PCI 3 Card Installation

PCI 3 Card Installation
“InstaCal” is a compact disc included with the PCI-3-KIT. “InstaCal” must be installed first, even
before installing the PCI 3 Card in the computer. Before beginning the installation, exit all
Windows programs. Insert the “InstaCal” CD into the CD drive of the computer. The program
should start automatically but if it does not, select Run from the Programs menu and choose the
setup.exe file from the CD drive. Select the OK button and the monitor will display the following
1. Select “Install InstaCal” button. A window will appear instructing you to exit all windows
programs. Select Next>.
2. Another window will appear specifying the Install directory, C:\MCC. Select Next>.
3. The installation procedure will specify that icons will be added to the Program Folder,
“Measurement Computing”. Select Next>.Select Next>.
4. The installation will begin. Once the installation is completed, a screen will appear offering
you the opportunity to view the “Read Me” file for “InstaCal”. It is not necessary that you
read this file.
5. Shut down the computer leaving the “InstaCal” Compact Disc in the CD Drive.
6. Now, reboot the computer. After the computer has fully rebooted, shut the computer down
and install the PCI-INT32 Interface Card (PCI-3) in any available PCI slot in the computer.
7. Once the PCI-3 Card is installed, reboot the computer.
8. Windows should indicate that new hardware has been located. If not, select “Add/Remove
Hardware” from Control Panel.
9. Choose the “Install the software automatically (Recommended)” option and select Next>.
10. Once the PCI-INT32 installation is completed, a new window will appear. Select the Finish
button to close the Installation Wizard.
11. Now run “InstaCal” from the Program group Measurement Computing.
12. The PCI-INT32 (PCI-3) Interface Card should be detected. Select OK
13. Exit the “InstaCal” program and remove the Compact Disc from the CD drive.
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