Modular drive and control system for integrated

Modular drive and control system for integrated
Modular drive and control
system for integrated
More productivity.
More flexibility. More innovation.
The AMK drive
and control system.
Application-oriented, modular, integrated.
The blocks offer you all necessary components for your automation solutions.
• Controllers for machines and systems
• Compact servo drives
• Servo motors in a wide range of
designs, power classes and cooling types
• Distributed drive solutions
• Engineering tools and accessories
Systematically reduce your costs by using
only those components from the modular
system that you actually need. Features
like scalability and extremely compact
designs save you money as well as space.
Engineering tools and pre-programmed
function blocks keep your engineering costs
low and facilitate startup.
The AMK system components are characterized by a high level of performance and
help to increase the productivity of your
machines and systems.
Remain flexible to all market trends and
open to new technologies. With AMK systems, you do not have to force your ideas
into predefined architectures. Demand more
than just drive and control technology. Put
us to the test! We will grow with you, while
giving you all the freedom you need. We
see your visions and implement them stepby-step following a systematic approach.
Take advantage of a technology leader
with decades of experience for your goals.
Whether you are looking to reduce costs,
increase quantities or optimize workflow,
it pays to get in touch with AMK. A crucial
competitive edge is yours for the taking.
The AMK system
AMK's sophisticated modular drive and
control system features optimally harmonized blocks in a modular and open architecture for innovative and integrated automation solutions.
cabinet controller E
AMKAMAC smartPanel E
G The AMKAMAC A4/A5 controller series
G Controller with smartPanel
 Controller with 15“ smartPanel
The controllers.
Integrated, scalable, open.
The latest generation of AMKAMAC controllers offers you maximum power in a minimum of space. As a cabinet controller and
a controller with visualization with extremely
compact dimensions, this controller generation adapts optimally to your machine
The AMKAMAC A4/A5 is the optimum solution for controlling machines and systems.
The strengths of this controller are fully
demonstrated in both central and modular
machine control concepts. The use of the
EtherCAT real-time fieldbus means there
are practically no more restrictions on the
number of nodes on the bus. For modular
machine concepts, AMKAMAC A4/A5 features synchronized cross communication
with other controllers in the system. The
AMKAMAC control system provides not
only hardware components, but also engineering tools, web visualization, technology
functions, and application software. This
reduces your development effort, enabling
your finished machine to be ready sooner.
Programming is performed with the internationally proven CoDeSys programming
platform. All the IEC 61131-3 programming
languages are supported, and these can
even be combined within the same project.
You can thus use your preferred language
for programming. Blocks from numerous
libraries are available to the programmer.
You can easily and conveniently create intuitive user interfaces using the web visualization integrated in CoDeSys or, alternatively,
in the Qt C++ class library.
The Ethernet and USB communication interfaces provide flexible options for accessing
the controller. PLC programs can be loaded
easily, and remote maintenance and diagnosis down to the individual node level on the
fieldbus is possible. Data can be exchanged
with other programs via an OPC server, and
process data can be read out and managed.
Modular servo drive series
G Compact inverter KW
G Compact inverter KW
G Double inverter module KWD
G Two-axis inverter module KWZ
G Liquid-cooled plates
 Air-cooled inverters
The compact servo drives.
Intelligent, flexible, safe.
The intelligent KE/KW servo drives open
up a new dimension of power density.
AMK's ingenious cooling technology
design ensures optimum heat removal and
increases service life. You need up to 50%
less volume. The option to arrange the
modules according to your requirements
gives you the freedom you need for ergonomic machine design.
The KE/KW device series consists of
power supply and inverter modules in
the power range from 2 to 200 kVA. The
modular layout of the system provides
maximum flexibility. The customer needs
only the components required for its
application. The controller platform of the
AMK KE/KW drive system, together with
the latest processor technology, opens up
entirely new possibilities for higher performance. The use of Realtime Ethernet
(RTE) via EtherCAT or VARAN means that
high-performance system communication
is available for automation of machines.
Standard functions, such as position
control, positioning, synchronous control,
and electronic gearing, are included with
the basic unit. All types of synchronous or
asynchronous servo, high-torque or linear
motors with a wide range of encoder systems can be operated in a highly dynamic
and precise manner.
In terms of safety, servo drives also include
Safe Torque Off (STO) as a standard feature and are PLe-compliant.
To reduce energy costs, the power supply
modules are also available with sinusoidal
supply/line regeneration.
KWZ two-axis inverter module
The attractively priced KWZ drive solution
contains a fixed controller card that can be
used to control two drives in the 2 x 1 to 5
kVA power range. Fewer interfaces means
lower costs for the device technology.
Types of cooling
The liquid-cooled cold plate offers significant benefits, particularly for high power
ratings. The devices can be mounted easily
without having to interrupt the cooling
circuit. The removal of heat via the liquidcooled plate reduces the switch cabinet
interior cooling significantly. For low power
ratings, the modules with integrated air
cooling offer a cost-effective alternative.
