Crokinole - OSGA 55+
Participants should be aware that Crokinole is not an event in the Ontario 55+ Games,
however the following is an example of rules that could be tried at the District or
Regional level.
The winners of those events do not move on to another level unless it is offered at
Regional Games.
A) FORMAT OF PLAY – Doubles (2 Divisions)
Open Doubles
Age Category
Open 55+
Two men, or two women or one man
and one woman
Open Doubles
Open 55+
Two men, or two women or one man
and one woman
• Received from D29 with thanks
Number of Participants
Two (2)
Two (2)
Any persons not present at the scheduled commencement of play and throughout the
competition are in default and are automatically disqualified from the competition. Competitors
are obligated to complete competition regardless of their record thus far in the competition. If a
competitor defaults part way through the competition, the results of that competitor will be
removed from the standings.
CROKINOLE – Oct 2015
1. Play will be a round robin format.
2. However, if there are more than 16 teams, the group may be divided into two divisions
with the top three teams from each division playing a round robin play-off.
3. Each game will consist of 4 or 8 rounds depending on the number of teams.
Determining the Winners
1. “2” points will be awarded to the winner of each game. The loser will receive “0” and in
the case of a tie, each team will receive “1” point
2. Any tie will be broken by a shoot-out of four buttons per player, followed by a play-off, if
time permits.
Gold (4)
Open Sticks 2
Open Fingers 2
Silver (4)
Open Sticks 2
Open Fingers 2
Bronze (4)
Open Sticks 2
Open Fingers 2
CROKINOLE – Oct 2015
1. Sufficient tables, chairs, crokinole boards and Score Cards
2. Buttons will be 1 ¼ inches in diameter and 5/16 inches thick with
bevelled edges.
3. Stick players will bring their own sticks.
1. The facility should be well lighted and ventilated
2. The facility should be accessible.
One (1) Activity Convenor
One (1) Event Judge (optional)
One (1) Scorekeeper
CROKINOLE – Oct 2015
Crokinole Rules Summary
1. Each player will use 6 buttons.
2. The play begins with one of the players placing his first disc onto the outermost ring within
his/her own section of the board and shoots with a flick of the finger or uses a stick.
3. The player to the left of the first shooter places a disc in his/her section and shoots in the
same manner but must touch the opponent’s button.
4. Each person shoots in turn until all discs have been used. And then the scores are tallied.
(See determination, Winners above.)
5. No foreign matter may be added to the board.
6. Opponents will initial each other’s score card to certify its correctness.
7. At the start of each game, one player will hide a button of each colour. A member of the
opposing team will choose a hand and that colour will be used throughout the game by that
players team. The white player will start the first round then alternate.
8. Shooter buttons must touch the outside line and may go over the section sideline but must
be touching it.
9. Board, table and chairs may not be moved nor tipped during play. The one cheek rule will
10. Players must keep hands off the board and table during play.
11. If no opponent button is on the board: a/ the shooter button must be inside the “15” circle
or/b make contact with one of his own buttons by bumping it into the “15” circle. If
unsuccessful in a/ the shooter is lost. If unsuccessful in b/ both buttons are lost.
12. If you do not hit an opponent button, the shooter plus any of your own buttons that you do
hit, must come off the board.
13. When a button leaves a players finger (or stick), it is considered a shot.
14. A button can be used only once in a round.
15. At the end of each round players must agree with the count before any buttons are
16. To determine the circle a button lies in, stand directly over it and look straight down to
determine which circle it counts in.
17. Any disputes will be resolved by the referee or any neutral observer.
18. If a button is shot off the playing surface and bounces back on, it will be placed in the
gutter. Any other buttons moved by such an occurrence will remain as altered.
19. The ruling of the game convener in any disputes is final
CROKINOLE – Oct 2015
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