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AlphaPUMP - Bertin Instruments
Technical Description
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Technical Description
1. General
AlphaPUMP is a battery operated electronically powered handy pumping unit for
gases. It can be gradually adjusted from 0,03 to 1 L/min. The electronics is
optimized for minimal power consumption which grants a long life time of the
storage battery.
AlphaPUMP was developed as an accessory to the radon monitor AlphaGUARD
PQ2000 and for the AlphaGUARD Soil Gas Unit. It serves for sampling (oncethrough filling of the ionization chamber) as well as for cycle operation when
measuring the radon emanation in barrels or vessels (storage vessel for radium
containing substances and waste materials, exhalators etc.).
An internal aqua-stop filter prevents that possibly sucked in liquidity enters into the
system. Thus the ionization chamber of the AlphaGUARD connected in series is
protected from water break-in and thus makes expensive repairs superfluous.
The pump is impermeable to gas and therefore also suited for calibration jobs with
the AlphaGUARD.
Saphymo GmbH
Technical description
Abb. 1: Operating elements of AlphaPUMP (schematic drawing)
Saphymo GmbH
Technical Description
2. Operating elements
On the front panel AlphaPUMP has two 3-step slide switches and an indicator for
the remaining battery capacity. On the upper narrow side there is an intake- and
pressure nozzle for connecting the hose pipes. Connector sockets for mainsoperated power supply/charging unit as well as for a remote control are located on
the lower narrow side. On the rear of the instrument a belt-clip can be found.
2.1 Operating switch:
The left operating switch serves for switching the device on and off, and allows to
select between continuous pump operation (switch position ‘ON’) and periodical
pump operation (switch position ‘1/10’). At periodical pump operation the
respective pumping performance is reduced to 1/10, by switching the pump in a
regular cycle each time ca. 2 seconds on and afterwards 18 seconds off. The pump
is switched off when the switch is in the middle (‘OFF’).
2.2 Switch output level:
The righthand slide switch (power amplifier switch) allows to vary the output of the
pump. In combination with the operating switch 6 different pump rates can be set in
the range of 1,0 to 0,03 L/min.
Pump rates in dependency of the switch position (in L/min):
Position Power Amplifier Switch
Position Operating
1 (0,1) L/min
0,5 (0,05) L/min
0,3 (0,03) L/min
2.3 Low battery capacity indication ('LOW BATTERY'):
The indicator of the remaining battery capacity (red LED) blinks when the
remaining capacity of the battery has undergone a specified level. After first
blinking of the battery warning AlphaPUMP can be operated approximately 1 h at a
pump rate of 1 L/min or ca. 30 h at a pump rate of 0,003 L/min.
Saphymo GmbH
Technical description
2.4 Nozzle ('IN' and 'OUT'):
Intake- and pressure stack are prepared with screw caps. To connect the hose
pipes turn off the screw caps and put in inverted position over the tubes. After
mounting the tubes screw on screw caps on the respective nozzle and tighten only
The nozzles are prepared for tubes of 4 mm inside- and ca. 6 mm exterior
2.5 Connection power supply- / charging unit ('POWER 12 VDC'):
The socket 'POWER 12VDC' serves for connecting the power supply- and
charging unit. AlphaPUMP disposes of an own electronic charging current control.
It protects the charging unit of overcharging. Due to this there are no time limits for
mains supply operation.
The charging time for a completely discharged battery is approximately 6h.
If a different power supply unit is used please note the following:
Output voltage:
10 - 20 VDC
Charging current:
min 250 mA
at internal wire
2.6 Connection remote control ('REMOTE IN'):
With an external switch contact or a TTL-signal AlphaPUMP can be remote
controlled. Presupposition for a remote control is that AlphaPUMP is switched on
(operating switch on pos. 'ON' or '1/10').
To this aim put a jack plug (3,5 mm, mono) into the socket ‘REMOTE IN’. At control
with TTL-signal the +pole has to be put on to the internal wire of the jack plug.
For wiring the following is valid:
Switch contact
Pump on
contact open
+ 2 to + 6 V "high"
Pump off
contact closed
0 to +1 V "low"
A remote control with TTL-signal is only possible for continuous pump
operation (operating switch 'ON').
Saphymo GmbH
Technical Description
2.7 Belt-clip / stand support:
With the belt-clip it is possible to fix AlphaPUMP at the belt or similar fast and safe.
For that end the clip can easily be strut off the casing and pushed over the belt.
The same clip can also function as a stand support for AlphaPUMP. To make use
of it pull the clip with the index finger upwards at the clip label „1“ and at same time
lift on the clip label „2“ with the thumb.
Saphymo GmbH
Technical description
3. Operation
To operate AlphaPUMP please do the following:
a) Mount the tubes according to picture 2 resp. picture 3.
The internal aqua-stop filter may not be loaded with dust.
Therefore the micro dust filter has to be put in line in front of the
entrance of the pump (in front of nozzle 'IN') and has always to be
connected in the same direction.
b) Define the output of the pump by selecting the position of the output level
switch. By using the operating switch switch to continuous or periodic operation.
micro dust
to active adapter
Pict. 2: Air circulation with discreet sampling
(soil gas measurement)
Saphymo GmbH
Technical Description
micro dust
to active adapter
Pict. 3: Application of AlphaPUMP in a closed gas cycle
(emanation measurement in a closed vessel)
3.1 Water breaking-in:
The internal aqua-stop filter prevents damages on the pumping unit as well as on
connected instruments (AlphaGUARD etc.) when water is sucked in.
If water has been absorbed the aqua-stop filter has to be exchanged. The
exchange of the aqua-stop filter is done by the manufacturer Saphymo GmbH.
Saphymo GmbH
Technical description
4. Technical data:
Electronically powered diaphragm pump
Adjustable flow through rates:
Continuous pump operation: 1,0 L/ min.
0,5 L/ min.
0,3 L/ min.
Periodical pump operation: 0,1 L/ min.
0,05 L/ min.
0,03 L/ min.
Internal lead gel battery 1,3 Ah with electronic power supply
Operating time: ### 24 h with 1 L/ min.
### 30 days with 0,03L/ min.
Life time of pumping element:
> 1 000 h at 1 L/ min permanent operation
Remaining capacity: ### 1 h at cont. operation (1 L/ min.)
### 10 h at period. operation (0,1 L/min.)
Internal aqua-stop filter
Shock-resistant plastic casing with belt-clip
Dimensions (L/W/H):
200 x 112 x 50
 900g
 power supply/charging unit (12 VDC)
 micro dust filter
 2 m Tygon tube (### interior: 4 mm)
Saphymo GmbH
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