Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Accelerated by SanDisk

Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Accelerated by SanDisk
Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Accelerated by SanDisk
SanDisk Optimus.2 SAS SSD product line, utilizing Guardian technology, delivers flash solutions that are
ideal for Nexenta’s customers searching for an enterprise class storage solution. Delivering high endurance
levels with up to 45 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day), and capacities ranging from 100GB to 2TB, the Optimus.2
product line solves application workload requirements across use case, from write-intensive to read-intensive,
in addition to general-purpose read/write I/O.
SanDisk’s Guardian Technology™
platform combines the costeffectiveness of MLC flash with
the extended endurance, high
reliability and high performance
to meet the demanding
requirements of a host of
enterprise applications that can’t
be as effectively served by offthe-shelf SSD solutions.
Use Case
SanDisk Optimus SSDs
Software-Defined Storage
Performance for ZIL
Optimus Extreme™
Endurance: 45 DWPD
Capacity: 100-800GB
Random Performance:
95,000/40,000 IOPS
Sequential Performance:
500/500 MB/s
Warranty: 5 years
•Write-intensive workloads
and cache
•Hybrid storage pools
Optimus Ultra™
Endurance: 25 DWPD
Capacity: 150GB-1.2TB
Random Performance:
95,000/40,000 IOPS
Sequential Performance:
500/500 MB/s
Warranty: 5 years
•Read cache
•Hybrid storage pools
Optimus Eco™
Endurance: 3 DWPD
Capacity: 400GB-2TB
Random Performance:
90,000/35,000 IOPS
Sequential Performance:
500/500 MB/s
Warranty: 5 years
•Accelerated data
storage pools
Leveraging a write-intensive
SanDisk Optimus Extreme
for NexantaStor in a hybrid
storage pool environment
will deliver the low latency
required to accelerate the
overall performance of the
storage system
I/O for L2ARC
The expected maximum
performance is based on
the probability that a read
I/O operation is accessing
data already cached in faster
memory or L2ARC. Optimus
Ultra increases the size of the
read cache and improves I/O
TCO for all-flash array
SSDs reduce latency,
heat generation, power
consumption and form
factor, which all translate to
significant savings for any
SanDisk Enterprise SSDs
for NexentaStor
SanDisk Extreme, with up to 50 drive
writes per day (DWPD) in a 2.5” form
factor, is an ideal enterprise-class SSD
for Nexenta ZIL deployment in most
enterprise and cloud use cases, while
SanDisk Ultra provides the ability to
cache data at the lowest possible
latencies to satisfy application response
time and performance for read cache. In
addition to satisfying high performance
and low latency requirements in Nexenta
tiered storage environments with
Optimus Extreme and Ultra, SanDisk
also delivers an Eco product line with
•GPU-intensive systems
•CAD/engineering users
•Standard office workers
•User profile storage
•Call center capacity
•User data storage
SAS SSDs which are up to 2TB, making
this ideal for an all flash solution. In an
ever-increasing number of deployments,
SanDisk Optimus.2 Eco SAS SSD’s
provide an attractive alternative to HDD’s.
The absence of moving parts in SSDs
reduces latency, heat generation, power
consumption, and form factor, translating
to significant cost savings for any data
center. Since fewer SSDs are required to
deliver the same outcome as more HDDs,
massive overprovisioning of drives is no
longer necessary. This savings results
in decreased capital and operational
expenditures, while vastly increasing
performance and reliability.
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More information:
SanDisk Optimus Family with Guardian Technology Platform
High and Consistent Performance
High Capacity and Endurance for
Multiple Workloads
•Up to 500/500 MB/s1 sequential
•Optimus Eco: 400GB-2TB1 mixed-use
•Up to 95,000/40,000 IOPS (Ascend,
and read-intensive workloads
•Optimus Ascend™: 200GB-1.6TB1,
Ultra and Extreme)
mixed-use workloads
•Up to 90,000/35,000 IOPS (Eco)
•Less than 5% performance degradation
•Optimus Ultra: 150GB-1.2TB1,
write-intensive workloads
over lifetime
•Optimus Extreme: 100-800GB1,
High Reliability
write-intensive workloads
•Full data path protection
•19nm MLC / 31-45 DWPD2
•T10-DIF support
•High reliability
•F.R.A.M.E. technology
•Backup power circuitry
base PE
A3 A2
Through a combination of unique
and innovative IP, and the use of
Multi-Level Cell (MLC) flash, SanDisk’s
newest generation of 19nm SSDs
feature a native SAS 6Gb/s interface,
outstanding performance metrics, and a
comprehensive set of high-end features
making them ideal to integrate with
existing infrastructure for a wide variety of
enterprise environments such as servers,
external storage arrays, and storage area
networks (SAN) where performance and
high-availability are required.
B2 B1
NexentaStor, a software-defined storage
(SDS) platform, allows thousands of
customers all around the world to
transform their storage infrastructure,
increase flexibility and agility, simplify
management and dramatically reduce
costs without compromising on
availability, reliability or functionality.
NexentaStor is software-defined storage
with SMARTS:
Block Number
SanDisk Enterprise SSDs
Intelligent Flash Mixing
Contact Information
Advanced Signal Processing
PE Life
Aggregated Flash Management
•45 DWPD2 (random workload)
•5 Year Warranty2
•Data Integrity – BER 1017
•FlashGuard™: Enhances flash
•DataGuard™: Ensures data integrity
•EverGuard™: Reliable 24x7 operation
For more information, please visit:
At SanDisk, we’re expanding the possibilities of data
storage. For more than 25 years, SanDisk’s ideas
have helped transform the industry, delivering next
generation storage solutions for consumers and
businesses around the globe.
951 SanDisk Drive | Milpitas | CA 95035 | USA
1 Performance may vary by capacity.
2 Warranty/DWPD - The lesser of 5 years from the date of manufacture of the product or the date on which the product’s
relevant endurance threshold set forth in the product specifications are reached. For more warranty information, please visit
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