Press Release MCE Technologies First to Ship 24x Portable

Press Release MCE Technologies First to Ship 24x Portable
Press Release
For Immediate Release
July 10, 2002
MCE Technologies First to Ship 24x Portable FireWire CD-RW for the Mac
Irvine, CA – MCE Technologies, LLC today announced the Lucid-24, a 24x version of their highly popular
Lucid Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive. The Lucid-24 CD-RW drive sports the most aggressive industrial
design of any FireWire CD-RW on the market today, utilizing a transparent enclosure with aluminum front,
and possessing the slimmest dimensions and lightest weight of any FireWire CD-RW drive for the Mac on
the market today… perfectly complementing Apple’s Power Mac and PowerBook G4 lineup. The Lucid24 CD-RW is powered entirely by the FireWire bus and features JustLink buffer underrun protection. MCE
will begin shipments of the Lucid-24 CD-RW drive immediately.
“We are extremely pleased to be first to market with the Lucid-24 24x Portable FireWire CD-RW drive,”
said Arnie Ramirez, President, MCE Technologies, LLC. “With the small, elegant, and lightweight Lucid-24
we have thrust the portable CD-RW market into the same speed class as desktop CD-RW drives which are
heavy, must be shackled to power outlets, and require an exorbitant amount of desktop space. The
difference in time required to make a full 650MB CD-R between the Lucid-24 and a 40x desktop CD-RW
drive is about a minute… in addition, that time difference diminishes dramatically if there is less than
650MB to write, as is usually the case.”
The Lucid-24 24x10x24 Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive writes recordable CDs at up to 24x speed
(3600KB/Sec), writes re-writable CDs at up to 10x speed (1500KB/Sec), and reads regular CD-ROMs at up
to 24x speed (3600KB/Sec). It does so while weighing in at 7/8ths of a pound and measuring 5.5” in
width, 6.5” in length, and only 0.8” in height. The Lucid-24 also features JustLink buffer underrun
protection to eliminate producing defective CDs due to interruptions in the flow of data to the Lucid drive.
The Lucid-24 CD-RW Drive does not require an AC Adapter as it draws all required power from the
FireWire port to which it is connected. The Lucid-24 supports all Power Macs, iMacs, PowerBooks, and
iBooks with built-in FireWire ports as well as those with PCI FireWire cards which supply power to the
FireWire bus. An AC adapter (available separately) is required when using the Lucid-24 with systems with
FireWire ports that do not supply power to the FireWire bus, such as CardBus-based and some PCI-based
FireWire ports. The Lucid-24 is compatible with Apple’s Finder Burning and iTunes under Mac OS 9.1
through Mac OS X. The Lucid-24 is also compatible with Windows machines running Windows 98SE or
The Lucid-24 24x10x24 Portable FireWire CD-RW Drive is bundled with Toast Lite CD-Recording
software, FireWire cable, and user’s guide. The Lucid-24 CD-RW Drive carries an MSRP of $299.00 and is
offered by MCE Technologies directly ( or by its network of domestic and
international dealers. The optional universal AC Adapter is listed at $14.99
MCE Technologies, LLC designs and markets a wide range of Apple Macintosh - related products
and solutions to distributors, dealers, and end-users domestically and internationally. For additional
information please contact MCE Technologies, LLC, 30 Hughes, Suite 203, Irvine, California,
92618; telephone (949) 458-0800, fax (949) 458-1803, or on the Internet at
Press Contact:
Ben Perez
MCE Technologies, LLC
(949) 458-0800 x102
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