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Product Features
•Central Diffusing Passage Cold Plate (CDP).
Patented CDP micro-fin cold plate accelerates the heat absorption from CPU up to 30 %
thermal convection.
•Protrusive Copper Base.
The protrusive structure enhances the copper base sturdiness and deploys more coolant
for an efficient CPU hot spot elimination.
•Dual Convex Blades Fan.
Advanced aerodynamics design boosts down-force air pressure and crease high-volume airflow.
•Ceramic Bearing Pump.
The ceramic bearing features anti-corruption, noiseless, and smooth operation. Additional
LED for power on indication.
•Anti-Leakage Tube.
Elastic rubber tube with anti-leakage layers provides exceptional durability.
•Metal Mounting Kit.
Supports latest AMD® and Intel® desktop sockets with easy and solid installation.
•Large Radiator.
240mm radiator enhances heat exchange capacity and cooling performance.
unit : mm
Close-up Features
1st layer :
Thick protective German
rubber tube
2nd layer :
Structure enhancement
German fiber mesh
3rd layer :
High-density anti-leakage tube
4th layer :
DuPont nylon impermeable tube
Protrusive Copper Base
Dual Convex Blades
Anti-Leakage Tube
Central Diffusing Passage Cold Plate
Product Specifications
Model Name
CPU Socket
Pump Bearing
Intel® LGA 775/1150/1155/1156/1366/2011
and AMD® AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+
Copper base with aluminum radiator
Ceramic bearing
50,000 hrs
Pump Rated Voltage
12 V
Pump Rated Current
0.3 A
Fan Dimension
Fan Speed
120 × 120 × 25 mm
500 ~ 2300 rpm ±10%
Fan Rated Voltage
12 V
Fan Rated Current
0.38 A
Fan Air Flow
Fan Static Pressure
22.5 ~ 103.6 CFM
38.2 ~ 176.0 m3/h
0.2 ~ 4.5 mm-H2O
Fan Noise Level
14 ~ 35 dBA
Fan Connector
4 pin PWM
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Oct. 2014
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