Features: Specifications Innovative Features Frequency Response

Features: Specifications Innovative Features Frequency Response
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Innovative Features
AMK Commercial Series
6½” Coaxial Loudspeaker Assembly
The SA 615A is a full range, low distortion, coaxial transducer
assembly. The speaker combines high performance, power handling
and a very smooth response.
This is one of the few transducers in the commercial sound industry
that produces and meets the standards of a recording studio.
However, it is designed for overhead applications.
Excellent dispersion, wide bandwidth, and a smooth frequency
response make this the top choice for today's overhead commercial
The loudspeaker unit in this assembly is AMK CX-602
There is a wide range of applications for this unit, especially in
restaurants, hotels, casinos, boardrooms and high scale retail
Frequency Response
Each system includes a renowned AMK Coaxial loudspeaker like
those already installed in hundreds of locations
Easy to install
- All-metal swivel mounting system allows standard installation of
speaker without having to align the enclosure to the tile bridge
- This installation procedure is quick and unique to the industry
- The simplicity of our one-wire connection aids in speedy
- Architecturally pleasing white perforated metal grille that uses a
unique metal clasp system for a “no visible hardware” finished look
with ease of “snap on” installation
- One of the few speakers on the market that meets the standards
for recording studio quality sound.
- Front accessible switch allows selection from various transformer
wattage taps to control SPL or direct to 8ohms
- Ease of purchasing with “one part number” convenience
- No more confusion with conventional product in-field
assembly of separately ordered parts
- The use of all-metal attachment parts makes for an overall safer
- All-metal swivel prevents breakage of swivel during installation
- All-metal swivel mounting system is not easily compromised by fire
Custom Manufacturing Options
- The option of custom depth back enclosures are available
- Various different transformers are available
(Please allow some lead time for custom manufacturing)
All metal construction, including baffle
Designed to be interchangeable with AMK tile bridges and
High performance 6½” coaxial loudspeaker with wide
UL 1480
UL 2043
Frequency Response
Input Selector Switch
Power Handling at 8 ohms
Sound Pressure level (1w/1m)
Voice-coil diameter
Average beam width @ 2 kHz
Magnet Weight
Magnet Material
Tweeter Magnet
Woofer Cone
Surround Material
Crossover Frequency
Diameter of the Enclosure
Diameter of the Grille
Enclosure Mounting
Net Weight (Grille, Back
Enclosure, and Loudspeaker)
Shipping Weight (pair)
65 Hz – 20 kHz
15W, 10W, 5W, 2.5W, Off
and 8 ohm
20 watts
91 dB
13 oz
Barium Ferrite
13mm Polyamide Soft Dome
Neodymium Boron
Inverted Rubber
5.0 kHz
8.5” (11.5” for SA615-10)
Metal Swivel Clamp
13.0 lbs
29.0 lbs
Impedance Curve
The all-metal swivel
clamp makes it easy to
install the speaker
assembly to the ceiling
Standard Ceiling Tile Bridge
Plenum Compatible
Back Enclosure
NFPA-70 National
Electric Code, UL 1480
& UL 2043 Speakers for
Fire Protective Signaling
Cardboard Paint Mask
(To be discarded after
White Perforated
Metal Grille
Handy Box
Connect Wires
The clip-on mechanism on the grille
makes it easy to install the grille to
the back enclosure. This is AMK’s
revolutionary “snap-on” grille
installation system.
Handy Box
Input Selector
Recessed speaker baffle
l t
Mounting Slots
for grille (3)
Screws (3)
(11.5” for
(10” for
Input Selector Switch
Architects’ & Engineers’ Specifications
The loudspeaker system shall be AMK SA615. The speaker assembly in the system shall be of the coaxial type with a 6.5" woofer of
polypropylene, an inverted rubber roll surround, and a 1" polyamide soft dome tweeter mounted on a post. The loudspeaker system shall
have a white metal round grille that snaps into the rim of the mounting enclosure. The system shall have an input selector switch that shall
have sections of 15W, 10W, 5W, 2.5W, (for 70.7 volts) off, and 8 ohm positions.
The transducer in the loudspeaker system shall be AMK CX 602 coaxial loudspeaker. The woofer shall have a 13 oz. (369g) Barium Ferrite
magnet. The two reproducer sections shall be coupled through a built-in capacitor bypass crossover. The crossover frequency shall be at 5.0
kHz. The low frequency reproducer shall have 1" (25.4mm) voice coil and the high frequency reproducer shall have 0.51" (13mm) voice coil.
The system shall have a frequency response of 65 Hz- 20 kHz (+/- 5dB). The power handling shall be 25watts at 8 ohm impedance. The
sensitivity shall be 91dB at 1watt / 1meter.
The rim diameter shall be 11.75". The enclosure diameter shall be 9.25". The depth of the enclosure shall not exceed 8.5” (11.5" for SA61510). The system includes a handy box, with cover, for wire enclosure, bonded to the back of the unit. The system shall include a tile bridge.
The system shall have a metal strap for attachment to the structure for seismic protection. The total weight of the unit system shall not
exceed 9.0 lbs. The loudspeaker system shall be AMK Innovations model SA615.
Conforms to EIA Standards: RS-276-A, RS-278-B, RS-426-A
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