iOS 10 Tips And Tricks jan 2017
iOS 10 Tips And Tricks
Jere Minich
APCUG Advisor
Region 5
What we will cover.
New with iOS 10.
• Camera
• Photos
• TV App.
• Split View
• iMessages
• New Emojis
• Visual Voice Mail
• Magnifier
• Speed Up Device
• Swipe to the left on the iPad/ iPhone lock screen to
quickly fire up the camera.
• The 'Preserve Settings' camera submenu lets you lock in
the camera mode such as:
• video,
• square,
• portrait,
• The photo filter:
• like chrome, mono and instant.
Preserve Camera Settings.
Skip making Camera setting, just go with the
last camera settings.
Tap ‘Settings’.
Tap ‘Photos & Camera’.
Scroll down to ‘Camera’ section.
Tap ‘Preserve Settings’
Turn ON ‘Camera Mode’. (toggle switch)
Finding Photos Efficiently
• Photo App - capable of recognizing the places and
objects in pictures.
• allowing search for specific images using a keyword.
• Example: type in "beach" or "golden retriever,"
• the app will bring up any photos related to them.
• Don't forget to turn on iCloud Photo Library so that all
your pictures across your iOS and Mac devices are
accessible in one place.
• Just head to Settings > Photos & Camera to activate
How to find Photos.
1. Tap the ‘Photo’ App.
2. Tap the Search icon.
3. Enter the keyword into the search bar.
4. Tap ‘Search’ on the keyboard.
Note: This function will not work all the
time if info on pictures has been stripped.
How to Remove Camera and GPS Data?
• Planning to share personal photographs over email or on a
public website:
• it sometimes make sense to remove the camera data
• and the location information from the images
• Before putting them online.
• There’s a free Windows utility called QuickFix that can help.
• Drag-n-drop the photographs in the QuickFix window and click
the Clean Metadata button to remove all identifiable
information from the photographs.
• It creates a new copy and won’t overwrite your original
• Microsoft also offers a free utility called Pro Photo Tools that
you may use to edit as well as delete common metadata from
digital photographs including the GPS location.
Photo Investigator: Edit, Remove EXIF
• Search App Store on your device for: Photo Investigator.
• Download the App. Buy for $2.99 = no Ads.
1. Tap ‘Photo’ App.
2. Select the Photo to strip out Metadata.
3. Tap the Share icon.
4. Select the ‘Investigate’ icon.
5. Investigate pop up window allows removal of data.
NOTE: Investigator App creates a Album in the Photo App
with all the photos that have stripped metadata.
1. Tap Remove,(a Popup will appear in
the middle of the screen.)
A copy was saved to the album
“Investigator” without the Attached
2. Tap OK.
3. Tap Done. (upper left corner of
The all-new TV app.
Discover TV.
• (iOS 10.2) - discover and watch movies and TV episodes
from your favorite apps in one place.
• It works with your participating apps.
• Available in the U.S
• It pulls from sources like iTunes and streaming services like:
• HBO Now and Hulu.
• US networks like Fox, CBS, The CW, AMC, Comedy Central
• Log into each:
• the TV app's 'Watch Now' tab begins to populate with shows.
• This includes movies and TV shows you’ve purchased from the
iTunes Store``````````````
Watch a video.
1. Tap the TV App.
2. Tap the Library tab.
3. Tap Library (upper left) to view a list of videos
owned, rented, or downloaded to iPad.
4. Tap a category.
5. Tap a video to watch it.
• Choose playback quality.
1. Go to Settings > TV > iTunes Videos,
2. Tap Playback Quality for Wi-Fi.
3. Choose Best Available or Good.
Note: High-quality playback requires a faster Internet connection and uses
more data.
Opening Pages In Split View
• The iPad can open two pages simultaneously in Split View
• Tap/Hold on a link.
• Select "Open in Split View,"
• to switch the position of the tabs, swipe them.
iMessage with Celebration Screen
Expressive messages.
• Enhance your messages with:
• bubble effects,
• invisible ink,
• full-screen effects,
• handwritten messages,
• Digital Touch, larger emoji,
• iMessage apps (including stickers),
• and more.
• Send text message with celebration entire screen effect on
iPhone/ iPad.
• Example: “Merry Christmas” celebration text.
• Let’s see how to Send iMessage with Celebration Screen
Effect iOS 10.2 on iPhone.
How to send a iMessage
Text message with screen effects.
