CODMAN® HAKIM® Programmable Valve System for Hydrocephalus

CODMAN® HAKIM® Programmable Valve System for Hydrocephalus
SiphonGuard Anti-siphon Device
SiphonGuard Anti-Siphon Device is a uniquely
new device for preventing excessive CSF flow during
positional changes. The SiphonGuard Device can
be placed anywhere distal to the valve and is
unaffected by scar tissue encapsulation or external
pressure. The mechanical design detects the difference
between the normal and excessive flow and activates
only when excessive flow occurs. Dual pathway
design allows for slow release of CSF due to
hydrostatic pressure.
Programmable Valve
System for Hydrocephalus
Right Angle with SiphonGuard
The Codman Valves are implantable devices that provide constant intraventricular pressure and drainage of CSF for the management
of hydrocephalus and other conditions in which CSF flow and absorption are impaired.
SiphonGuard Device
The SiphonGuard Anti-Siphon Device never totally
closes the shunt system but instead uses resistance to
impede flow. SiphonGuard utilizes proven ball and cone
technology, which is highly reliable.
These devices are contraindicated in patients receiving anticoagulants or known to have a bleeding diathesis. Shunt implantation should
be avoided if infection is present within the body. Delay the shunt procedure when infections such as meningitis, ventriculitis, peritonitis,
bacteremia and septicemia are present. Unitized valves are not designed for atrial drainage.
Codman & Shurtleff, Inc. warrants that this medical device is free from defects in both materials and workmanship. Any other express or implied
warranties, including warranties of merchantability or fitness, are hereby disclaimed. Suitability for use of this medical device for any particular
surgical procedure should be determined by the user in conformance with the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
See product insert for complete warnings, precautions, adverse events and warranties.
HAKIM is a registered trademark of Hakim USA, LLC and is used under license by Codman & Shurtleff, Inc.
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VAL-14-005 2/12 ADDB/RPI
The art of managing hydrocephalus
codman hakim programmable valve product codes
Includes: Programmable Valve, Information Manual, Straight
Connectors,** Introducer**** and Priming Adapter.***
The cranial cavity contains one of the most interesting hydrodynamic systems
within the human body, one that has historically engaged the attention of
both engineer and neurosurgeon in a search for a better method for treating
hydrocephalus. Physicians have traditionally been limited when faced with
choosing the right fixed pressure valve prior to implantation. Even if chosen
correctly at the time of implantation, surgical revisions may be required as the
patient’s pathophysiology changes. Basically, the patient is forced to adapt to
a fixed pressure valve.
82-3162CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Inline with SiphonGuard
82-3164CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Inline
82-3182CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Right Angle with SiphonGuard
82-3184CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Right Angle
82-3110CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Cylindrical­­­
with Prechamber
82-3115CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Cylindrical
82-3116CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Micro with RICKHAM Reservoir
82-3112CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Micro
Pumping reservoir allows for patency checks
and access port.
With the advent of the Codman HAKIM Programmable Valve System,
neuro­surgeons can pre-select one of 18 different pressure settings. After
implantation, the valve can be adjusted non-invasively to adapt to changes
in patient condition. That means surgeons are able to make precise pressure
adjustments to help control intracranial pressure and ventricle size at any time.
This opens up new specialized therapies and may eliminate the unknowns which
historically complicated the treatment process.
Suture holes for securing valve to the pericranium.
Occluder to provide directional pumping.
Includes: Programmable Valve, 14cm Ventricular Catheter,
120cm Peritoneal Catheter,* Information Manual, Right Angle Adapter
and Priming Adapter.***
82-3832CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Inline with SiphonGuard
82-3834CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Inline
82-3136CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Right Angle with SiphonGuard
82-3838CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Right Angle
Specially designed non-distorted stainless steel spring ensures stability and
repeatability of selected pressure.
Unlike classic silicone shunt systems which only give surgeons three pressure
ranges to choose from, the CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve features
18 pressure ranges. These ranges provide the surgeon with the ability to make
subtle alterations to the opening pressure. Each adjustment can be made quickly
and easily through the programmer interface. Its precise mechanical design yields
repeatable, linear pressure-flow responses. The micrometer scale (1/1000 mm)
programming motions and tightly calibrated spring tensions which give the valve
its accuracy are derived from the same microtechnology employed by the Swiss
watch industry.
Wireless magnetic servo motor rotates the spiral staircase cam via a coded
magnetic signal.
