LIGHT OPERATION Located on the top of the light is the Function

LIGHT OPERATION Located on the top of the light is the Function
Light Operation
Located on the top of the light is the
Function Button indicated by the on/off
symbol printed into the silicone ring. Double
press to turn on. A single press will then
cycle between pulsing and constant modes.
Press and hold the Function Button to turn
off. When the Trace or TraceR turns off, the
lens will display the battery level of the light
for a few seconds.
Optimised Mode Selector (OMS)
When the light is turned off, press and hold
the Function Button. After 3 seconds the
OMS selection will start. The light will flash
indicating the number of the mode selected
(i.e. 2 flashes for mode 2).
USB Charging
With the light turned off, plug the USB cable into the device that you wish to charge your
light from. Carefully roll back the silicone ring where the USB symbol is printed and insert the
USB cable provided. The light will flash green to indicate charging and will show a constant
green light when charged. USB devices charge at different rates, the Trace should charge in
around 2.5 hours.
Once charging is complete make sure the silicone tab is replaced correctly to ensure no
water ingress.
Trace Fitting
Attach the non-tabbed end of the silicone
band to the bracket.
Place the bracket onto your handle bar.
Pull the tab under the handlebar and attach
to the other side of the bracket.
Simply click the Trace into the bracket
making sure all is secure.
WARNING - Make sure that brake and gear
cables cannot catch on or interfere with the
light or the bracket.
TraceR Fitting
Loop the non-tabbed end of the silicone
band over the bracket as shown.
Place the bracket against the seatpost, pull
the silicone band round the post and clip
over the tab to hold in place.
Support the bracket and press the TraceR
firmly in place as shown.
Keep your Exposure light clean, and the
lenses free of dirt. The lenses are made of
hi-tech resistant resin but can be scratched.
Be careful when cleaning any mud or dirt
from the lens. Never use a high pressure
spray or hose on your Exposure light.
Do not use harsh abrasive or corrosive
materials to clean your Exposure light.
Exposure Lights / Ultimate Sports Engineering
Ltd. accept no liability for any injuries or other
damages arising from the use of their product
in any circumstances.
Inspect and test your light before every ride.
Exposure Lights are very powerful lighting
systems. Always take care when operating.
Do not look directly into the light. This may
cause serious injury. Do not shine directly
at others.
Follow all charging instructions. If the unit
is being stored for long periods, please
ensure the battery is periodically charged
fully. We suggest once every month.
Trace - TraceR Accessories
·· Twin Helmet Mount
·· Saddle Rail Bracket (TraceR only)
·· Beacon 1
We design them. We make them. We are
here to help.
If you are experiencing any problems with
your Exposure Light or accessories please
contact us directly at:
Service: +44 (0)1798 839300
Alternatively contact your Exposure Dealer/
Distributor check web for details:
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