Luma Surveillance Dome Arm Mount Manual

Luma Surveillance Dome Arm Mount Manual
Arm Mount
Surveillance Accessory
Arm Mount
Before you start, ensure that the hardware is in good condition and all assembly
parts are included.
Check that the mounting surface is strong enough to withstand three times the
weight of the mount and camera.
If installing on a cement surface, use the included expansion anchors to install
the mount. If installing on a wood surface, use self-tapping wood screws (not
included) to secure the mount.
Take care that all equipment is powered off during installation.
Important Note: To avoid damaging the surface of your dome camera during
installation, keep it away from walls and other objects. Do not remove the
protective coating from the dome until after the camera is installed and the
dome is in place.
If the product does not assemble properly, please contact technical support.
This can be used with Luma Surveillance 300-, 500-, and 700-series analog
dome cameras with an attached cap mount.
It can be supplemented with Luma Surveillance pendant mount extenders
and/or pole mounts.
Arm Mount
Box Contents
Before installing, familiarize yourself with the parts of your mount.
}} Wall box (A)
}} Arm bracket (B)
}} 4 x 10mm bolts with washers (C)
}} 2 cable plugs (D)
}} Connector for ¾” conduit (E)
}} 4 wall anchors
}} 1 locking screw
Other Required Equipment
}} Dome camera with attached cap mount
}} Precision flathead screwdriver
}} A large flathead screwdriver or a quarter dollar coin
}} 10mm socket wrench
Arm Mount
Prepare for Installation
Attach your camera to the dome cap according to the instructions supplied
with the cap.
The mount comes with two conduit plugs and one conduit connector.
If you will be running the conduit through the bottom of the mount, no
changes are needed.
If you will be running the conduit either through the rear or side of the
mount, swap the locations of that conduit plug and the conduit connector
on the bottom of the mount. Tighten the conduit plug with a quarter or a
large flathead screwdriver. Secure the conduit connector by tightening the
thin hex nut by hand.
The locking nut
tightens the seal
around the cabling.
The thin nut secures
the connector to the
wall box.
Arm Mount
Install the Wall Box
Remove the four 10mm bolts from the front of the arm bracket and set them
aside, taking care not to lose the washers or locking washers.
Remove the arm bracket from the wall box. You’ll have to lift it up slightly (this
disengages the interior hooks) to remove it. Be careful not to disturb the gasket
on the wall box; if you do, firmly press the gasket back into place.
Using the wall box as a template, mark the locations for your mounting screws
or bolts. Drill pilot holes for your screws or bolts, as well as a cable hole if
Secure the wall box to the mounting surface.
Arm Mount
Prepare the Arm Bracket
Thread the wires from the camera / dome cap assembly through the arm
Screw the camera / dome cap assembly onto the arm bracket. Once it is tightly
seated, use a locking screw to secure the attachment by inserting it into the
hole at the threads.
Insert locking screw here
Use the hooks on the rear of the arm bracket to hang the arm bracket on the
left side of the wall box. This way you have your hands free to connect all the
Arm Mount
Connect the Wiring
Loosen the locking nut at the end of the conduit connector.
Thread the wiring through the conduit connector.
Tighten the locking nut until a firm seal around the conduit is established.
Connect the wires from the camera to those from the conduit.
Power up the camera and test it.
Pull slack from the conduit as needed, swing the arm bracket shut, and secure
the bracket onto the wall box with the 10mm bolts removed at the start of
While the gasket provided helps block moisture, we recommend you run a
silicone bead between the wall box and the installation surface. If the wiring
will be exposed, also run a bead around the conduit connector.
Arm Mount
If you need help, email For information, instructional
videos, support documentation, or ideas, visit our website.
5-Year Limited Warranty
This Luma Surveillance™ product has a 5-Year Limited Warranty. This warranty
includes parts and labor repairs on all components found to be defective in material
or workmanship under normal conditions of use. This warranty shall not apply to
products that have been abused, modified or disassembled. Products to be repaired
under this warranty must be returned to a designated service center with an assigned
return authorization (RA) number. Contact technical support for an RA number.
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