VersaPad Data Sheet VersaPad Data Sheet

VersaPad Data Sheet VersaPad Data Sheet
VersaPad Data Sheet
USB & PS/2 Touchpad for Robust Mousing Applications
Rugged design - tested to 118 miles of continuous
touch activations over entire sensor area.
No custom driver needed*. Full USB 2.0 and
PS/2** compliance - module enumerates as a
standard mouse with Left, Right, and Center-Click
capability, using native O/S drivers.
Power management: Can be suspended by the host.
Touchpad and Mouse - The module is a resistive,
4-wire x-y touchpad measured by a microcontroller.
Tap for Left-Click - This feature is enabled by
Double Tap - Enabled by default.
Tap and Drag - Double-tapping and maintaining
contact with the touchpad on the second tap
initiates tap (left-click) and drag.
Tap Edge - If a tap and drag is released near any edge
of the touchpad, the drag will not be released for 3
Right-Click in Upper Right Corner - Tapping the
touchpad in its upper right corner is interpreted as
a right-click.
Border scroll - Scrolling up an down is easy by sliding
finger along the touchpad border, and enhanced by
the VersaPad’s accelerated scroll feature.
Customizable dimensions: Minimum: 25mm x
25mm, Maximum 300mm x 300mm
The Interlink VersaPad® touchpad
is Interlink’s mousing solution for
OEM and rugged applications. The
module’s tough, moisture resistant
surface can be used with a finger,
stylus, or glove, even in harsh
The VersaPad enumerates as a
HID mouse with Left and RightClick capabilities using the native
Operating System’s mouse drivers.
A Hardware Development Kit
is available. Call us to order at
Sensor Mechanical Data
Industrial Computers
Rugged/Military Notebook Computers
Desktop Keyboards
Smart Phones
Handheld PCs
Signature capture products
Interlink Electronics - Sensor Technologies
VersaPad Data Sheet
Performance Characteristics
For more information
Call us 805-484-8855
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Compatibility Pad Gestures (Hardware only)
Operation Mode
Communication Speed
Report Rate Levels of Z-pressure
Overlay Color
Temperature - Operating
Temperature - Storage
Altitude - Operating
Altitude - Storage
Chemical resistance of pad
ESD Susceptibility
Ordinary Stylus, Finger, or Gloved Hand
Resistive 4-wire with FSR
Standard USB HID mouse driver
Tap, Double Tap, Tap & Drag, Drag Edge Lock, & Border Scroll
Relative 12 MHz Full Speed USB, or Standard PS/2
50 reports per second
256 (used internally, not reported)
As shown in Mechanical View, with possible rotation with WHQL driver*
Dark Gray, Pantone 425C
< 15 grams > 5 million strokes at pressure 10-150g; 118 miles of continuous scrolling
Vertical static load 1 Kgf max for 1 hour
>1,000,000 cycles at 1Kgf/silicone finger/4Hz
Drop from 122 cm (48 in.) onto concrete
Comparable to MIL-STD-202, 80G accelerated in 11 msec
Comparable to MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition A
0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
-40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
10,000 feet
30,000 feet
Storage: 5-95% RH, non condensing
Most common cleaners
IEC 801-2, Level 4* (No errors at 8KV air discharge and 15KV contact discharge)
Stylus recommendations:
Minimum radius of tip
Acetal or Teflon
1.55 mm (0.060 in.)
Integration Information
VersaPad USB is mounted on a one sided PC board with the circuit on the back and the sensor on the
top. The controller chip used for the board is Microchip PIC18F14K50.
Additional application and integration details are found in the VersaPad Integration Guide, which is
downloadable from
Connection Methods
Mini-A USB connector. This connector is included in the VersaPad USB demo board to allow easy
Flat Flex Cable Connector (FFC) - The standard OEM VersaPad version uses FFC connectors
for USB and external button connections. Refer to specification for FCI SFV4R-1STE1LF for further
Flex Cable - The flexible cable, not shipped with the standard module, is designated for insertion into
FFC connector. An example cable is Parlex 050R04-76B.
* For information on ordering WHQL drivers, contact our sales department at 805-484-8855.
** PS/2 Version will be available soon.
VersaPad Data Sheet
VersaPad Schematics
For more information
Call us 805-484-8855
Or visit us at
Part Numbers
Demo Kit, 54-00007
Demo kit includes:
Demo module in plexiglass frame
OEM module
USB A to Mini USB cable
2 FFC Cables (76mm/ea)
3 loose mating connectors
OEM Module, 54-00008
OEM Module has FFC connectors to
plug into a main board.
Cables and Connectors
FFC cable, PN: 14-00046
Loose Mating Connector, PN: 14-27886
USB to Mini USB cable, PN: 14-00047
VersaPad Data Sheet
Mechanical Data
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