Double inverter modules
The KWD compact double inverter module
contains two independent KW inverters
inside one enclosure. There is a selection
of optional controller cards available, which
enables you to adapt the device optimally
to your application. They represent a very
compact solution for precise and highlydynamic control of different types of threephase motors in the 1 to 5 kVA power
Servo drives
AMKASYN KE/KW servo drives
DYNASYN high-torque motors
DT series, convection-cooled
and liquid-cooled E
Liquid-cooled high-torque DT
series E
Special design
of DYNASYN DS series: DS28 
 Convection-cooled DT motor
 Asynchronous servo motor
 SPINDASYN series
 Integrated motors
Servo motors.
Powerful, reliable, maintenance-free.
The field-weakening DS28 synchronous
servo motor is a special design of the DS
series. The DS28 motor series combines
the advantages of high efficiency with high
overload capacity. These motors feature
not only a low moment of inertia, but also a
maximum torque of up to 1,530 Nm, which
allows for quick deceleration of the load in
emergency situations.
DYNASYN synchronous servo motors
DYNASYN asynchronous motors
The DYNASYN DT and DP motor series
are synchronous servo motors with high
dynamic response in a compact size.
While the lamination geometry of the DT
series is optimized for high torques at low
speeds, the DP series achieves high performance through high speeds. Both series
feature a high level of reliability, high dynamic response and largely maintenancefree operation. The motors are available
in a power range from 0.3 kW to 100 kW
with continuous stall torques up to 750 Nm.
Both convection-cooled and liquid-cooled
DT and DP motors are available.
With liquid cooling the series exhibit extremely high power densities.
DYNASYN asynchronous servo motors
of the DH and DW series are especially
well-suited as main drives or high-power
servo drives. The robust design and reinforced bearings allow for high radial bearing
loads. The DYNASYN DH motor series is
cooled by external ventilation while the
DYNASYN DW motors are liquid-cooled.
The DH motor series has a rated power up
to 38 kW with continuous stall torques of
43 to 225 Nm. DW motors are available in a
power range up to 48 kW with continuous
stall torques of 14 to 320 Nm.
Hollow shaft motor series
SPINDASYN motors are hollow-shaft motors and enable direct mounting of a range
of different ball screw roller spindles and
planetary roller spindles. They contain all
the components required for linear actuators, such as servo motor, DIN mounting
for ball screw, optional holding brake, and
position encoder. The motor bearings are
designed for high axial forces up to 570 kN.
SPINDASYN motors are very dynamic and
feature high rigidity and zero backlash.
SPINDASYN motors are available in convection-cooled and liquid-cooled versions.
Special motors
We also manufacture special motors that
are customized to your individual specifications in economical batch sizes.
Take advantage of our decades of experience for your drive task solutions:
•Integrated motors for all industry sectors
•Direct drives to 2000 Nm
•Winder drives
•Godet and external rotor motors
•Fan drives
•Low-voltage motors
Servo motors
Decades of experience paired with a great
amount of expertise and imagination have
given rise to a comprehensive motor program. All motors are developed and built
The versatile selection of power classes,
designs, cooling methods, and encoder
types means that AMK will provide you the
right motor for every application.
Inverter-integrated motor
 Servo controller iX and inverterintegrated motor AMKASMART iDT
 Servo controller iX connection
 Servo controller iX with and without fan
Distributed drive solutions.
Systematic approach to modular machines.
The iX servo controllers feature high protection class and vibration shock resistance along with a high-voltage DC bus
and realtime Ethernet communication, thus
making them ideally suited for distributed
installation in your machine.
They reduce the amount of space required
in the central switch cabinet and make
the overall machine smaller. The compact
size of the iX servo controllers allows
them to be placed almost anywhere. This
boosts their cost effectiveness, especially
in machines with many axes. The looping
of power supply and communication lines
reduces the cabling effort to a minimum,
even in extensive machines. Additional
machine modules can be easily added to
the machine. Multifunctional I/O's in each
servo controller are available for sensors
and actuators on the machine.
There is no need for expensive, speciallymade hybrid cables. Power is supplied
and fast realtime Ethernet communication
is carried out separately using standard
cables. Moreover, an additional distributor
box is not required for this system and further fieldbus components can be looped in
anywhere in the machine at any time.
Another benefit arises when the drives are
used on moving axes. Due to its compact
size and robust, vibration-resistant design,
the servo controller for several moving axes
can be placed within the area of motion.
This reduces the costs for the cable trailing
device for linear motion axes and the number of slip rings for rotating axes.
The iX servo controllers also have something to offer in terms of safety: Every
device allows Safe Torque Off (STO) to be
implemented by default, and there is also
an iX available with functional safety.
Inverter-integrated motor
only for the power supply and electronics
power supply, which reduces its volume
The multifunctional I/O s available to every
iDT can be used for sensors and actuators
on the machine, and the high protection
class up to IP65 enables trouble-free use
in harsh production environments. Even
safety is already integrated in the iDT, as
STO can be implemented with every iDT
and safe stop and motion functions are
available with the “functional safety” option.
