LAM Adapter Installation and Operation Guide

LAM Adapter Installation and Operation Guide
 LAM Adapter Installation and Operation Guide 493470201 Rev B March 2009 1
RZ4‐AdvancedTM is Iteris’ new premium camera offering that eliminates the need for a bucket truck to perform Field Of View setup and configuration. The advanced communication features of this camera allow control of zoom, focus and saving of settings of the FOV from the ground through the video coax cable. To enable current LAM/LAMView modules to take advantage of this feature, a LAM Adapter module has been developed. The following diagram shows how the LAM Adapter is used in the case where the lens control is conducted from the controller cabinet (ground level). Camera
Lens Control
Ground Level
Figure 1.1 If, however, the RZ4‐Advanced camera needs to be adjusted directly at the back of the camera a LAM Harness Adapter is provided. Lens Control
Ground Level
Figure 1.2 1 2
LAM Adapter Kit
2.1 Kit Components
Figure 2.1 2.2 LAM Harness Adapter Cables
Figure 2.2 2 3
Installing the LAM Adapter Module
1. Remove Power Cable (Deutsch Connector) from LAM/LAMView if attached (figure 3.1). 2. Slide Communication Cable/Connector through hole in the bracket on LAM Adapter (figure 3.2). 3. Hook LAM Adapter bracket under the bottom of the existing LAM bracket on the back of the LAM/LAMView (figure 3.2). 4. Hook Top Mounting Bracket over the top left of the bracket on the back of the LAM/LAMView and slide into position (figure 3.3). 5. Screw the two brackets together with the thumbscrews provided (figure 3.4). 6. Connect the LAM Adapter Video BNC connector to the BNC connector on the LAMView or to the Video input on the cabinet monitor (figure 3.5). 7. Connect the LAM/LAMView Communication Cable/Connector to the Power/Comm Connector (Deutsch Connector) on the bottom of the LAM Adapter (figure 3.5). 8. Connect the Power Connector supplied as part of the LAM Adapter kit (Deutsch Connector) to the LAM/LAMView (figure 3.5). 9. Connect the coax video cable from the camera to the BNC connector on the LAM Adapter (figure 3.5). 10. The unit is now ready for use. Remove Power Cable (if attached) Figure 3.1 Hook under LAM Bracket Slide Communication Cable through opening Figure 3.2
3 Hook over and slide into position Tighten Thumbscrews Figure 3.3 Figure 3.4
Connect Power Connector to LAM Connect Video from Camera to BNC Connector Connect LAM Adapter Video to LAM Connect LAM Comm Cable to LAM Adapter Figure 3.5 4 4
Installing the LAM Harness Adapter
NOTE: Before beginning, power to the Camera should be turned off. 1. Remove Power Cable (Deutsch Connector) from LAM/LAMView (figure 4.2). 2. Attach Power Adapter Cable to LAM/LAMView (figure 4.3). 3. Attach 6ft Video Cable (supplied with LAM/LAMView) to the LAM/LAMView (figure 4.3). 4. Disconnect the power connector from the back of the camera, remove through cord grip (figure 4.4). NOTE: If the power to the camera has not been turned off this connector will be energized. Please handle with extreme caution. Electrical shock hazard exists. 5. Attach Power/Comm/Video Adapter Cable to the back of the camera (figure 4.4). 6. Connect the Comm (Deutsch Connector), Video and Power from the Camera to the LAM/LAMVIEW (figure 4.5). 7. Restore power to the camera. 8. The unit is now ready for use. LAM Control Connector LAM Video Output Power Connector
Figure 4.1 Remove Power Cable Figure 4.2
5 Attach Video Cable Attach Power Adapter Cable Figure 4.3
LAM Video Connection LAM Comm Connection Remove Camera Power Connection LAM Power Connection Figure 4.4
Connect Comm Connect Video using BNC Barrel Connect Power Figure 4.5
6 LAM Harness Block Diagram
Figure 4.6 Remove cable if attached 5
Electronic Camera Adjustment
Lens Adjustment Module (LAM) Hook UP
The Camera FOV is adjusted using the Vantage Lens Adjustment Module (LAM). The LAM is hooked up in series with the Vantage camera during camera installation. After attaching the LAM to the camera (see section 3 or 4 above) follow the directions below to correctly set the Field Of View. Lens Adjustment Module (LAM) Field of View Adjustments
There are two buttons on the LAM which allow you to control the zoom, wide angle (zoom out) or telephoto (Zoom in) and two buttons which allow you to control the focus adjustment. In addition there are two buttons marked ‘Set’ and ‘Auto Focus’ 7 1. Turn “On” the monitor if your LAM is equipped with one. Camera video should now be visible. If the LAM is not equipped with a monitor, camera video should be visible on the cabinet monitor. 2. Use the LAM “Zoom Buttons” to obtain the proper Field Of View (FOV). Remember: The FOV should be a minimum of four lanes wide and medium sized vehicles at the stop bar area should be about the size of your thumb when using a nine inch monitor. Horizon should never be included as part of the FOV. 3. Once the proper FOV has been obtained, press the LAM “Auto Focus Button”. It is best to wait till traffic is stopped before attempting to Auto Focus. A pink rectangular shape will appear in the lower right corner of the monitor image indicating that the camera is trying to focus. Never press any other buttons while the rectangular focus indicator is still visible. 4. When proper focus has been obtained you must save the camera settings. To do this, press the LAM “Set Button”. The “Save Light” on the LAM module should illuminate indicating the settings are being saved. Do not press any buttons while the Save Light is still on. If the camera settings are not properly saved, the camera will return to its factory default settings whenever camera power is cycled. 5. This completes the camera setup process. Disconnect the LAM module and reconnect the camera video cable to the Edge processor and remove power from the LAM module. More details on camera setup and correct field of view can be found in the Edge Processor, RZ4‐
Advanced Camera and LAM user manuals. 6
If You Need Assistance
The Iteris Vantage Product Support Team consists of a group of highly skilled individuals that are knowledgeable and readily available to answer your questions or assist you with any of our Vantage products. Please do not hesitate to contact us at: (888) 254‐5487 For more information on Iteris and the products and services that we provide, visit our website at 8 
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