Professional Diving and Marine Support for the
Professional Diving and Marine Support
for the TV and Film Industry
Introducing Waterproof Media
Waterproof Media specialise in providing bespoke marine support for
underwater, inland, inshore and offshore filming projects
Owned and managed by Rich Stevenson, Waterproof
Media is focused solely on supporting any individual,
company or production involved with marine filming
on or under the water.
Rich has over 20 years experience in the diving and
marine industries and has been involved with TV
and film work since 2003. As such Rich can provide
Contact Waterproof Media...
testimonials and credits from successful productions
that he’s been personally involved with.
The company is named on the BBC and ITV approved
For all your marine support requirements,
In particular the company prides itself on owning and
suppliers list and is HSE registered as a Media diving
contact Rich Stevenson at Waterproof Media:
operating all the equipment generally required for film
contractor. In addition the company carries public and
production. We also have a large contact list of other
professional liability insurance for all aspects of water
equipment and vessels, so if we don’t have exactly
based filming, copies of our insurance and testimonials
what you need we will know someone who does.
of our work can be sent upon request.
Mobile Telephone +44 (0) 7876 256 353
+44 (0) 117 322 4988
Website Website
Click here to visit the Waterproof Media website
Underwater Filming & Safety Teams
Underwater filming &
dive safety teams
The filming and water safety team can be
Camera operators, dive teams and rescue
Rich and the team have extensive experience in all
swimmers can be provided when needed
aspects of TV/ Film production and can provide
for production teams engaged in filming
operations on or under the water.
documentation and references in the following:
Drama, Documentary, Natural History, Narrow cast
content, broadcast commercials, feature films and
deployed in any configuration from a single
Our core activity is underwater and marine filming and
rescue swimmer to an HSE-registered and
as such we have built up a selection of equipment that
insured underwater filming operation
specialist photography techniques.
works reliably and efficiently for productions shooting
We are well versed with the HSE media diving
in the marine environment.
approved code of practice for filming underwater. We
are happy to provide an honest appraisal of what you
Rich Stevenson operates the underwater cameras but
need to keep cast and crew safe and your production
we are equally happy to support other camera teams,
legal so feel free to contact us.
operators and DOP’s when required.
Rich has worked with many high profile actors and TV
We own and operate all of our own cameras and
presenters on and under the water, giving him a good
underwater housings - a complete list can be
understanding of their needs. He can also assist with
downloaded from our website (see link below). All
dive training requirements and can offer a bespoke
equipment is also available for dry hire.
service to get their diving skills to a required level.
View our show reel
Water Safety & Film Support Vessels
Marine Co-ordination
& Camera Boats
Waterproof Media have a complete
range of camera and safety boats to
support your marine co-ordination
and filming requirements
With 20 years of experience, we are well
The company owns 4 large and capable camera /
placed to offer marine co-ordination
safety boats that can be configured with most types
services to any project. Rich has owned
of camera cranes, jib arms,underwater pole cams,
lighting rigs and also have various propulsion options
and operated many vessels during his
including silent electric outboards which are perfect
career and will always recommend the
for dialogue scenes whilst on the water.
best boat for your project even if it means
Rich has extensive contacts within the marine co-
sourcing it from a third party.
ordination industry - if one of his boats is not suitable
for your project, he will find one using his extensive
Recently the company has been tasked with providing
contact list.
water safety and marine co-ordination for large
productions such as the BBC’s flagship Poldark
Our camera boats include a 6m and 5.5m option with
production and the Red Bull cliff diving series. From
oversized tubes with carrying capacities of 1500-
2013 and 2014, Waterproof Media was responsible for
1800kg and 2 smaller inflatables that we use for safety
providing marine filming services to the BBC’s Top
work and tenders to bigger MCA coded vessels.
Gear program, including the James Bond Submarine
car and Hover Van episodes.
For more information, visit
Underwater Filming Equipment
Underwater Filming
Equipment hire
Waterproof Media offers a full range
of underwater camera systems, lenses,
specialist underwater filming rigs and
ancillary items available to hire.
Whatever your project
Our hire equipment portfolio includes...
requirements, Waterproof
Media offers an extensive
range of underwater
filming equipment
available with or without
a camera operator, safety
team or dive contractor.
Our equipment is based on the
latest production and broadcast
standards. Matched with a full
range of high-end cinema lenses,
our 4k and 6k camera systems
Camera Systems:
Underwater Lighting:
• RED Epic Dragon 6k camera in
• Orca Light, 20,000 lumen @ 5000
Gates underwater housing
• Nauticam underwater housing for
Alexa Mini Camera System
• Sony PMW 200 camera with Gates
underwater housing
• Canon 5D3 in Nauticam housing
with Sony CLM 55 external monitor
• Sony A7S low light camera in
Nauticam housing
• Sony A7S2 4K low light camera in
Nauticam housing
Kelvin - surface DC power option
• LUNA 4 and 8 LED video lights,
4000/6000 lumen, 5000 Kelvin
• 35 and 50 watt HID video lights
and battery packs
• Silent Submersion 200 watt HMI
light with battery
Other Equipment:
• Full Face Masks & Underwater
Communications equipment
deliver unrivalled clarity and
• Scubacam Lightweight Housings
• Full range of camera system lenses
flexibility to any filming project.
• 6” dome port with 150m depth
• Specialist Filming Rigs
rating housings for GoPro cameras
• DPVs, rebreathers & diving gear
For more information on the
full range of underwater filming
equipment, contact Rich
Stevenson at Waterproof Media.
Click here to view our full equipment hire list
Professional Profile: Rich Stevenson
Professional profile:
Rich Stevenson
Rich is the ‘hands on’ owner of Waterproof
Media. He is also an underwater camera
operator, safety consultant, marine
co-ordinator and keen recreational diver!
Rich Stevenson has over
For all your marine support requirements,
contact Rich Stevenson at Waterproof Media:
Recent Production Credits
20 years experience
working in the diving and
marine industries and has
been involved with TV and
film work since 2003.
Rich has extensive experience
filming and photographing deep
• BBC Top Gear
• Twofour productions Arabia
• BBC One Show
• Twofour productions Devon
• Britannic Expedition for
• Nazi Megastructures for
National Geographic
National Geographic
• Woods Hole 3D for National
• Tigress Productions for
Channel 5 - Dive Mysteries
• Dive WW2 for the BBC
• ‘Freedive Live’ for CBS News
• River Monsters for Icon films
• ‘Whale Like Me’ feature film
much more besides. He is an
• Rubber Republic for Audi
• ‘Poldark’ for the BBC
experienced rebreather diving
• ‘How I Live Now’ feature film
• ‘Saved’ an ITV Drama
instructor at all depths and in any
• ‘Singularity’ feature film
• ‘Galavant’ TV series for ABC
environments. He also holds a
• ‘To the Sea’ feature film
• BBC Sport for Olympics
shipwrecks, flooded caves and
Contact Waterproof Media...
polar caps, feature films and so
commercial boat handlers license.
Mobile Telephone +44 (0) 7876 256 353
+44 (0) 117 322 4988
you get the best and most cost-
Website Website
effective solution to suit the
• ‘Atlantis’ for BBC
Rich will work with you to ensure
unique needs of your production.
Click here to visit Rich Stevenson’s website
Waterproof Media Projects Portfolio
Visit us online
+44(0)7876 256 353 l +44(0)117 322 4988 l l
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