The iDT motor series features servo
motors with integrated servo controllers.
For systematic implementation of modular
machines, this series allows mechanical
modules to be grouped into electronically
independent units. This produces functional units that can be easily and flexibly
configured into machines.
The iDT system is a Plug and Play solution
that combines mechanics, electronics, and
software for distributed uses.
The cabling effort is reduced to a minimum
by looping of power supply and communication lines from iDT to iDT, even in the
case of extensive machines and machine
lines. Additional machine modules can be
added to the machine by simply plugging
them in. The switch cabinet is still needed
Distributed drive solutions
Servo controllers AMKASMART iX
H Controller card KW-R07:
functional safety for your drive
 AMKASYN servo drive series KE/KW
Integrated, functional, safe.
Process-related systems and machines
can pose a risk to persons, property, and
the environment in the event of dangerous
failures and malfunctions. It must therefore
be ensured that systems and machines
can be safely operated.
The AMKASYN KE/KW servo drives
include STO as standard feature and are
PLe-compliant. Additional safety functions
are optionally available with the KW-R07
controller card.
The STO function is also integrated by
default in the AMKASMART iX and iDT
distributed drive solutions. In addition, a
version with functional safety is also available optionally.
Functional safety
• Stop functions:
– Safe torque off (STO)
– Safe stop (SS1, SS2)
• Safe motion functions:
Safely-limited speed (SLS)
Safe direction (SDI)
Safe speed range (SSR)
Safe operating stop (SOS)
Safe maximum speed (SMS)
Safely-limited increment (SLI)
The safety functions are controlled via safe
I/O's or safe fieldbus protocol FSoE. Safety
E n g i n e e r i n g T o o l
H AMK technology library
Register control
Pick and place
Tubular bag
Cross cutter
PLC programming
Technology functions
Machine setup
Motion control
Remote access
Engineering tools and accessories.
Cost-effectiveness comes as standard.
Hardware configuration involves taking all
the components of your drive system from
a database and combining them (motor,
inverter, controller module, optional cards,
controllers, I/O modules).
AIPEX PRO integrates the internationallyproven CoDeSys programming platform. All
the IEC 61131-3 programming languages
are supported, and these can even be
combined within the same project. You can
use your preferred language when programming. Blocks from numerous libraries
are available to the programmer.
The visualization and basic library included
in the development environment provide
the foundations for the automation solution.
The basic library contains an extensive set
of basic blocks, such as logic blocks (timers, counters, etc.) and those for implementing mathematical functions.
Use the graphics functions of the integrated
visualization editor to create your machine
visualization, while taking advantage of
the ready-to-use visualization blocks. With
suitable hardware, you can access web
visualization on AMK controllers from anywhere in the world.
This tool provides an extensive set of preprogrammed motion control and technology functions.
Remote maintenance and diagnosis
Motion control libraries
These blocks contain the basic functions
for your machine control, such as electronic
camshaft control and cam function.
The update tool in AIPEX PRO allows you
to update firmware quickly and easily.
You can access the machine control and
the drives from any location.
Technology functions
You can make engineering processes even
easier by using the technology functions,
such as the tubular bag, printing mark control, winder and cross cutter functions.
Libraries in accordance with the PLCopen
standard are also available.
AIPEX PRO integrates all engineering tools
needed during the life cycle of a machine,
e.g., programming, parameterization,
startup, optimization and diagnosis. This
saves you time-consuming efforts to coordinate, for example, between your PLC
program containing drive parameters and
the configured user data exchange via the
fieldbus. AIPEX PRO does this work for you
automatically and frees you from all tasks
not directly tied to your application. This
leaves you free to concentrate on what is
really important in your application.
 Integrated web visualization
 Programming with CoDeSys
Printing industry E
Machine tool manufacturing 
Paper processing industry E
G Packaging industry
Industry solutions.
Comprehensive, cost-optimized, future-oriented.
The innovative drive and control solutions
of the AMK system have just the right
products for your production machines!
Plastics industry
Packaging industry
Printing industry
Paper processing
Textile industry
Food industry
Machine tool manufacturing
No matter your industry sector, our application and development engineers have
extensive theoretical and practical knowledge and would be happy to work on a
customized solution for you.
Take advantage of our more than 40 years
of experience for your automation tasks!
One thing is certain - we work for your
Industry solutions
Convince yourself!
Service, training, and consulting.
Our know-how working for you!
Comprehensive service is self-evident
for us. Whenever you need support, our
"Technical Support" specialists are there
for you – from planning, design, installation
and startup, to programming and operating
a system and replacing of system parts.
We support you with customized, projectrelated consultation on all aspects of your
drives and controllers. You receive exactly
the information you require fully tailored to
your individual needs.
Our comprehensive training program covers all theoretical and practical aspects of
drive and control technology and offers
you different training options, either in our
training center or at your site.
Our training offer ranges from basic training to expert workshops. On request, we
also offer project-optimized and customized training.
Service, training and consulting
Control your Motion.
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