Echo MiniTech Pro Instructions - Hearing Products International

Echo MiniTech Pro Instructions - Hearing Products International
Echo MiniTech Pro® Instructions
Digital Personal Listener
Communication Aid for Hearing Impairment
Product Code - 753
Hearing Products
International Limited
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Safety Instructions and Precautions
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Installation Instructions
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Installation instructions
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Replacement Parts/ Technical Specifications
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The MiniTech Pro® is a small user friendly personal listener with:
A microphone to amplify conversations
A built in telecoil for listening to Loop Systems
Aux connection for connecting to TV/ Radio or other
sound sources
The product is powered by two AA dry cell batteries (included)
Please read and follow the safety instructions below before using the
Safety Instructions and Precautions
Using this product inappropriately could adversely affect your hearing. Please follow the stepby-step instructions carefully.
The MiniTechPro® is a personal listener that amplifies ambient sound. Listening to
uncomfortable sound levels for prolonged periods could adversely affect your hearing.
The supplied stubby microphone (or approved line input) MUST be fully inserted into the
microphone socket BEFORE turning the unit on. Failure to do so can result in high sound
levels that could adversely affect your hearing.
Do not use in an environment that is damp, wet, very hot or very cold (i.e. near water or
extreme sunlight or fire).
To clean the MiniTechPro® and its accessories, use only a soft cloth and an inorganic cleaner.
Always use the correct dry cells (commonly known as batteries) Type AA specified by Hearing
Products International.
Never use old and new dry cells together, as the old one will make the new one discharge
Only use the attachments/ accessories specified by Hearing Products International Limited.
Refer all servicing to Hearing Products International and do not disassemble the product this
will void the warranty.
The product contains sensitive electronic equipment and must be handled carefully.
Dispose of the old dry cells in an environmentally friendly way.
Contents Picture
Figure 1
3/ 4.
1. MiniTech Pro Amplifier
Dry cell 2 x AA
Microphone on 1.5m lead
Microphone Cable Clip
Stubby Microphone
QR NeckLoop
101 Stetoset Headset
3 Meter Extension Lead
Figure 2
Figure 3
Using this product inappropriately could adversely affect your hearing.
Please follow the step-by-step installation instructions carefully.
1. Make sure the ON/OFF button (figure 2) is in the OFF position.
2. Remove belt clip to access dry cell compartment – to release, turn belt clip
anticlockwise (figure 3).
3. Gently press dry cell cover to remove and insert 2 x AA dry cells, ensuring they are
placed the correct way round, as illustrated on diagram inside dry cell compartment
(figure 3).
4. Replace dry cell cover securely (Figure 3).
5. Replace belt clip – insert belt clip and turn clockwise to secure.
6. Fully insert the “stubby” microphone (5) or the microphone on 1.5m lead (3) into the
‘Microphone in’ socket (figure 2).
Use the ‘stubby’ microphone for one to one conversation and meetings or taking out &
about. Or you can use the microphone on 1.5m lead to pick up sound from a TV or other
sound source, by placing the microphone by the speaker. The microphone can be kept in
position by using the Velcro pad provided.
To increase the distance the user can be from the sound source, the 3 meter extension lead
(8) can be connected between the MiniTech Pro® unit and the microphone. Up to two
extension leads can be used to extend the distance between the MiniTech Pro® unit and the
sound source (one extension lead is provided).
*NOTE Care must be taken in positioning the leads to avoid the danger of tripping etc.
7. Fully insert headset or neck loop into Headphone socket (figure 2).
8. If using neck loop, wear around your neck and switch hearing aid to “T” position.
9. Press ON/OFF button (figure 2) for 3 seconds to ON position, the ON/OFF indicator
LED will light up Green and the volume indicator will light up blue (2 bars); after 2
seconds the blue volume indicator LED will go out.
