Security Cable for Guitar Storage Rack

Security Cable for Guitar Storage Rack
Assembly/Operating Instructions
Security Cable for
Guitar Storage Rack
Basic Instructions only!
For Replacement Parts and more detailed product information,
refer to the Guitar Storage Rack Assembly Instructions 148J325.
If Optional Security Cables are being used to secure instruments, pinch the looped end of the
Security Cable and slide it through the top of either the left or right side hole in the Yoke
as shown.
The washer end will keep it from sliding completely through.
Repeat for each Yoke that is to include a Security Cable.
Please read and understand the instructions before attaching or using.
If you need additional information, contact Wenger Corporation using the information below.
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Load the instruments onto the Guitar Storage Rack by placing the bottom end on the Rack Extrusions
and the top end either into the Yoke or resting against the Yoke Assembly.
Lock the Front Braking Swivel Casters when the Guitar Storage Rack is in the desired location.
Unlock the casters to move the rack to a different location.
If there are instruments on the Guitar Storage Rack while it is being moved, more than one person
is required to move the rack.
Move the rack slowly and carefully while holding the instruments in place to prevent them from hitting
each other.
To secure an instrument in the Guitar Storage Rack:
1. Place the instrument onto the Guitar Storage Rack with the neck resting in the Yoke.
2. From the underside of the Yoke, wrap the Security Cable across the neck of the instrument
and secure with a padlock (not included) on the other side of the Yoke.
The Security Cable and Yoke are designed to accomodate a padlock that is
1/2” wide x 5/8” tall with a 3/16” maximum diameter shackle, such as the
Masterlock 131 Series.
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