• Step 1. Launch Message App from your iPhone Home screen.
• Step 2. Open a contact or group to send iMessage with
attached celebration Screen effects.
• Step 3. Now type text message
a) or insert a photo in the iMessage bar
Step 4. Tap and hold (Use 3D touch on iPhone 6S and later) on
the blue arrow/ send button until the ‘Send with effect’ screen
Step 5. Swipe left to see the different screen effects. (7 Selections)
Step 6. Tap the send arrow again to send your selection.
1. Type in text message.
2. Tap & hold Send Arrow.
3. Select Screen effect.
Respond with a Tapback.
• To send a quick response that lets people know what
you’re thinking:
1. Double-tap a message that is an answer to you.
2. Choose your response.
• A message bubble
with the tapback
choice showing
above it will be sent.
iMessage functions
• Search conversations.
1. In the Messages list, swipe down to reveal the search field.
2. Enter the text you’re looking for.
Note: Also search conversations from the Home screen.
• Delete a conversation.
1. In the Messages list, swipe left on the conversation,
2. Tap Delete.
Note: Can’t recover a deleted conversation/ iMessage/Text
• Beautifully redesigned emoji that reveal even more
• Over 100 new emoji including new faces, food,
animals, sports, and professions.
• iPhone or iPad keyboards just got 72 new emojis.
• Go to for a list:
Visual voicemail
• See a list of your messages.
• Choose which ones to listen to,
• view transcriptions of messages,
• or delete them
• A badge on the Voicemail icon = how many unheard messages.
• The first time you tap Voicemail, you’re asked to create a voicemail
password and record your voicemail greeting.
Note: Not available for voicemails you received before you upgraded
iPhone to iOS 10. (Past voicemails)
• Listen to a voicemail message.
1. Tap Voicemail,
2. Select a message.
3. To listen again, select the message, then tap the Play button
4. If visual voicemail isn’t available with your service (Carrier), tap
Voicemail and follow the voice instructions.
Visual Voice Mail : Ask Siri.
• “Do I have any new voicemail?” - “Play the voicemail from Emily”
• To Delete a message = Swipe or tap the message, then tap Delete.
Note: In some areas, deleted messages may be permanently erased
by your carrier.
Manage deleted messages = Tap Deleted Messages (at the end of the
messages list), then:
• Listen to a deleted message: Tap the message.
• Undelete a message: Tap the message and tap Undelete.
• Delete messages permanently: Tap Clear All.
• Share a message = Tap a message, then tap the Share button.
The Voicemail screen.
• Top of the screen = the title bar with the Greeting button on the
left and the Edit button on the right.
• Below the title bar is a list of callers who have left voicemail
• A blue dot = indicates the message is unheard.
• Tap a message, = playback controls are revealed, along with
the Speaker, Call Back, and Delete buttons.
• An Info button = for each message = provides contact
information for the caller, if available
NOTE: Messages are saved until you delete them or your carrier
erases them.
Voicemail functions
• Update your greeting. = Tap Voicemail, tap Greeting, tap
Custom, tap Record.
• To use your carrier’s generic greeting, tap Default.
• Set an alert sound for new voicemail. Go to Settings >
• Change the password. = Go to Settings > Phone > Change
Voicemail Password.
NOTE: If you forgot your voicemail password, contact your
wireless carrier.
Magnify the fine print
• Feature isn’t on by default.
• Uses your iPhone’s camera as a magnifying glass.
• Is available on any iPhone that is compatible with iOS 10.
• Turn On The Magnifier
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Accessibility
4. Tap Magnifier.
5. Turn ON Magnifier.
How to use Magnifier.
a) “Triple-click” the Home button.
1) to use the camera to zoom in on small details.
b) The ‘slide’ above the shutter button controls how closely to
zoom in.
c) The left bottom button turn the camera light on and off.
d) The “Focus Lock” button locks the camera focus.
e) The center button is the shutter button,
1) tap it to take a photo of what you’re magnifying.
f) Tapping the three circles on the right allows:
a) adjust the brightness and contrast,
b) apply a color filter.
‘Capture an Image’ does
not end up in Photos.
Change the Flashlight
1. Press the Flashlight
button in ‘Control
2. Choose how much
light you need.
iDevices that do not
have 3D touch will
not be able to access
this feature.
Sending a Picture in
Invisible Ink.
Recipient needs to
swipe on the message
continuously until it is
completely visible.
