TL-2 Tally Light Manual

TL-2 Tally Light Manual
metaSETZ TL-2-C
Tally Light
The metaSETZ TL-2 tally light can be used directly with any metaSETZ Tally Controller
including the TLC-4, TLC-8 and TLC-U.
The TL-2 provides two status indicators for the camera operator (green when the camera is on
preview, red when on program) plus an ultra-bright LED tally for the on-camera talent. The
talent tally can be disabled via a jumper (TLC-U or TLC8D controller) or software (TLC-4S or
LS, and TLC-8S or LS controller).
When used with the TLC-8D controller or the TLC-U controller with some switchers only the
red program and ultra-bright talent tally will illuminate.
Camera Mounting
The Shoe Mount Bracket can be mounted on either end of the TL-2 or reversed to
accommodate various camera mounting configurations. The short Ethernet cable and coupler
included with our TL-2 can be attached to your camera with a strap or cable tie and used as a
strain relief.
The TL-2 connects to your TLC tally controller via standard Ethernet style cable with RJ-45
Important: The TL-2 is not an Ethernet device it just uses the same type wiring because it is
commonly available but Do not connect the TL-2 into an Ethernet network as damage to the
TL-2 or other equipment may occur.
There are no current limiting resistors in the light so if you attempt to drive the TL-2 from
something other than a metaSETZ TLC controller you will need to ensure that that device has
current limiting resistors or you will burn out the LEDs.
RJ45 Input Wiring Diagram
Use standard straight through Ethernet cable. We've tested cables up to 1000 feet (304 M)
1/8" (3.5mm) Intercom Wiring Diagram
You can adapt the mini phone jack back to XLR for your intercom beltpacks. Because the
Ethernet cable is unshielded you may pick up some noise in your intercom with longer cable
For more details on using the Intercom pass through please see the TLC manual.
Off the shelf cables will be wired incorrectly as they are designed to connect a balanced
microphone to the unbalanced input on a computer sound card. The correct cables are
available from your metaSETZ dealer.
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