Multi-Graphic Master Control Panel Model MCP35A, Spec Sheet

Multi-Graphic Master Control Panel Model MCP35A, Spec Sheet
Master Control
Model MCP-35A
The Bogen Model MCP35A Master Control Panel has been designed to provide cost-effective communications
and program distribution facilities for schools and other commercial and industrial establishments.
Level controls and aural and visual monitoring of program material are provided. Distribution is accomplished by
simple push-button program selection and by following the color-coded guidelines. Emergency announcements to
all locations take precedence over program distribution.
The MCP35A control panel may be used in conjunction with Bogen room selector panels (and a second program
control panel, if desired) to direct intercom or program(s) to selected staff stations. Each room selector panel
provides light annunciation for incoming staff station calls. During intercom communication, a supervisory tone
sounds at the selected speaker and repeats at regular intervals to prevent unauthorized monitoring.
• Instantaneous two-way communication and distribution of background music or other program material
• 25V booster input and telephone paging input
• Instant emergency and all rooms announcements
• 25V balanced line output
• Remote emergency paging capabilities
• Terminals provided to activate the time signal feature
and telco page feature
• Color-coded front panel for easy operation includes
green guidelines for the intercom channel, amber
guidelines for the program channel, and a red push
button used for emergency page
• Includes two built-in amplifiers (20-watt intercom
amplifier and 35-watt program amplifier)
• 2 Lo-Z balanced microphone inputs; 1 Hi-Z unbalanced AUX input
• Call-in switches can include a privacy mode
• Operates from a 120V, 60 Hz AC source and consumes no more than 100 watts
• Front panel finished in black
• Provision for time signaling, telco, and voice call-in
Specifications subject to change without notice.
© 2003 Bogen Communications, Inc.
Part No. 54-7794-05B Printed in U.S.A. 0304
Rated Output
Frequency Response
Front Panel
Rear Panel
Tone Specifications
Power Requirements
Operating Temperature
Optional Equipment:
Architect &
+1,-3 dB from 80 Hz to 15 kHz
Shaped for maximum intelligibility
Less than 1% @ RPO and bandwidth
Two Lo-Z balanced microphones; Hi-Z unbalanced AUX;TELCO PAGE; 25V BOOSTER
25V balanced line
Program Selection: MIC 1, MIC 2, AUX
Gain: Emergency Page, Supervisory Tone,Time Tone; Enable/Disable: MIC1/CONSOLE MIC,
MIC 2/TELCO PAGE, Phantom Power, Supervisory Tone
Time Tone – 750 Hz; Supervisory Tone – Repeating, 500 Hz; Call-in Tone – Repeating, oscillates
between 500 Hz and 750 Hz (Switching Frequency, 16 Hz)
120V, 60Hz AC, 100W maximum
19" W x 3-1/2" H x 10" D • 2 Rack spaces
Approximately 10 lb.
0º - 130º F
Model MCP-EXP Input Expander Panel, Model TWK351 adapter
The intercom/program distribution control panel shall be a
Bogen Model MCP35A, or approved equivalent, engineered
for optimum simplicity of operation, made possible by the
use of function-identified push buttons with associated colorcoded guidelines, and supported by step-by-step instructions
permanently printed on the front panel.
Control panels, which are complicated to operate and do not
provide push-button operation, color-coded guidelines, and
operating instructions printed on the front panel shall not be
considered. The intercom shall be designed for continuous
duty service in institutional and industrial applications on line
voltages of 120V, 60 Hz AC, over a temperature range of 0º
F to 130º F. Power consumption, at rated output, shall not
exceed 100 watts.
It shall include two separate amplifiers.The program amplifier shall be capable of producing 35 watts RMS at less than 1%
distortion at rated power and bandwidth. The frequency
response shall be within +1,-3dB from 80 Hz to 15 kHz.The
intercom amplifier shall have an output rating of 20 watts
RMS; frequency response shall be shaped for maximum intelligibility. Both amplifiers shall have a balanced 25V line output.
It shall include inputs for two Lo-Z balanced microphones,
one Hi-Z unbalanced auxiliary input, telephone paging accessories, and booster amplifier. Terminals shall be provided to
activate the time signal feature and telco page feature.
It shall provide all controls necessary for two-way intercom
communication with any classroom, distribution of general
announcements or program material to any or all classrooms, and transmission of emergency announcements to all
classrooms. Provisions shall be included to permit emergency
paging from a remote telephone, interphone or microphone,
which shall capture system priority and override all functions
except for the emergency page feature.
Screwdriver-adjustable, rear-panel mounted controls shall be
provided to adjust the input gain of the program sources,
telco page line, talk, and listen functions. Internal controls
shall be provided to adjust the emergency page volume,
supervisory tone volume, time tone volume, and to enable or
disable the supervisory tone and phantom power to microphone inputs. Facilities for aural (monitor speaker) and visual (LED) monitoring of program material shall be provided.
It shall include facilities for voice-call origination from classrooms and for selective classroom privacy; the latter shall
prevent the control center from monitoring any classroom
whose call origination switch is in the “Privacy” position.
Provisions are included for optional call-in using 2-conductor
shielded cable.
The Master Control Panel shall require 2 rack spaces, measure 19" W x 3-1/2" H x 10" D and weigh approximately 10 lb.
The control panel shall be finished in black.All program channel guidelines shall be amber; all communications channel
guidelines shall be green. The emergency page push button
shall be red.
The above equipment shall be the product of a United States
company of established reputation that has been regularly
engaged in the design and manufacture of School Sound and
Communications Systems for at least 30 years. The system
shall be supplied and/or installed by or under the direct
supervision of an authorized local distributor who has been
trained by the manufacturer in the proper installation, operation and service of the equipment.
50 Spring Street, Ramsey, NJ 07446, U.S.A.
201-934-8500; FAX: 201-934-9832
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