SMART Notebook software 11 new features

SMART Notebook software 11 new features
New features
SMART Notebook™ 11 software
SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software provides the tools to create and deliver
engaging, interactive learning experiences across grades, subjects and learning styles.
This document summarizes the new features in SMART Notebook 11 software.
User interface enhancements
Using the new toolbar
SMART Notebook 11 software introduces a new toolbar. The new toolbar organizes buttons into
panels and makes some previously obscure features more visible in the user interface:
When you click one of the buttons in the Tools panel, the Contextual panel appears. The buttons in
the Contextual panel enable you to create and format objects using the selected tool.
Displaying Full Screen view page borders
Before you display a page in Full Screen view, select View > Full Screen Page Border, and then
select the appropriate aspect ratio for your interactive product. A blue line appears, indicating the
portion of the page that will appear in Full Screen view without scrolling.
This feature is useful when you’re creating content that you want to present in Full Screen view.
SMART Notebook 11 software
New presentation features
Using Internet browsers
You can now insert Internet browsers in .notebook files, use them to display websites and manipulate
them like any other object.
Using the Activity Builder
The Activity Builder enables you to create matching activities, sorting activities, labeling activities,
games and more using your own content.
Using the Activity Builder, you define one object on the page as an activity object. You then define
which objects on the page will be accepted and which will be rejected when you drag the objects over
the activity object.
Resetting pages
In previous versions of SMART Notebook software, you could clear all objects or all digital ink
objects from a page. In SMART Notebook 11 software, you can also reset a page to the state it was
in when it was last saved and before you made changes to it.
New digital ink features
Drawing with the Crayon pen type
SMART Notebook 11 software introduces a new pen type: Crayon. Using the Crayon pen type, you
can write or draw crayon-like digital ink:
The Crayon pen type is intended for artistic work such as painting, coloring pictures and so on rather
than writing.
SMART Notebook 11 software
Filling digital ink drawings
In addition to filling shapes, regular polygons and irregular polygons, you can now fill areas enclosed
by digital ink using the Fill tool:
Creating custom Creative pen styles
In addition to the existing seven Creative pen styles, SMART Notebook 11 software introduces an
eighth style:
SMART Notebook 11 software
You can also create your own styles using pictures or objects on the currently selected page:
Controlling fading of digital ink
When you write or draw digital ink using the Magic Pen tool, the digital ink fades after a few seconds.
You can now set the number of seconds before the digital ink fades. In addition, you can now set
digital ink you write or draw with the Pens tool to fade after a specified number of seconds.
New text and table features
Using the new text editor
SMART Notebook 11 software introduces a new text editor, which enables you to do the following:
Set text to any font size, including sizes with decimal values (for example, 20.5)
Set the spacing after lines and paragraphs
Indent paragraphs
Create numbered lists in addition to bulleted lists
Strike out text
Set individual paragraphs for languages that read left to right (for example, English and French)
or right to left (for example, Arabic and Hebrew).
The new text editor also improves the legibility of text by closing the space between certain letters,
which is referred to as “auto kerning.”
Before auto kerning
After auto kerning
SMART Notebook 11 software
Using the new table features
When you select a cell, row or column, a menu arrow now appears. You can press this menu arrow
and then select a variety of actions, including adding rows or columns, splitting or merging cells and
adding or removing cell shades.
In addition, after you click a cell shade to reveal the contents of the cell, you can now click
cell’s top-left corner to replace the cell shade.
New object features
Using the new gold star shape
SMART Notebook 11 software introduces a gold star to the palette of available shapes:
Resizing pictures to fit objects
When you fill an object with a picture that’s larger than the object, the picture is cut off:
in the
SMART Notebook 11 software
Conversely, when you fill an object with a picture that’s smaller than the object, the picture is tiled:
Now, you can resize the picture to fit the object:
Recording sounds
In previous versions of SMART Notebook software, you could add sound files to objects. Now, you
can also record sounds in SMART Notebook software using a computer microphone and then add
those sounds to objects.
Grouping and ungrouping objects with gestures
You can now group and ungroup objects using the group gesture:
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