The Real Odor Eliminator

The Real Odor Eliminator
The Real Odor Eliminator
A Real Odor Eliminator Can’t Have a Scent. How Could It?
• Shake well before using
• Test for colorfastness. Spray a shot onto a clean, white cloth and rub the fabric or carpet to be treated.
If color transfers onto the white cloth, don’t use AtmosKlear.
• Two light applications are better than one heavy one.
• AtmosKlear must touch the odor source to remove the odor completely.
• Note: If odor remains, repeat treatment. You may need up to 4 applications.
• Stand in a corner of the room furthest from the door. Hold the bottle high over your head (the higher the better, since odors rise).
Spray toward the ceiling while backing out of the room.
• Or use a cool air mister (one designated for the following use only). Mix 1 part AtmosKlear, 2 parts water. Pour into the tank.
Direct an oscillating fan at the mister (to carry the product through the room) for 15 minutes per room (or for 15 minutes in each
corner of a large room). Improvement may be immediate and last for months, but weekly or monthly treatments may be
• To clean air throughout the house, before replacing the dirty furnace filter, saturate with AtmosKlear on each side until wet
to the touch. Run the furnace for 2 hours on “Fan Only,” then install the new filter.
Vacuum, set the spray head to “Fan” and treat all surfaces—seats, doors and floor areas, rear window deck, ceiling, trunk,
ashtray and especially ventilation system.
Upholstery Use 8 trigger sprays or enough to lightly dampen the area and use your hand to rub it in. Work from front to back
on headliner (upholstered ceiling).
Hard surfaces Spray lightly, let set for 2 minutes and wipe with clean, dry cloth.
Ventilation system
• Direct 2 sprays into each dash vent.
• Start the car, turn the fan (not air conditioner) to high cool, and spray 30 trigger sprays into the outside fresh air
intake valve (at the base of the windshield beneath the wipers).
• If air coming in from the dash vents still has odor, direct 30 additional sprays into the fresh air intake.
Wait and repeat if necessary.
• When odor is gone from the vents, turn the system to “recirculation” or the maximum air-conditioning (AC) setting to prevent
outside air from entering. Close the windows. Direct 5 sprays into the vehicle. Shut the door and let the vehicle run on maximum AC
with fan on high for 10 minutes.
Carpet, upholstery, mattresses and fabrics (any soft surface)
• Spray the entire surface lightly until moist to touch.
• Lightly brush with a clean, soft bristled brush or your fingertips.
• Wait 5 minutes. If the odor persists, repeat the process.
• Next, spray the air.
• In the rare case, odor may persist. Locate the source of the odor and treat using embedded-odor directions below.
• Pour the product on the odor site until it penetrates the padding and floor beneath.
• Lay a clean, white, dry towel over the spot and apply pressure to soak up the product.
• Flip the towel and repeat, blotting the area until mostly dry.
• Blot up the residue with a second clean, white, dry towel until the area is almost dry.
Upholstery with embedded odor
• Take the cover off the foam cushion.
• Spray both sides of the cover lightly, and rub in with fingertips.
• The odor-emitting area on the foam is usually stained. Pour some product on the stain. Use your palm to press the product
into the foam, hold for several seconds and then slowly release pressure.
• When the cover and foam are dry, replace the cover.
The Real Odor Eliminator
A Real Odor Eliminator Can’t Have a Scent. How Could It?
NOTE: For big jobs, use AtmosKlear with a carpet cleaner machine. First, pretreat with AtmosKlear spray, then add
6 ounces of AtmosKlear to the recommended carpet shampoo.
Treat as you would hard surface or embedded odor. To remove mustiness, use a cool air mister.
Pour equal parts AtmosKlear and water into a clean 16 ounce spray bottle. Add a squirt of dish soap or shower gel.
Spray on your skin during shower, rub in with hand and rinse.
Pour equal parts AtmosKlear and water into a spray bottle. Lightly spray items and dry thoroughly. If odor persists,
spray the items lightly with undiluted AtmosKlear.
Garbage disposal and sink odors Pour ½ cup down sinks and disposals. Be sure to treat both sides of the rubber
gasket on the garbage disposal.
Burnt food in microwave Spray the interior with an all-purpose cleaner, then a few sprays of AtmosKlear. Or pour a splash of
AtmosKlear into a microwave safe cup and fill with water. Run the microwave and let the solution boil for a minute to steam away odors.
Fish, onion or garlic on cutting board and hands Soap up the surface, then spray several sprays of AtmosKlear. Let set and rinse.
Floors Spray with an all-purpose cleaning solution, then with AtmosKlear, covering surface lightly. Let set a few minutes and
then mop. Or add ½ cup AtmosKlear to a bucket of mopping water.
Bedding Spray lightly, then work into fabric with a soft brush or your fingertips. If machine washing, add 1 cup to the rinse water cycle.
Kennels and cages Add 1 cup to a bucket of hot soapy water. Apply with stiff a broom. If the odor persists, spray with undiluted
AtmosKlear. For larger pet areas, also follow the directions under Airborne Odors.
Litter boxes After scooping, spray the litter lightly. Now spray a few times around the litter box at waist height.
Then follow the instructions under “Airborne Odors”.
Skunked dog After shampooing, spray the dog’s coat (avoid the eye area). Work in the product, then rinse. Repeat as needed.
“Wet dog” and other pet odors Between shampoos, spray the pet and rub the product into the coat with your fingertips.
(Around the eye area, use a soft cloth that has been sprayed with AtmosKlear.)
Pet accident Spray the area lightly. Work into the surface with a soft brush or fingertips. If the odor persists, follow the
directions for carpet cleaning above.
Treat one room at a time
Air Follow the directions for “Airborne Odors”.
Upholstered furniture, window coverings and carpet Spray on and lightly brush in. If the odor persists then follow the
directions for embedded carpet and upholstery stains.
Washable walls and wallpaper Add 1 cup to a bucket of wash water. Usually, only one treatment is needed,
but if odor persists, repeat using undiluted AtmosKlear.
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