Quick Installation Guide
Wireless IP Camera
Quick Installation Guide
Packaging list:
Note:Some camera models don’t have separate antenna(fixed)
Installation procedures:
Connect Hardwares
Install the Search Tool
Login the IP Camera in Lan
Wireless Settings
Access By Mobile
Login the IP Camera On PC
Note:For the first time use IP camera, please refer to the procedures above
1.Connect Hardwares
Connect the Camera with Internet cable and power accordingly as above
2.Install the Search Tool
Open the CD,Install the following software:
1. Open the File “JW & HW series”-”Browser View”:
Click “OCX setup”—“Next”—“Install”—“Finish”
2. Open the File “JW & HW series”-”Browser View”:
Copy “Search Tool ” to desktop and run it.
You can also go to website www.ipcamp2p.com/xiazai to download the latest files,
such as search tool, Mobile App, PC Client, user manual, quick installation etc.
3.Login IP Camera In LAN
After hardwares connection properly, run the search tool, the Camera IP Address will
be showed automatically.
Note:If the Search Tool shows subnet mask does not match,please click
Double click the camera IP address in the search tool.
A Sign-in interface will be showed on your default browser, like the below:
Note:Both username and password are “admin”
(Please change the account info for safety after login)
The login screen will be showed after the correct user name and password input
(It supports 6 visitors to view online at the same time)
Note: If the OCX installed before,then login directly
A. Click “OCX” to download and Install it.
B. Refresh the webpage and login again,the camera video will be displayed as
Live video
4.Wireless Setting
, access the “Wireless” .
2).Search the WIFI signals and choose the SSID you want.
3).Make sure all the parameters are the same as your router, input the WIFI network
5).Click “check”, after 30 seconds,one notification will show you if the WIFI settings
6)If succeed, just go back to select “Apply”, then disconnect the network cable
Note:If the camera IP Address can not be found on the search tool.please
connect the internet cable again to check the WIFI settings
Checking the WIFI signal connection situation
5.Login the IP Camera on PC Client
A.Open the CD-”JW & HW Series”-”IPC Client”
Double click the “IPC Client”, install and run it, then a login interface will be showed
Note:Both user name and password are “admin”, showed as below
B.Click “Device”,
Local Access:The software will auto search and show the local camera IP address,
choose the one and double click its IP address, input the user name and password
Remote Access:Click the “Add”, input the P2P ID into “DID”
(You can find the P2P ID on the Camera Label and Color Box)
Showed as below:
C.Choose the window, click “My Device”, double click camera name
6.Access By Mobile
P2PIPC App Installation
A. For IOS (iPhone/iPad),download App “P2PIPC” in App Store;
For Android phones, download App “P2PIPC” in Google Play, our official website or
you can get it from CD Path:”JW & HW Series”-”Mobile App”.
B. Also support scan the App QR-code in the user manual in the package box to
download directly.
Mobile View
A.Run the App
,please refer to picture 1.
B.Add the Camera,please refer to picture 2.
Three methods to add IP camera:
Method 1:Input the P2P ID, User name, Password of your camera manually. Then
click “Save”.
Method 2:Scan the QR code:Click the “Scan QR code” button,at the bottom of the
camera, there is a label of QR Code, then scan the QR code with your smart phone,it
will show the ID, input the user name and password, then click “Save ”.
Method 3:Click “Search”, then you will get the local camera list in your phone. Choose
the camera which you want to view, input the user name and password, then click
The operation interface:
A.Device List
B.Live video
7.FAQ :
A.Forget the password
1)Reset your camera, you should press the RESET button for 10 seconds when the
power is on(for indoor camera,it’s on the bottom of the camera, for outdoor camera ,
the white reset button is at the end of the power cable).
2)Finishing reset, the camera will restore to factory settings, the user name and
password are"admin".
B.No video shown on browser only black screen
Note:If there is still no live video after run OCX ActiveX,please try to enable the
ActiveX options of IE security settings, please do the follow steps:
1.Close the firewall of your computer.
2.Change the ActiveX settings,“IE” browser > “Tool” > “Internet Options” > “Security”>
“Custom Level” > “ActiveX control and Plug-ins”,all the ActiveX options set to be
Enable:Download unsigned ActiveX controls.
Enable:Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe.
Enable:Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.
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