it a few weeks ago… just before we added fresh
plastics. But to be honest it’s such a doddle to fit, it will
immediately be getting re-attached to the new rear fender.
It may look small but you can stuff a surprising amount
of bits ‘n’ bobs in there… and it sits low enough that it
won’t interfere with any rucksack you are wearing at the
same time. Most folks will probably use it for tools but as
it has a neat inner 100% waterproof liner which rolls up
inside itself, completely sealing from the elements, whatever you choose to put inside. You could stuff your passport, iPhone and a round of cheese and pickle sarnies in
there if you wanted, and they’d all be perfect afterwards.
It does require you to drill your rear fender, but to be
honest as with all kit from Kriega it’s so well finished that
it looks good enough to be a permanent fixture to your
bike. It attaches neatly using four low-profile machined,
aluminium bolts and spreader washers, and comes with
a template for the holes. We love it. Alex Waters
With the joys of health and safety finally finding
their way into the murky world of enduro, you
are now frequently required to have one of these
enviro-mats at events these days. The Polisport
Bike (enviro) Mat is basically a fold-away base
made from durable, easy-to-clean polypropolene
on which you can stand your bike during refuelling
and work periods.
It comes with two porous mats (one spare),
storage pockets and a central cut-out to locate
a bike stand. The foldaway design makes transportation easy and it comes with a carrying
handle and in a range of bike matching colours.
We’ve been using one at TBM Towers and it
seems fairly robust, and good at soaking up our
sloppy attempts at refuelling. Our only complaint
is the price, which at £84 seems an extra large
cost on an otherwise expensive sport. But what
price saving the nice grass you’re about to tear
into with a wildly spinning knobbly…
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fast fleet
New Blue
Next up the rad shrouds needed to go on, but because
our bike’s rads had taken a bit of abuse last year, neither
of the lower front holes on both sides lined up properly.
And I had to resort to getting a file out to increase the
size of the pre-drilled holes. This would have been a
much easier task with an extra set of hands - as I was
trying to line up the bolt, square washer, shroud and
plastic mount on the rad for the bolt to go into…
After enlarging the holes slightly they finally slotted in
and then it was just the front mudguard to go. A walk in
the park after the awkward rad shrouds. So with its shiny
new plastics in place the WR is already looking a lot less
sorry for itself and it was time to take a look at the bent
The clutch lever was in a bad way after being radically
‘adjusted’ after a couple of spills out racing last year and
78 79
a Twenty Flex Clutch Lever from 24MX, is just the piece
of kit to replace it. Rather than bending when you drop
your bike, it pivots outwards and springs back again
when you finish cursing, and pick the bike up!
It can be fitted in minutes, looks much neater than the
original and costs a pretty reasonable 30 quid. The reach
is fully adjustable, and the lever is quite a bit shorter than
stock as it’s designed to be used with just one or two fingers - MTB style. You can get an identical brake lever as
well for the same price and with a 1-year warranty you
can’t really go wrong!
So that is phase one completed. Next month we will
turn our attention to the chain & sprockets, fit some fresh
rubber and look at getting the new brake lines fitted. It
also needs a full health check before it goes anywhere
near a race event. But having just received an invitation
to go and ride in TBEC’s 250th anniversary event in August, that gives us some kind of deadline to have everything completed by. Fingers crossed…
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