AirSpeed 5000

AirSpeed 5000
AirSpeed 5000
Versatility and value
The Avid® AirSpeed® 5000 server addresses a wide range of applications for broadcasters of any size. Designed for broadcast
and production applications with regular feed, live acquisition, production, or play to air playback needs, AirSpeed 5000 excels as
a standalone device or coupled with an Avid ISIS® shared media network and Interplay® | Production asset management, allowing
incoming material to be used immediately by all contributors. AirSpeed 5000 models pack two or four channels of SD record and
playback in a small form factor with modest per-channel power and cooling demand. AirSpeed 5000 integrates easily with your existing,
applications, control, and automation systems.
End-to-end production workflow in your format
Fits your budget
The AirSpeed 5000 Base configuration delivers DV25/50 and
IMX 30/50 support. Full DNxHD 85/100, 120/145, and 185/220
record/play can be added to all models, and optional simultaneous
H.264 proxy creation per channel supports easy and fast LAN/WAN-based
workflows with Interplay Production.
With full-featured two or four channel versions and direct operation
with Avid and other editors, AirSpeed 5000 gives you the confidence
of a professional broadcast server that can fit budgets. Fully tested
and qualified workflow solutions range from standalone operation
with Avid Media Composer editors to workflow enabled solutions
with Interplay | Production, Media Composer editing, ISIS shared
storage, support, training, and on-site professional services
to ensure smooth implementation. When ready, add the Avid
Interplay | Production, iNEWS®, and iNEWS | Command, systems
for central asset management, complete news content management,
and assisted playback automation.
High availability
8TB or 4TB of usable storage means ample capacity for programming,
commercial, and interstitial content. RAID 50 media protection provides
an optimal balance of performance and availability in combination with
redundant OS drives, power supplies, network connections, and system
fans. Grouping up to six systems in an AirSpeed Studio configuration
provides redundancy and flexibility for even greater playout confidence,
along with the option for failover channels with a playback control or
transmission automation system.
Faster production
The AirSpeed 5000 server can directly exchange files between decks,
3rd party servers and editing systems. With Avid Media Composer®,
editors and ISIS shared storage, the FrameChase™ feature virtually
eliminates the time between acquisition and editing, letting connected
editors access material seconds after the transfer begins. A single click
sends finished clips to playback, and AirSpeed 5000 fast media replay
provides immediate turnaround for live or breaking news events.
Play to air flexibility
The AirSpeed 5000 server was designed with workflow speed
and playback flexibility in mind. Clips that don’t match the preferred
playback format are automatically up, down, or cross converted, and
channel output switching between HD and SD eliminates the need
to dedicate channels to one format. Included high quality slow motion
playback is the perfect solution for key sports highlights under the most
demanding broadcast conditions.
Automated capture and playback
Full integration with the Interplay | Capture ingest control system
delivers reliable feed scheduling and recording, and the included
IsoSync application which allows one-button, frame-synchronized
multi camera capture into Avid ISIS shared storage for fast editing
and turnaround. For events spanning days or weeks, AirSpeed 5000
seamlessly handles recording, eliminating the need to manage ingest
scheduling. When it’s time to go to air, multi-channel playlists can be
built in the AirSpeed 5000 Remote Console for automated playback.,
and the iNEWS Command playback control application provides cost
effective play to air under automated, assisted, or manual control.
AirSpeed servers also interface easily with automation systems through
an available API, industry standard VDCP, and Sony BVW 75 Protocol
support for external timecode, and GPI/O.
Safe, extended access
The Remote Console application provides the ability to monitor, control,
cue, play, record, change clip in/out points, create sub clips, create and
edit playlists, and manage clip inventory for all AirSpeed servers from
any CPU. Clips are easily identified with reference frames and all media
is accessible to feed room operations and connected editing clients.
Administrators can grant selective user access control to help protect
the integrity of on-air operations.