Eighteen different settings on the cam give surgeons the ability to precisely
optimize valve opening pressure.
Includes: Programmable Valve, 14cm Ventricular Catheter, 120cm
Unitized Peritoneal Catheter,* Information Manual, Straight Connectors,**
Introducer,**** Right Angle Adapter and Priming Adapter.***
Inline with SiphonGuard
Right Angle with SiphonGuard
If you’re interested in seeing a demonstration of the CODMAN HAKIM
Programmable Valve System, or would like further information, please contact
your Codman Sales Representative or Customer Service at 800-225-0460.
Right Angle
Cylindrical Valve with
Please refer to full product information provided with each product prior
to use.
Programmable Valve
Priming Adapter
Ventricular Catheter
Peritoneal Catheter
82-3842CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Inline with SiphonGuard, Unitized Distal Catheter
82-3844CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Inline,
Unitized Distal Catheter
82-3146CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Right Angle
with SiphonGuard, Unitized Distal Catheter
82-3148CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Right Angle, Unitized Distal Catheter
82-3111*CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Cylindrical with Prechamber, Unitized Distal Catheter
82-3113*CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve,
Micro with RICKHAM Reservoir, Unitized Distal Catheter
82-3114*CODMAN HAKIM Programmable Valve, Micro
Unitized Distal Catheter
Straight Connector
Priming Adapter
Ventricular Catheter
Unitized Peritoneal Catheter
Valves are customized to fit your special needs. Please contact your
Codman Neurospecialist, or Codman Specials Department at
(800) 843-0039 or
Cylindrical Valve
Codman HAKIM Programmer
Micro Valve with Rickham Reservoir
Codman’s VPV® programmer provides confirmation of the valve adjustment
without the need for radiographic imaging when the “Adjustment
Complete” message is displayed.
Magnets and an externally applied magnetic field generated by the
programmer change the setting. The coded signal minimizes inadvertent
programming by external fields. A marker within the valve lets you verify
the setting by means of x-ray film or fluoroscopy.
82-3190CODMAN Programmer
82-3192CODMAN Valve Positioning Verification (VPV) System
•Turn on the programmer unit.
• Locate the programmable section of the valve.
•Press one of the raised buttons to choose the desired pressure.
•Place the programmer head over the valve so the feet straddle
the mechanism and the arrows align with CSF flow direction.
•Press and release the start button on the programmer head.
•Hold in place until beeps indicate programming is complete.
Priming Adapter
Valve Systems (Unitized)
Integrated SiphonGuard® Device to prevent overdrainage.
The same miniature manufacturing processes which make the valve accurate
also make it reliable. Only superior materials that can stand up to the conditions
evident in patients with hydrocephalus are chosen. The parts are also completely
biocompatible, with the low profile of both the full housing and micro-housing
resulting in an unobtrusive implant. Once assembled, the valves are tested
five separate times prior to release to ensure they meet stringent
performance standards.
Straight Connector
Valve Systems
Synthetic ruby ball rotates freely to ease CSF flow through the valve, and
is manufactured with a matching valve seat to ensure complete valve closure.
Programmable Valve
Micro Valve
Codman Valve Position
Verification (VPV) System
programming technique
82-3041CODMAN Ventricular Catheter, 14cm
82-3044CODMAN Atrial Catheter, 46cm
82-3045CODMAN Peritoneal Catheter, 120cm
82-3072CODMAN Bactiseal® Barium Silicone Catheter Kit
82-3073CODMAN Bactiseal Barium Silicone Ventricular Catheter
82-3074CODMAN Bactiseal Barium Silicone Peritoneal Catheter
82-1501ACCU-FLO ® Straight Metal Connector (11mm)
82-1504ACCU-FLO Plastic Connector (17mm)
82-1507Right Angle Connector, Plastic
*Includes: 85cm Unitized Peritoneal Catheter.
**Provided with the Cylindrical and Micro versions.
***Provided with Inline, Right Angle and Micro versions.
****Provided with the Cylindrical versions only.
82-1520ACCU-FLO Three-way Plastic Connector
82-1521ACCU-FLO Three-way Metal Connector
82-3048 Stainless Steel Straight Connector
82-1696Type T Connector
82-3053Codman Titanium Sterile Straight Connector (14mm)
82-3055Plastic Introducer
82-3090 SIPHONGUARD, CSF Flow Control Device
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