The message will
again be hidden
after a few
seconds once stop
swiping on the
What it looks
like being sent
Tips to speed up idevice.
• Refresh memory
• Turn Off Animations
• Turn Off Background App Refresh
• Clear iMessages
• Removing Apps
• Clearing Safari Cache
• Turn Off Notifications / Location Services
• Turn Off Spotlight
How to Refresh iDevice Memory Without
• Memory is cleared when you power idevice off and on.
• iDevice is Slow to respond or crashing,
With your iDevice unlocked:
1. Press the Sleep/Wake button until a screen pops up
informing you to Slide to power off.
2. Release the Sleep/Wake button.
3. Press and hold the Home button until your device returns
to your Home screen.
4. Then release your Home button,
5. Relaunch whatever app, and feel the difference in
response time and speed.
Turn Off Animations
Reduce Motion
• iDevice has small animations that work to create seamless
transitions from one page to the next as you navigate.
• Turn ‘Reduce Motion’ ON,
• which turns the animations off.
• iDevice uses less memory and battery life when performing
everyday tasks.
To turn off animations on iPhone or iPad:
1. Tap ‘Settings’ App.
2. Tap ‘General’.
3. Tap ‘Accessibility’.
4. Tap ‘Reduce Motion’.
5. Turn ON the toggle switch.
Turn Off Background App Refresh
• The #1 culprit slowing down iDevice.
• Because it takes memory for the apps that are open in the
background to constantly refresh.
• Also deplete battery life.
Selectively turn off Background App Refresh for specific apps or
turn it off altogether.
To do this on iPhone or iPad:
1. Tap ‘Settings’ App.
2. Tap ‘General’.
3. Tap ‘Background App Refresh’.
4. To turn it OFF completely, toggle off Background App Refresh.
Clear iMessages
Memory Wasters associated with iMessages: (text messages)
• gifs, images, videos, long messages back and forth.
• change a iDevice setting to clear messages older than:
• 30 Days
• 1 Year
To clear your iMessages on iPhone or iPad:
1. Tap ‘Settings’ app.
2. Tap ‘Messages’.
3. Under ‘Message History’, tap ‘Keep Messages’.
4. You’ll see a list that says, 30 Days, 1 Year, and Forever.
Speed up an iDevice by removing apps
• Remove any apps no longer used.
• Apps take up storage space,
• Freeing up space makes it easier for iOS to operate.
• Deleting the apps from the device entirely, not just closing them down.
• They go to your cloud account.
To delete multiple apps:
1. Tap ‘Settings ‘ app.
2. Tap ‘General‘.
3. Tap ‘Storage & iCloud Usage’.
4. Tap ‘Manage Storage’ (under Storage, not iCloud)
5. Look for items that are taking up lots of memory space.
6. Tap an app to view its contents.
7. Tap ‘Delete App’ to remove it. (if available)
Speed up an iPad by clearing the Safari
• Safari app -might notice slowdown more than most.
• Caused by a full cache,
• which Safari has to search through.
How to Clear safari Cache.
1. Tap ‘Settings‘ app.
2. Tap ‘Safari’.
3. Tap ‘Clear History and Website Data’.
4. Tap “Clear” in the popup.
A. Removes all of the Safari cache information.
NOTE: This should speed up the Safari interface.
Notification / Location Services
• Speed up an iDevice by turning off notifications.
• Providing notifications can slow down an iOS device.
• To turn OFF Notifications:
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Notifications
3. For each app, set Notifications to OFF.
• Speed up an iDevice by turning off Location Services
• sits in the background sucking up battery life, reducing performance.
• To Turn OFF Location Services:
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Privacy
3. Tap Location Services
4. Set Location Services to OFF.
turning off Spotlight
• Spotlight Search is a handy way to find something on your
• It has to index each item on your iDevice
• That can slow things down.
• To Turn OFF Spotlight Search:
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Spotlight Search
4. Set all the ‘Search Results’ items (Apps) to OFF.
Send a hidden/Invisible message
Sending a really confidential message.
Be it text, photo or video and it will be hidden
• To send a iMessage with Invisible Ink:
1. Tap the ‘Message’ app.
2. Type in your message.
3. Touch and hold the Send button,
4. Tap Invisible Ink.
5. Tap the send arrow again.
NOTE: To see what you wrote, the recipient rubs the bubble.
The End
• More Tips, Tricks available via:
• Jere Minich
• Region 5 Advisor for APCUG
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