10. Increase the volume by gently pressing on the pad with the plus symbol (figure 2). To
reduce the volume press the pad with the minus symbol (figure 2). The volume
indicator will light up blue and as the volume increases the LED indicator will change
from blue to green to red, indicating the level of volume. Blue being the lowest; red
being the highest volume.
*NOTE when the volume indicator is at the red position the amplifier will use more power
and will reduce the life of the dry cell.
Always start listening at a low volume, too high volume can seriously damage your hearing.
IMPORTANT – If the volume does not increase, switch the MiniTech Pro® OFF and check
that microphone and headset or neck loop is inserted fully in the correct sockets before
switching on again.
11. To adjust the tone, turn tone wheel anti-clockwise for treble emphasis, or clockwise
for bass emphasis (figure 2).
12. To use the MiniTech Pro® with a loop system in a public place. Make sure the
ON/OFF button (figure 2) is in the OFF position. Attach the headset to the headphone
socket (figure 2). Activate the T mode by turning the T Switch ON; the T mode
indicator will light up red. Adjust the volume until you find a suitable level. Adjust the
position of the MiniTech Pro® until you find the best reception from the loop system.
13. Most products with a line output can be directly connected to the MiniTech Pro®
with an audio lead using the line input socket (audio lead not included).
14. Switch between two inputs; microphone and line input, using the selector button.
15. The selector button is only active when the microphone and line input sockets are in
use at the same time. When the microphone input is in use, the microphone
indicator LED will light up green. To switch to line input, press the selector button
once, the microphone indicator LED will go out and the line input indicator LED will
light up green.
16. When one of the inputs are disconnected the green selector button indicator LED
will go out.
This function allows the user to switch between an audio source and a microphone, ideal
for when the user wants to converse with someone whilst watching TV.
Dry Cell Batteries
 When the unit is switched on, the Power indicator light will light up GREEN if dry cells
are okay.
 If Power indicator shows FLASHING RED when switched on, or changes to FLASHING
RED when in use, then the dry cells are running low and will need to be replaced
within approximately 8 hours.
 If the power indicator shows SOLID RED the dry cells will need to be replaced straight
 If there is no Light when the unit is switched on, this normally indicates the dry cells
are completely discharged and should be replaced.
Replacement Parts
MiniTech Pro®
MiniTech Pro® Carton
MiniTech Pro® Instruction
Stubby Microphone
Microphone on 1.5 m lead
Microphone Cable Clip
3m Extension Lead
QR NeckLoop
Technical Specifications
Frequency response
Maximum Gain
Maximum power output
Tone control
65Hz - 6.5KHz
45 dB
112 dB
10 dB range 300Hz, 10dB range 5KHz
Electret condenser
2 x AA Drycell
3.5mm jack for mic/ line in, headset or
Up to 120 hours*
Up to 50 hours*
101 grams
85(H) x 55 (W) x 30 (D) mm
Operating Time with Headset
Operating Time with NeckLoop
Weight with drycell
Dimensions with clip
*NOTE - Results can vary depending on battery type/ age/ capacity/ manufacturer and usage
Echo® and MiniTech Pro® are trademarks of Hearing Products International Limited.
Hearing Products International Limited declares that the Echo MiniTech Pro®
complies with all relevant EU directives. The full EU declaration of conformance
for the Echo MiniTechT Pro® is available from Hearing Products International Ltd.
Hearing Products International Limited
Echo House, 26/27 Haigh Park, Stockport, SK4 1QR, England.
Tel. +44 (0) 161 480 8003 Fax +44 (0) 161 480 8006
Hearing Products International Ltd. reserve sole right to alter prices, design and/or
technical specifications or colours without prior notice. E & O.E. 24/11/16. 940-1014-01
MiniTech Pro® Instructions. Version 1.
© Copyright Hearing Products International limited 2016
UK: Waste electrical products and batteries should not be disposed of with household
waste. Separate disposal facilities exist, for your nearest facilities see or Hearing Products International Limited for full details
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