15CM USB Desk Fan
Operating Instructions
15CM USB Desk Fan
Item: GCDF100B, GCDF100R
General care and safety guide
Thank you for choosing this GOLDAIR Fan. This GOLDAIR appliance has
been designed and manufactured to high standards of engineering and
with proper use and care, as described in this leaflet, will give you years
of useful service. Please read these instructions carefully and keep them
for future reference.
 Use only the voltage specified on the
rating plate of the appliance.
 Keep all objects at least 1 Metre from the
front, sides and rear of the appliance
 This appliance is intended for household
use only and not for commercial or industrial
 Use this appliance only as described in
this manual. Any other use is not
recommended by the manufacturer and may
cause fire, electric shock or injury.
 The common cause of overheating is
deposits of dust or fluff in the appliance.
Ensure these deposits are removed regularly
by unplugging the appliance and vacuum
cleaning the air vents and grills.
 Always unplug appliance when not in use.
 When the appliance has been unpacked,
check if for transport damage and ensure all
parts have been delivered. If parts are
missing of the appliance has been damaged,
contact the Goldair Customer Services Team.
 If your appliance does not work, or is not
working properly, contact the place of
purchase. Repair work on the appliance by
unqualified persons can cause serious risk to
the user.
 Ensure hands are dry before handling the
plug or the Fan.
 Carry out regular checks of the supply
cord to ensure no damage is evident.
 Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance.
 Ensure that the cord is fully extended (not
coiled) while in use.
 Avoid contact with the moving parts. Keep
hands, hair, clothing, away from blade of the
Fan during operation to reduce the risk of
injury to person and/or damage to the Fan.
 Switch off and use handles provided
when moving.
˟ Never Place appliance close to radiant
heat source.
˟ Never Operate in areas where petrol,
paint or other flammable liquids are used or
˟ Never Use the appliance to dry clothes.
˟ Never Insert or allow foreign objects to
enter any ventilation or exhaust opening, as
this may cause an electric shock, fire or
damage to the appliance.
˟ Never use abrasive cleaning products on
this appliance. Clean with a damp cloth (not
wet) rinsed in hot soapy water only. Always
remove plug from the mains supply before
˟ Never connect the appliance to mains
supply until completely assembled and
˟ Never Remove plug from power socket
until the appliance has been switched off.
˟ Never Remove plug from power socket by
pulling cord – always grip plug.
˟ Never Twist, kink or wrap the cord around
the appliance, as this may cause the
insulation to weaken and split. Always ensure
that all cord has been removed from any cord
storage area and is unrolled before use.
Continued Over Leaf
General care and safety guide
˟ Never use this appliance in the immediate
surrounds of a bath, a shower, or a
swimming pool or other liquids. The
appliance must not be immersed in any
˟ Due to the risk of injury, never use this
appliance for any purpose other than its
intended use. This appliance is intended for
use in household and similar applications
such as staff kitchen areas in shops, offices
and other
working environments; farm
houses, by clients in hotels, motels and other
residential type environments, bed and
breakfast type environments
˟ Never use this appliance outdoors.
˟ The use of an extension cord, power
board, or external timer is not recommended
with this unit.
˟ Never operate the appliance with a
damaged cord or plug, after it malfunctions,
or if it has been damaged in any manner.
Have the appliance checked and repaired by
a qualified electrician if repair is necessary. If
the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons in order to
avoid a hazard.
˟ This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they are supervised or have been given
instruction concerning the use of the Fan by
a person responsible for their safety.
˟ Never touch blades while the machine is
plugged in.
To avoid risk of electric shock, before
cleaning, you MUST ALWAYS switch off
and unplug the Fan before cleaning.
DO NOT immerse the Fan in water and
never allow water to enter the motor
Use only a soft, damp cloth to gently wipe
the Fan and dry well.
DO NOT use harsh chemicals to clean the
Model No: GCDF100B, GCDF100R
Power Supply: 5V DC
Power: 1.5W
PO Box 100707, NSMC, Auckland, New Zealand
Monday – Friday 8am-5pm
Phone: 0800 232 633
Website: www.goldair.co.nz
Operating your Fan
You will need to fit the soft blade to the spindle of the fan. Press the blade onto the spindle
until it is on as far as it will go.
Place the Fan on a dry, level and sturdy surface.
Connect the USB cord to the power source, i.e. computer, adaptor, etc.
Adjust tilt by moving the main housing on the stand to change to desire wind direction (i.e.
either upward or downward).
Turn the on / off switch upward to switch the Fan on.
Turn the on / off switch downward to switch the Fan off.
The Fan blade is made of PP material and it is soft to avoid any danger.
If an object causes interference to the rotation of the blade accidently, it will automatically
stop turning. Once the object is removed, the blade will resume turning again after a few
Although the above safety device is equipped in this Fan, you are always avoid putting
anything that interferes with the blade at all times.
One year Warranty
Your Goldair product has been inspected and
tested and is guaranteed subject to the
following for a period to One year from the
date of purchase against defects in
workmanship and materials. During this
period, such defects will be rectified by repair
or replacement of the product purchased.
Your product contains no user serviceable
components and this Warranty becomes
invalid if in our opinion the product has been
tampered with, connected to an electrical
supply not corresponding with the name plate
specification, or subjected to power surges.
The Warranty does not include any labour or
other associated expense that may be
involved in removal or installation of the
product. Normal wear and tear is expressly
If the product is to be replaced (cannot be
repaired) then that replacement will be of the
same or similar product or accessory
excluding packaging, instruction card etc.
Where a replacement product is supplied, this
shall be guaranteed for the balance of the
original Warranty period.
If your Goldair product fails to operate
satisfactorily, please return it to the retailer
from whom it was purchased. To obtain a
repair or replacement product under this
Warranty, you will need to produce
satisfactory evidence of date of purchase. The
completed Warranty and purchase receipt
must be presented with the product. The
Warranty should be filled out at the time of
purchase. It is in your interest to make sure
this is done.
Consumers Guarantee Act (1993).
Any model that is no longer available will be
replaced by a model of a value and with such
features as we consider appropriate in the
circumstances. Goldair Ltd is not responsible
for freight forwarding charges, losses or
damage in transit.
If service is required after the Warranty period
has expired, the product should be returned to
a qualified electrical technician. Service
outside of the Warranty period will be at your
In accordance with the above act consumers
are advised that: The manufacturer does not
undertake that repair facilities and parts are
necessarily available for this product.
If any of the provisions of the foregoing are
contrary to any relevant legislation, then that
provision shall be deemed to be excluded from
the Warranty and the rest of the provisions will
continue to apply.
IMPORTANT: Please retain this Warranty card
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