Pavilion Data Systems Product Data Sheet

Pavilion Data Systems Product Data Sheet
The Mist Wireless Platform
Smart Wireless for the Smart Device Era
Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud
The Mist wireless platform was built from the ground-up to
meet the unique requirements of today’s sophisticated mobile
users. Key to this is the Mist Intelligent Wireless cloud, which
brings unprecedented scalability, flexibility, intelligence and
performance to wireless operations.
Mist Intelligent Wireless Cloud (IWC)
SaaS agility for upgrades and patches
The Mist cloud is built on a microservices architecture that brings
the agility of SaaS to wireless networks. On-demand network
upgrades and patches take minutes instead of months.
Machine learning for optimal user experiences
Mist’s patent-pending machine learning algorithms adapt in
real-time to changes in user, device, and application behavior.
This ensures predictable and reliable Wi-FI and enables accurate
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) location-based services.
Machine learning for proactive IT operations
Mist’s machine learning algorithms monitor network trends in
real-time and intelligently alert IT when service levels degrade below
defined thresholds. Recommendations are provided for rapid
troubleshooting and/or proactive configuration changes.
Built on modern cloud elements
The Mist platform is built on state of the art technology, which
• Storm for highly responsive, real-time processing
• Spark for machine learning and next- generation automation
• Kafka for handling messages at scale
• Containers for portability
Mist Access Points
The Mist Wireless Platform delivers
amazing Wi-Fi and BLE experiences
Ideal for personalization and engagement
The Mist cloud is ideally suited for industries that need a high degree
of personalization and user engagement using location-based services,
such as healthcare, retail, hospitality, education, and restaurants.
Mist Access Points
Mist AP41 is a high performance, enterprise-grade Access Point for
converged wireless environments:
• 802.11 ac Wave 2 Gigabit Wi-Fi (2 radios for
data services; 1 for data collection/analysis)
• BLE version 4.2 (16-directional and 1 omni
directional antenna elements)
• An expansion port for Internet of Things
Mist BT11 is an industry-first Access Point for enterprise
grade BLE:
• BLE version 4.2 (16-directional
and 1 omni directional antenna
• Daisy chain up to four BT11s when
connected to 802.3 at power
• Supports Apple iBeacon, Google,
and Eddystone
Mist Systems, Inc. +1 408-326-0346
1601 S. De Anza Blvd. #248, Cupertino, CA 95014 | | @MistSystems
Copyright © 2017 Mist Systems, Inc. All rights
reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and
international copyright and intellectual property laws.
Business Critical Wi-Fi
Mist’s machine learning replaces manual troubleshooting
tasks with automated wireless operations. This minimizes costs
while maximizing Wi-Fi performance and reliability.
Mist Wi-Fi Assurance Service
Set, monitor and enforce service levels
Mist lets you setup and track service level thresholds for key wireless
criteria, such as time to connect, capacity, coverage, and throughput.
At any given time you can see how your network is performing against
Service Level Expectations (SLE), with specific drill down into users,
applications, and devices.
Simple root cause analysis and remediation
Mist dynamically collects information from all mobile devices (over 100
states are captured for each device every few seconds), and correlates
it for quick wireless, wired and device problem identification. Predictive
recommendations and automated workflows let you quickly remediate
problems or prevent them entirely.
Set, monitor and enforce service levels; Rapidly isolate and fix
problems with no truck rolls
Network rewind and dynamic packet capture
When a user is experiencing a network anomaly (e.g. authorization
failure) the Mist system automatically detects it and starts capturing
packets for you. In addition, Mist lets you rewind back in time to see
what was going on exactly when the event occurred.
Enterprise-Grade BLE
Mist brings unprecedented flexibility, performance and cost
savings to BLE location services with these unique features:
Mist BLE Asset Visibility Service
Let’s get virtual
Patented virtual BLE (vBLE) technology lets you deploy and move
virtual beacons with the simple click of a mouse (or via APIs),
eliminating the need for physical beacons.
Machine learning eliminates manual calibration
Mist continuously collects data in real-time from all mobile devices
to ensure accurate location estimates without the need for BLE site
Best location accuracy and performance
Dynamic vBLE 16 antenna elements in Mist APs plus machine learning
in the Mist cloud ensure 1 to 3m for mobile devices, and in-room /
zone level for BLE assets.
zone 02
zone 04
zone 06
Locate key resources, like nurses and security guards;
Track high value assets, like wheelchairs and forklifts
Detailed analytics
Monitor user visits and dwell times, with detailed drill down into
specific zone traffic patterns and congestion points.
Mist BLE Engagement Service
Real-time visibility
Mist gives you a real-time view of the RF environment from the mobile
user’s perspective. This lets you detect coverage holes and other
issues, even as users move around and their RF coverage patterns
Open APIs for easy integration
Mist offers a mobile SDK for iOS and Android with three types of
APIs (vBLE beacon, indoor location, and zone analytics) for seamless
integration with complementary products.
Mist Systems, Inc. +1 408-326-0346
1601 S. De Anza Blvd. #248, Cupertino, CA 95014 | | @MistSystems
Location-based proximity messaging and wayfinding
Copyright © 2017 Mist Systems, Inc. All rights
reserved. This product is protected by U.S. and
international copyright and intellectual property laws.
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