Model 3905C/3916C - Krohn-Hite

Model 3905C/3916C - Krohn-Hite
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Wideband Power Amplifiers
Precision Phasemeters, Distortion Analyzers
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Model 3905C/3916C
Plug-In Filter Card Chassis
Filter Types: Elliptical, Butterworth and Bessel
Roll-Off Rates: up to 115dB/Octave
5 or 16 Plug-In Filter Cards
Non-Volatile Memory
Input and Output Gain
All Channel Mode
Amplify Only and By-Pass Modes
Fully GPIB Programmable
Overload Detectors
Power-Up Self-Test
The Models 3905C and 3916C are Programmable Multi-channel
Filter Systems which can be configured with many types of filter
cards; Elliptical filters for anti-aliasing, Butterworth filters for
clean filtering in the frequency domain, and Bessel filters which
provide superior or pulse or complex signal filtering. Filter cards
that provide selectable frequency cutoffs as low as 0.01Hz and as
high as 25.6MHz with roll-off rates of 24dB to 115dB/octave
make each System unique to any application. The System concept
was designed with the user in mind, providing ease of operation,
flexibility and performance.
Two mainframes are available, the Model 3905C and the Model
3916C. The 3905C accommodates up to 5 plug-in filter cards in
only 3" of rack spacing. Both front and rear panel input and output
BNC connectors are standard, permitting convenient bench top or
rack mounting use. The 3916B accommodates up to 16 plug-in
filter cards for the larger system user; and used with the Model
34A filter card will give the user a maximum of 32 channels of
filtering in one mainframe. Changing or adding cards to either
mainframe is accomplished with no modifications to the System.
mainframe incorporates an GPIB interface, for remote
programming, power supply, microprocessor, front panel
keyboard, displays and indicators. Extra large, independent
keyboard, displays and indicators. Extra large, independent
displays are provided for input and output gain, cutoff frequency,
channel selection and overload detection. These independent
displays present all the most pertinent information simultaneously
for maximum operator convenience.
Overload detectors assist the user in detecting excessive input
signals or incorrect gain settings with some filter cards. There are
three selectable modes: non-latching, that monitors all channels
and displays the first channel to have an overload; latching, that
maintains the overload display until the overload is cleared; and
no indication.
The System also provides an “amplifier only” or “by-pass” mode
for applications that require no filtering of the input signal. In the
amplifier only mode, both the input and output gains are available,
by-passing the filtering circuits, giving the user the ability to
amplify very low signals if desired. In the by-pass mode, the input
is connected to the output, by-passing the amplifier and filtering
The next few pages give detailed specifications of each filter card
available for the Model 3905C and 3916C, along with a wide
range of applications each System will provide.
Krohn-Hite Corporation, 15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: 508-580-1660; Fax: 508-583-8989;; email:
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Plug-In Filter Card Chassis
Model 3905C/3916C
Specifications apply at 25°C ±5°C.
Rack Mounting Kit: Permits the installation of the Model
3905B and 3916C into a standard 19" rack spacing.
Model 3905C: 5 plug-in filter cards.
Model 3916C: 16 plug-in filter cards.
Memory: Memory is non-volatile, battery-backed CMOS.
Model 3905C: Part no. RK-317.
Model 3916C: Part no. RK-817, includes rack mount
Model 3905C: 85 selectable storage locations for
complete instrument operating conditions.
Filter Extender Card: Part No. 39AME Filter Extender Card
permits any filter card to be extended from the mainframe
during calibration or repair.
Model 3916C: 25 selectable storage locations for
complete instrument operating conditions.
Extended 1 Year Warranty: Part No. (3905C) EW3905C,
(3916C) EW3916C.
Overload Modes: Three selectable modes; non-latching,
monitors all channels and displays the first channel to have
an overload; latching, maintains the overload display until it
is cleared, and no indication.
Overload Indicators: LEDs for input and output. Gain
display flashes when overload occurs on displayed channel.
CAB-025: Cable, BNC, 3ft, Low Noise
Self-Test Diagnostics: Microprocessor checks unit upon
power-up. Display indicates failure mode.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
CAB-010: GPIB Cable with Connectors, 2-Meters
CAB-011: GPIB Cable with Connectors, 1-Meters
Displays: 7 segment, green LED; 0.5" high.
Remote Programming: IEEE-488.1 interface. Subsets:
SH1, AH1, T6, L4, SR1, RL1, PP1, DC1, DT0, C0, E1.
Operating Temperature: 0°C to 45°C.
Isolation to Chassis: ±200Vdc.
Storage Temperature: –20°C to 70°C.
Power Requirements: 90-132,180-264 volts ac, 50-60Hz.
Model 3905C: 20 watts.
Model 3905C Rear Panel View
Model 3916C: 25 watts.
Dimensions and Weights:
Model 3905C: 3.5" (9cm) high, 17.25" (43.8cm) wide,
18.38" (50.2cm) deep; 10 lbs (4.6kg).
Model 3916C: 8.75" (22.1cm) high, 17" (43.2cm)
wide, 19.5" (49.6cm) deep; 31 lbs (14kg).
Add 1.75 lbs (0.8kg) for each filter card.
Accessories: 6 foot, 3 terminal line cord, operating manual.
Model 3916C Rear Panel View
Krohn-Hite Corporation, 15 Jonathan Drive, Unit 4, Brockton, MA 02301
Tel: 508-580-1660; Fax: 508-583-8989;; email:
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