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AirSpeed Multi I/O
AirSpeed 5000
A. System drives
B.Intel 82574L Gigabit
network connection
C.USB ports
D.Video I/O cards
G.Power connectors
H.Intel Pro 1000
1 Gb ethernet ports
I. Video port
J. Serial port (not used)
K. Multi I/O
expansion card
L. RAID controller
M.RS-422 ports
N.LTC in ports
O. LTC out ports
P. GPIO port
Q.Not used
R. Genlock (reference)
S. Multi I/O
expansion ports
All models:
4 bi-directional channels
(1 input, 1 main output, 1 auxiliary output per channel)
•PAL, NTSC, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60
(SMPTE 259M, SMPTE 292M,
• base model supports upconvert to HD on
“input” and output as standard
Base Model
4 channels
•DV 25 (4:1:1 and 4:2:0) record or play
•DV 50 (4:2:2) record or play
•IMX 30 and 50 record or play
DNxHD for Base System option enables
•4 channels DNxHD 120/145 record or play
•2 channels DNxHD 185/ 220 record or play
•4 channels MPEG-2 HD (HDV 25Mbps,
MPEG-2 HD 17.5, 35, and 50 Mbps) play
•4 channels DNxHD 120/145 record
•2 channels DNxHD 185/ 220 record (MPEG-2
HD and AVC-Intra models play DNxHD as a
standard feature)
H.264 Low Res Proxy option enables
•Real-time simultaneous h.264 800Kbps
proxy creation for each record channel
Note: All supported formats can be
seamlessly played back-to-back
•SD (record or play): Up to 4 pair
embedded audio per video channel
•HD (record or play): Up to 8 pair
embedded audio per video channel
•48 KHz, 16, or 24 bit precision
Compressed Audio Preservation
•Pass-through of AC-3 and Dolby E audio
Corporate Headquarters
800 949 AVID (2843)
Asian Headquarters
+ 65 6476 7666
Low Res Proxy Audio
•Up to 8 pair proxy audio creation per record channel
• MPEG1 Layer 2 audio compression
External control
•Native Network API (AMS API)
•Sony BVW 75 protocol
Manual Control
•Record, play, trimming, and configuration
through UI
•IsoSync synchronized cue, record and
stop up to 12 channels across multiple
servers through UI
•GPI/O (Record, Play, Stop, Recue)
•LTC SMPTE 12M one input and output
per video channel
•VITC SMPTE 266 with Input and Output
Line Selections
•Ancillary timecode
•Analog black burst (NTSC or PAL) or tri-level
reference, with loop-through input/output
Closed Caption and Ancillary Data
•All Closed Caption lines are preserved
•All HD ancillary data preserved per
• 4 channel: ten 1 TB drives (8 TB useable),
RAID 50 protection
• 2 channel: five 1 TB drives (4 TB useable)
RAID 5 protection
•Redundant network connections
•Hot-swap redundant power supplies
•Hot-swap media drives
•Hot-swap mirrored boot drives
•N+1 system fans
•FTP transfer of MXF OP1a files in or out
Dimensions and Weight
Server Chassis
•Rack Units: 2
•inches: 19.00 (w) x 3.5 (h) x 29.5 (d)
•mm: 483 (w) x 89 (h) x 749 (d)
•pounds: 62; kilograms: 28.1
Multi I/O Expansion Panel
•Rack Units: 1
•inches: 19.00 (w) x 1.75 (h) x 4 (d)
•mm: 483 (w) x 45 (h) x 102 (d)
•pounds: 4.4; kilograms: 2.0
•Dual/Redundant hot-swap power supplies
•90 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
•362W typical; 720W maximum
•Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
•Operating Humidity: 5% to 95% (at 38°C)
•Non Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
•1235 BTU/Hr typical; 2593 BTU/Hr maximum
•63.5 db at 1 meter typical
•78 db at 1 meter maximum (at 40°C)
•One year ExpertPlus with Hardware included to
optimize system availability
•SD <
> 1080i, SD <
> 720p,
720p <
> 1080i, SD 4:3 <
> SD 16:9
•Supports crop, anamorphic, pillarbox, letterbox
outputs with dynamic conversion based on AFD
European Headquarters
+ 44 1753 655999
For more information visit
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